Star Trek X: The Mystique

As Raven hunts down the people that are still loyal to Trask she will encounter another mutant that is just like her while at the same time she will encounter someone that is more dangerous than Trask.


4. 4

Raven woke up when she heard the sound of the shower being turned off and she sat up as Max came out while drying himself off and they both smiled at each other.  Raven said, “Do you have any plans today?” Max said, “Not today.  Why?” Raven said, “Well, what do you think?” Max said, “Breakfast?” Raven replied, “Exactly.” She got up and entered the bathroom and said, “After I shower.” The shower started once she closed the door and Max smiled at himself as he walked away.


    Once Raven left the bathroom she transformed into her non mutant form only to see a  made up breakfast on a cart next to their bed as Max stood to the side and said, “I though you would like bed and breakfast instead.” Raven smiled and said, “That’s better.” And they both sat and ate.  When they finished eating room service came by and picked up the tray of food as both Raven and Max were in their non mutant form until room service left.  When Max came back into the bedroom Max laid back in bed as Raven cuddled up to him and embraced each other in their arms and Raven said, “This is like a dream come true.  I found someone that has the same problems I have and understands.” Max said, “And they lead us to each other.” Raven looked at him and saw his smile and she did as well and they began to kiss passionately when all of a sudden the door was smashed in. 

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