Fortunes |Book One|

Admit it, there's always a weird kid in the back of the class that nobody talks to. Don't pretend it's not true, because it is and you know it. People will always talk about how weird they are, but maybe that's because those kids are special. I'm not talking "Special help" special, or they have a mental condition, I'm talking special powers, abilities far beyond that of your imagination. These people are the weird kids in the back of the class for one reason only, they don't want anyone to know. When their secrecy is threatened, things can get...messy.
(EDITED BY Catz2345)


7. Chapter 7: Omens

A few minutes later, the girls were curled up, Alkhimiya on the chair, and Sorcellerie on her bed, with two steaming mugs of tea. 

"What did you need to talk about? Was it the nightmare?" Alkhimiya asked, moving the blanket on her lap to cover her bare toes.

"Yes. It's about the nightmare," Sorcellerie replied quietly, taking a sip of her tea. "It's always the same, and I'm beginning to think it might mean something."

"That is your ability, no?" Alkhimiya replied.

"That's the thing, it's not a glimpse of the future, my dead mother is in the dream," She explained.

"That is odd, yes," the Russian agreed. "Maybe if you could tell me what happens in the dream?"

"I'm in my bedroom back home, but it's not my bedroom at the same time. It's just wrong somehow." Sorcellerie told her. Alkhimiya nodded for her to continue. "When I look up, I see my mother in front of me. But she shouldn't be in front of me, she's been dead for over ten years. She's pale as death and her eyes are bleeding."

"That sounds horrific," Alkhimiya told her. "Did your mother die with blood coming from her eyes?"

"No, at least, not that I know of. I wasn't allowed to see her once she got sick, father didn't want it to spread," Sorcellerie replied. "My mother points at something behind me, but she's silent and acts like she's under some kind of secret keeping spell. Whenever I turn to look at what she's pointing at, I wake up. Do you think that means anything?"

Alkhimiya thought for a moment. "Yes, that definitely means something. Do you know any reason your mother would have to warn you of something?"

Sorcellerie sighed for a moment. "Yes actually, I found something a few nights ago that unnerved me a bit. If I tell you, would you swear not to tell anyone."

"Cross my heart and hope to die." The Russian replied, crossing her heat. "If you like, I can even pinky swear the old way."

"What's the old way?" Sorcellerie asked.

"That if you swore on your pinky finger and broke the vow, your pinky got cut off," she replied casually.

"I don't think we need to go that far, just please don't tell anyone, this is some pretty serious stuff I'm about to tell you," the girl told her, lowering her voice so that only the two of them could hear.

"I promise I will not tell a soul," Alkhimiya replied, just as quietly.

"My family keeps records, things like dates of birth and death, immediate family, their ability, things like that. I was looking through them to see if I could find anything about why I feel so afraid to tell my father about my ability. I looked at my mother's, her ability was the same as mine, but I saw something that frightened me." Sorcellerie explained.

"What was it?" Her friend asked, now on the edge of her seat.

"My father always told us that my mother got sick, and the doctors just couldn't cure her. In the file, it said that my mother was murdered and that the killer was never found." Sorcellerie told her, looking down into her tea as if it held all the answers.

"Maybe he lied to protect you? You were very young, no?" She replied, trying desperately to help her friend find the answers.

"Why though? My whole life he's been telling me about how if I don't find my ability by the time I'm seventeen I will meet a fate worse than death! Why would he be afraid to tell me my mother was killed?" Sorcellerie asked, tears beginning to brim in her eyes. "It just doesn't make any sense!"

"He told you what?" Alkhimiya asked. "A fate worse than death?"

"Didn't your parents tell you?" Sorcellerie asked, shocked. Wasn't that something all majiks knew?

"No, no one's did. That doesn't happen, you're born with your ability, it just reaches it's full potential around the time you turn seventeen. Did you father not tell you?" Alkihimiya replied, equally shocked.

"No, he always told me that I had to find it by the time I was seventeen or I would suffer a fate worse than death," she explained. "Why would he lie like that?"

A sad look appeared on Alkhimiya's face. "I wish I could think of a reason he would."

"Can you stay with me? I know it sounds stupid, but I don't think I want to be alone anymore," Sorcellerie replied, placing her tea on the bedside table.

"That is understandable, I will stay with you," Alkhimiya told her, placing her tea on the same table. "Just scooch over, I have no desire to see how comfortable your floor is."


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