Star Trek X: The Mystique

As Raven hunts down the people that are still loyal to Trask she will encounter another mutant that is just like her while at the same time she will encounter someone that is more dangerous than Trask.


2. 2

Toad pulled up at the airport entrance before Mystique transformed into her non mutant form and dropped her off before he pulled away and she bought her ticket for Roswell at the ticket counter before entering the terminal.  As she waited for her flight a man wearing a tan trench coat, sunglasses and pulled down ball cap sat next to her with his head down as she tried to avoid starring at him.  Mystique glanced around and saw people passing were looking at him either puzzled or with alertness.  A toddler started walking towards him as he left his mother’s grasp when she noticed and looked at the man in shock and grabbed her child’s hand and she began walking away fast as she lifted the toddler up in her arms.  Mystique glanced at his direction and noticed he was wearing heavy makeup and she debated whether to say anything to him till she looked around and noticed more and more people are watching and she grew irritated and whispered to his left ear, “Are you all right?” Silence and Mystique became even more irritated and whispered, “Sir?” Silence and Mystique said, “Hey, mutant?” He tried to contain his shock as he glance around and saw no one has heard her and he regained his composure and he whispered, “How did you know?” Mystique whispered, “I didn’t until I saw how you reacted.” The man cursed in german and Mystique kept her neutral expression and whispered, “If it makes you feel any better, I’m a mutant as well.” He kept his head down and looked as if he didn’t care and she said, “What’s your name?” Man said, “Max.  Max Keefler.” He glanced around and noticed some people did not stare at him anymore.  Mystique said, “Usually if someone asks another person their name they respond and ask back.” Max grunted in frustration and said, “What is your name?” Mystique looked at him with fascination and said, “Raven.  So, what can you do?” Max said, “You mean my curse.” Mystique looked at him with a hint of anger and spoke sternly, “No.  Being a mutant is not a curse, you should be proud.” Max peeled back the glove on his left hand and Mystique looked and saw with a look of shock that his skin is red.  The intercom called, “All passengers to Roswell begin embarkation.” Mystique looked up in alert before looking back and she said, “Where do you sit?” Max said, “31F, you?” Mystique smiled and said, “31G.  I guess we won’t have a problem finding each other.” Max then smiled sheepishly and Mystique said, “Finally I made you smile.” And they both laughed as they stood up and boarded their flight.


    When they reached their seats an old lady was having a hard time putting up her bag in the overhead and Max offered to help.  As he did Mystique was behind him and saw something moving beneath the back of his trench coat.  A flight attendant called from behind, “Sir can I take your coat?” Max looked back and said, “No I am fine.” And after he helped the old lady he sat in his seat before Mystique sat next to him.  Mystique whispered again what his power is and Max said, “I can breath fire and shape shift.” Mystique contained her astonishment and said, “You mean you can look like anyone?” Max said, “Only after I make physical contact.” Mystique said, “Then why are you wearing this disguise?” Max said, “Embarrassingly I can’t focus to stay in one form for long and sometimes I get it wrong and look hideous.” Their conversation was interrupted by a safety briefing as Mystique glanced over at him and made a lovely smile.


    The plane then pulled away from the terminal moved onto the tarmac and took off and when the seatbelt light went off Mystique leaned over and whispered, “Let’s train your disguise ability in the bathroom.” Max said, “Won’t we...” Before he finished Mystique was already out of her seat and walking back and Max looked around and saw no one is watching and followed.  Mystique was already in the bathroom and Max stood outside and looked around one more time and still no one is watching and just before he knocked the door opened and Mystique grabbed him by the collar and dragged him while forcing himself not to yelp in shock before the door closed behind him and she locked it.  Mystique (in her natural blue form) had him stand in front of a mirror and she said, “Okay, take your disguise off.” Max took off the trench coat, glasses and hat to reveal his jet black hair, yellow eyes, red tail and his muscular red arms that made Mystique stumbled back and tried to keep herself from blushing.  Mystique said, “Okay, lets start by you trying to copy me.” He looked at her before looking back at the mirror and he transformed into her blue form but had a mixture of her features and that of another man and Mystique sighed and said, “We got some work to do.  Concentrate on me, don’t think about anything else.  Have a clear mind and concentrate on the person you want to look like.” It took Max two tries till the third time he got it right and looks exactly like Mystique.  Mystique said, “Good, you are learning fast.  Now I’ll transform into different people and you copy me.” She transformed into various passengers and stewardesses on the airplane and Max copied her.  At first he is successful but after the sixth transformation he lost control and had various features from other passengers mixed into each transformation and when he stopped he transformed into his red form (like Mystique but red) and Mystique grabbed his shoulders and said, “You have to relax.” She looked at the time and said, “Lets get back to our seats before...” The aircraft shook in turbulence and Max fell back while Mystique fell on top of him but he caught her in his arms as his back is pinned on the wall.  She looked up at him first in shock but as she looked into his yellow eyes that looked like hers she smiled and said, “I didn’t know you have so beautiful eyes.” Max smiled at her and said, “So are yours, as if we are the same.” He took one of his hands and touched her cheek lightly as she smiled warmly at him and he said, “I haven’t met a girl as beautiful as you, until now.” Before Mystique could stop herself she kissed him and quickly pulled away with a mixture of shock and confusion and she said, “I’m sorry, I...” Before she could finish Max kissed her as well but quickly pulled back when Mystique pulled away and she said, “We have to get back to our seats before the non mutants notice.” He shook his as if to break a trance and he transformed into his non mutant form but in the same clothes as one of the passengers as Mystique transformed into her non mutant form and left a few minutes ahead before he did.


    As they sat in their seats for the rest of the flight Mystique and Max talked about each other’s past (except she did not mention her time on the Yorktown).  Max even told her that all he remembers is that since he was little he has been living alone and on the run breaking into people’s homes to find food, clothing or if possible shelter.  Mystique looked at him with some surprise and said, “That’s how I use to live as well, until Charles took me in.” Max said, “At least you have a family.” Mystique made a contemplated look and said, “Yes and no.  Charles loves me like a brother but sometimes he is just too soft when it comes between us and the non mutants while Erik loves me but his ideas are too radical and considers what we are in is a war.”  Max said, “Are we in a war?” Mystique replied, “No.  That is why I am no longer with him.” She then held his right hand with her left and clasped each other’s fingers as they both smiled at each other.

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