Star Trek X: The Mystique

As Raven hunts down the people that are still loyal to Trask she will encounter another mutant that is just like her while at the same time she will encounter someone that is more dangerous than Trask.


6. 6

As Raven drove closer to the facility she transformed into the SWAT she looked at in the hotel and when she drove up to the gate she noticed two guard towers flanking the large front gate and a guard shack in the middle with two armed guards dressed up the same as the ones that stormed the hotel room.  She pulled up alongside the shack and a guard approached her and said, “ID.” She passed him the ID and he looked at it and her transformed face and he said, “Your good.” He raised his hand and the gates opened and she drove in.  She parked close to the front doors and a guard walked up to her driver side window and showed her a clipboard and said, “I need you to sight this and...” Before he could finish Raven grabbed him by the collar and pulled his head in and made a karate chop at the back of his neck rendering him unconscious.  She quickly pulled his body in and dropped him in the back of the van and transformed into the guard before taking the clipboard, his ID and exiting the van.  She then walked up to the entrance and slipped the guard’s ID through the scanner and the door unlocked allowing her inside as she walked around the desk receptionist and nodded at her greeting before walking down the hallway behind her.


    A guard was patrolling a part of the Southwest perimeter wall on top till he heard a short scream and he shouldered his rifle and looked around alert but to his surprise he was knocked down to the floor making a soft crunching noise as Toad landed on top of him.  Toad looked down at the unconscious soldier, smiled and said, “Like squashing roaches.” He looked up and saw another guard that was looking around  and Toad jumped high in the air and knocked him down as well.  


    A door opened and Mystique (disguised as the guard earlier) entered and saw many people in hard hats walking around moving crates either by hand or using a forklift as various sized white cubes or containers were stacked in what appears to be a warehouse to 18 wheelers and either loading or unloading them.  She stepped down a short flight of stairs and found the nearest computer terminal and entered the guard’s access code from his ID.  She scrolled through various manifests and found from the receiving lists the majority of them are from various Trask Industries facilities and other private corporations and in the receiving lists they are being sent to military or DoD facilities throughout the country.  A supervisor from the distance yelled, “Hey Ralph!  Get off that computer and do your rounds!” She looked up and saw the supervisor was talking to her and she logged out of the computer and walked back the way she came.  She glanced behind her and saw he turned his back towards her and she turned to her right and walked between two high shelves of large white containers and slipped her ID through the scanner and opened the door and walked through.  When she is inside the walls and doors were made out of glass and she can see inside through various arranged labs where to her left the scientists are wearing lab coats while the ones on the right are wearing chemical suits.  She walked down the center and noticed the glass doors to her left are easily accessible while to her right their were no doors but one solid glass wall.  As she walked she looked at what the scientists are doing and saw on various monitors and see through glass tablets they showed various people changing skin or color tone on her left while on her right she saw the scientists in chemical suits are working with mice or various small animals and saw a white mouse transform into a black mouse right before her eyes.  As she saw it transform she did not show her surprise expression and she said to herself, “What the hell is going on?” She continued down the hallway ignoring the random scientists that are looking at her with curiosity till she saw a steel safe squared door against the white backdrop wall that formed the perimeter of the labs.  She then noticed one word stamped on the door in all caps that said, “MYSTIQUE” She looked wide eyed and said to herself, “No.” And she slid her ID furiously through the scanner and heard the bolts unlock and she pulled the door open before entering a dark room and closing it behind her using all her strength.  When she heard the bolts lock blue lights came on behind her and she turned facing the light and stood absolutely shocked at what she is seeing and said, “No.”

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