Star Trek X: The Mystique

As Raven hunts down the people that are still loyal to Trask she will encounter another mutant that is just like her while at the same time she will encounter someone that is more dangerous than Trask.


11. 11

Toad pulled the van up to one of the gates and Mystique got out in her non mutant form and Toad said, “Now what?” Mystique replied, “We go our separate ways.  Here is where you might find Erik.” She gave Toad a piece of paper and she said, “If you do find him tell him I sent you and you might be useful for his cause.” Toad looked a little surprised and said, “So that’s it?  All that we went through and you’re ditching me?” Mystique rolled her eyes and said, “I’m not ditching you.  I’m sending you to someone that can look after you better than me.  This part with Stryker I must deal on my own.  Also if Erik decides to ditch you I put down another address just in case.  It’s a school for gifted people like us and Charles I know will look after you very well.  Just mention my name and he and his friends will take care of you from their, if you don’t mind to be baby sat.” Toad said, “I’ll keep that in mind, but I’m not particular fond with schools.” Mystique said, “Then you should be fine with Erik, good bye Mortimer.” Toad replied, “Bye Mystique.” She closed the door and Toad drove away as she entered the airport.


    Raven sat outside the terminal waiting for her flight when a female attendant at the counter said over the intercom, “Sorry for the inconvenience but flight FT207 to Austin will be delayed for two hours due to inclement weather.” Raven sighed and said to herself, “Can this day get any worse?” Then a familiar voice said, “Still prefer running around by yourself?” She looked to her right when Gabriel (wearing a suit) sat next to her and Raven looked away rolling her eyes in the process.  Raven said, “What are you doing here?” Gabriel replied, “Come to bring you back of course.” Raven said, “You are wasting your time.  I am not coming back, especially when I am on a middle of a mission.” Gabriel looked at her with concern and said, “Raven, please...” Raven looked at him angered and said, “No you listen!  I am not going back to your ship and endure the rest of my time there looking over my shoulder as everyone looks at me like I’m a freak and there is nothing you can do to stop me!” Raven got up furiously and started walking away only for Gabriel to follow and he said, “After all we’ve been through and you still don’t trust me.” Raven said, “Last time I trusted someone I thought we were in love but instead he was doing it in the line of his duty.” Suddenly Gabriel is in front of her and when she ran into him she bounced back and almost fell till Gabriel grabbed her around the waist.  Raven, as well as some people that watched, looked at Gabriel in shock as Gabriel looked concerned and said, “I’m sorry, I meant to stop you.” Raven said, “You most certainly have.  When I ran into you it felt like I hit a brick wall.” Gabriel said, “That’s what I want to tell you.” Raven looked at him both concerned and angry and she said, “Go ahead.” Gabriel said, “Well since I  was first given command of the USS Yorktown I was experiencing things let alone feel that I know I was not myself.  I am able to lift things that are almost fifteen times more than I weigh.  I am so impervious to bullets or any small projectile and more.” Raven looked at him longly and made a short laugh and said, “Bull crap.” He grabbed hold of her around the waist and in a flash they are in the parking lot of the airport.  


    Raven stumbled from his grasp and looked around in shock when Gabriel said, “I’m afraid I am not joking.” Raven looked at him and said, “How can this be?” Gabriel replied, “I don’t know.  I can only assume its because I have been away from my home for a long time as our sun is a little unique.” Raven made a short laugh and said, “So what do you think you are, Superman?” Gabriel replied, “In a sense, I still need air to breath and I don’t blow wind from my mouth nor am I impervious to every known weapon.” They heard the sound of an airline flying overhead and Raven looked at her watch in shock before looking up at angry and she said, “Get me back to my flight!” Gabriel raised his hands in a calm motion and said, “Now Raven, please, listen to me. I know I am not like you but please come back, you know Zhargosia is not going to let you leave from your duties.” Raven angrily replied, “Oh yeah, watch me!” Gabriel said, “What is so important about Stryker that you are still going after him?  You know Erik and Charles can take them without your help.” Raven stopped and turned around at him and yelled angrily, “He knows who my parents are!” Gabriel looked at her grimly not showing his shock as she continued, “I need to find them and know how I came to be what I am and why they decided to toss me away like garbage!” Gabriel said, “Then it is better if you come back where we can find them without Zhargosia or the Federation trying to hunt you down.  Remember you are given specific orders to watch over me and if you deviate from their plan there is no doubt that Zhargosia will try to find you and kill you.”  Raven said, “I’ve been hunted down by many people, it is no different.” Gabriel said, “Then explain to me again how they found you?” Raven cringed with anger and grunted in her throat.  Gabriel extended his right hand and said, “Please Raven, I promise.  We will find who your parents are together.  You just need to come back to the Yorktown where you are safe.” Raven said, “Do I have a choice?” Gabriel replied, “Yes.  If you wish to continue like you are now I will not stop you.  Only I won’t be there to help you if Zhargosia or the Federation decided to hunt you.  I have to make sure I stay alive as well, as you know.” Raven looked towards the airport with a sense of longing, then she looked down and back at Gabriel and said, “You mean it?” Gabriel replied, “Every word.” Raven sighed and said, “Sometimes the way you say the facts is damn annoying.” Gabriel smiled and said, “Sorry, its just I speak.” Raven pointed at him angrily and said, “Just don’t think this is a way to get me to love you.” Gabriel raised his hands as he walked up to her and said with a smile, “Don’t worry, no tricks.  I’m not like my younger brother you know.” Raven made a short laugh and said, “That’s for sure.” He stood right before her and put his arm around her waist and before she could speak with a look of shock Gabriel said, “I’m sorry but we have to keep the transporter beam focused on one spot to avoid any attention.”  Raven looked up at him and said, “Why do I get a weird feeling that you are enjoying this?” Gabriel replied, “Possibly because I am.” He smirked at Raven when she smiled and ran her left down his chest.  Gabriel pulled out his communicator and was about to speak when suddenly Raven kissed him passionately.  Gabriel said, “What was that for?” Raven smiled and replied, “You know why.” They both smiled at each other as Gabriel pulled up the communicator and said, “Yorktown this is the captain, two to beam up.” Suddenly they both dematerialized in the transporter beam as they are beamed back to the Yorktown. 

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