Coda and James

There is a bear called Coda, and he can speak. He has a human friend called James, and together they go on a journey!


1. The Airestrauntground (The Airport/Restaurant/playground)

Once upon a time there was a bear called Coda. He was no ordinary bear, he was a bear that could talk. Coda also had a human friend called James. Coda and James became best friends at preschool.

Every day, Coda and James would think up something to do after school. They were a very adventurous duo.

One day, Coda and James had the best idea for adventure yet. Coda was eager to go around Australia to visit James' relatives and look at the great views. But before packing, they decided to go to the airport to book their tickets early, since they had no access to a computer.
"This airport is huge, James!" Coda exclaimed in excitement. "I know right! There are so many people here too!" James said as he walked towards the bookings desk. "Hello, how may I help?" The bookings lady asked. "Could we book 2 tickets for us to go to Australia tomorrow?" James asked. "Of course! I can book you two on a flight at 8am. Is that fine?" The lady replied. "Yes! Earlier the better!" James was very happy to hear they got a flight booked.   After they had booked their tickets, they went back home to pack their bags. "I'm so excited to go, James!" Coda was filled with happiness and excitement.   The next day, Coda and James rolled their bags to the airport. They only lived a kilometer away and decided they needed a good exercise before sitting in the plane for a few hours. After 10 minutes, they had reached the airport. But wait. This wasn't the airport...
"Uh, Coda, where is the airport? It was right here!" James was very confused. "Huh? Maybe we passed it?" Coda was also confused. "No no, this is the address, 334 Cucumber Drive!" James and Coda were both bewildered. There was a large restaurant where the airport use to be.  "Maybe we should go ask someone," Coda said then walked into the restaurant. "Hello, would you like a table for two?" The waiter asked politely. "No, we are wondering where the airport is!" Coda exclaimed. "There is no airport in the city, child! You'll have to drive over the Lettucity!" The waiter laughed. But the airport was here yesterday, how could it not be here today? Coda and James decided to ignore the waiter and go walk around more to find it. Maybe they'd mistaken the address for some place else?   After minutes of searching, they couldn't find it, so they decided to go back to the 'restaurant' to ask for help how to get to the other airport. But when they got to the restaurant, it wasn't a restaurant. It was a large playground!
"This is insane! Have we gone crazy, James?!" Coda was shocked. "Okay this is really strange. How can an airport turn into a restaurant then into a playground within the matter of a few hours?" James had his thinking face on.
Because of that, Coda and James couldn't catch the plane on time to Australia. They were both sad because they thought that would be their best adventure yet. They went home to un pack their bags...
  U ntil finally, when they arrived home, it wasn't home. It was the airport!
"James, let's just take the flight so we can forget about all this crazy stuff," Coda couldn't take any more of this weird happening, so got the next flight to Australia.
    The end!  


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