Fortunes |Book One|

Admit it, there's always a weird kid in the back of the class that nobody talks to. Don't pretend it's not true, because it is and you know it. People will always talk about how weird they are, but maybe that's because those kids are special. I'm not talking "Special help" special, or they have a mental condition, I'm talking special powers, abilities far beyond that of your imagination. These people are the weird kids in the back of the class for one reason only, they don't want anyone to know. When their secrecy is threatened, things can get...messy.
(EDITED BY Catz2345)


9. Chapter 9: Suspicions

A week later, Sorcellerie and Alkhimiya were sitting in the library doing their homework. Suddenly, someone pulled out the remaining chair at their table and sat down. Looking up, they saw it was Jinseinoshi.

"Hey Jinsei, how's your day been?" Alkhimiya asked, but she was ignored, as he looked Sorcellerie dead in the eyes.

"You've been thinking about your late mother's questionable death, correct?" He asked her.

"How's that for a greeting?" The Russian tried to lighten the mood, but lost her grin after seeing the look on her friend's face. "You were, weren't you?"

Sorcellerie looked down. "I was. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to distract you from your studies."

"It's alright, I've come to help you ease your wondering. I think I know who may have taken her life," he replied.

"Who?" Sorcellerie demanded, homework forgotten.

"I believe it was your father. Why else would he lie?" Jinseinoshi told her, keeping his voice low so only the three of them could hear.

"That's a huge accusation to make, are you sure?" Alkhimiya replied, watching Sorcellerie process what he had just said with a look of concern on her face.

Finally Sorcellerie spoke, her voice eerily calm. "I can't say that I haven't thought that myself, he was never an overly kind man. However, it couldn't have been him, he had no reason."

Alkhimiya looked disturbed. "How can you talk about your own family like that? Is there no love in your home?"

"No," she replied quietly. "There hasn't been much love in my family since mother was killed. My father even sent my little brother away to military school for misbehaving. I think about him often, the poor thing was almost scared of his own shadow when he was sent away."

The three of them fell silent, the weight of their conversation sinking in, until they were interrupted.

"We didn't mean to listen in, but we think we may know why he did it," the three of them turned, and noticed Aervisce poking her head out from behind the closest bookshelf.

"You did mean to listen in! You've been dragging me along to stalk Jinsei-" Cretine argued, having poked his head out as well, only to get interrupted by his twin slapping her hand over his mouth.

"That's not important!" She blushed brightly, but continued anyway. "We think we know why your father did it."

Cretine yanked Aervisce's arm away from him. "You mean that I know, and you just agree that my theory makes sense."

"It doesn't matter who thought of it, but why he might have done it does matter," Sorcellerie explained. "Would you please tell me?"

"I'm not sure if I can really explain it, hold on a moment," with that, Cretine ran off into the depths of the library.

"So, stalking Jinsei now are we Aer?" Alkhimiya asked, grinning mischievously with one eyebrow raised.

"N-no!" The girl in question sputtered nervously. "I just wanted to...ask him to help me with my homework!"

Jinseinoshi turned to her. "What was it that you needed help with?"

As Aervisce and Jinseinoshi began to talk about homework, Alkhimiya turned to Sorcellerie and mouthed, "Baloney" and gestured to Aervisce with a small nod. Sorcellerie grinned.

With the thud of a large book being placed on the table, Cretine had returned. He began to flip through the pages of the book, but stopped near the middle. He pointed to a paragraph near the top of the page. "There. That's why he did it."

Sorcellerie, and everyone else at the table began to read silently. The paragraph read;

"Anima Remotio" is a highly sophisticated, as well as highly dangerous and highly illegal practise. This skill can be practised by any majik, regardless of their ability. This technique allows the user to steal another's ability and/or soul, and in doing so, killing their victim. The victim's soul and/or ability can be robbed from them in small bursts over a long period of time, causing everything to appear as though the victim has suddenly fallen ill, or taken all at once, causing instant death. The benefits to the user include being able to use the victim's ability as their own, as well as having all of the victim's remaining natural lifespan added to their own. While this practise was made illegal in the 1800s, it is estimated that at least one in every twenty unexplainable deaths is caused by "Anima Remotio".

"You think my father may have done this?" Sorcellerie finally asked, looking from the book to Cretine and back again.

"It would make sense," Alkhimiya replied after some hesitation, "That could be what your mother is trying to warn you about in your dream."

"What dream?" Aervisce asked, "was it the dream you told Cretine and I about when he had his nightmare?"

"Yes, it was," Sorcellerie told them about the dream, all of them agreeing that things were starting to make sense.

When she was finished explaining, Sorcellerie stood up, "I think I'm going to go to bed. I need some time to process this."

Everyone bade her goodnight, and she retreated to her room, somehow managing to ignore Sabrina and Blair's snide comments as she walked past. As soon as Sorcellerie opened the door, she knew something was wrong. There was a small breeze floating in through the open window, the very same window that she could have sworn she had closed and locked that very morning. She searched her room, but found that nothing was taken. Instead, on her night stand was a letter in a crisp, parchment envelope. Sorcellerie picked it up to look, but gasped and nearly dropped it when she saw her name written in a neat and proper, yet elegant font on the outside of the envelope. She would know that handwriting anywhere.

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