Fortunes |Book One|

Admit it, there's always a weird kid in the back of the class that nobody talks to. Don't pretend it's not true, because it is and you know it. People will always talk about how weird they are, but maybe that's because those kids are special. I'm not talking "Special help" special, or they have a mental condition, I'm talking special powers, abilities far beyond that of your imagination. These people are the weird kids in the back of the class for one reason only, they don't want anyone to know. When their secrecy is threatened, things can get...messy.
(EDITED BY Catz2345)


25. Chapter 25: Clearing The Mist

After they finished speaking with the police, yet another guest had arrived at the Prophetie home. McGuffin burst through the front door, looking slightly ruffled, but not nearly as much as the young man who came in after her, a young police officer who appeared to have tried to stop her.

"Where are my students?" McGuffin shouted at the nearest officer, appearing to be close to getting an eye twitch.

"Ma'am, I'm going to have to ask you to leave," the officer replied, a foolish mistake. "This is a crime scene, and-"

"And my students, whom I am responsible for, as well as my adopted son, are here!" She shrieked. "Now if you don't mind, I'm going to get my students, take them back to school, give them a detention and see a man about some security upgrades."

"You never told me she adopted you," Alkhimiya whispered to Jinsienoshi as they watched the scene unfold from out of sight in another room.

"I didn't know," he told her, taking an all new interest in what was happening.

"Ma'am, I understand that you're worried and stressed, but this is a serious situation here," he explained, not budging. The man looked around to make sure he would be heard. "I'm not supposed to tell you this, but there was a murder here last night, the minors aren't allowed to leave until the head officer says so."

"A murder?!" McGuffin's fury only grew stronger with this knowledge. "Children in my care where involved in a murder and nobody thought to contact me? Who was murdered? Are the children hurt?"

"Ma'am if you don't leave now I'm afraid I'm going to have to escort you off the premises," the man answered. "None of the minors have sustained any serious injury, now I must ask you to leave."

"Punch me," Jinseinoshi turned to Alkhimiya. "If she's gonna stay here I need to cry."

"I can not punch you," Alkhimiya looked appalled. "You are like the younger brother I never had."

"I'll tell Sorcellerie that you-" he was cut off by Alkhimiya punching him in the gut.

"Thanks," he gave her a small grin despite the tears coming to his eyes. As soon as the tears started to run down his cheeks he ran out from his hiding spot and past the police officer, throwing his arms around McGuffin. "Mom!"

Quickly catching on to his act, the woman wrapped her arms around him. "Jinseinoshi, I'm so glad you're alright!"

Sorcellerie, having just finished her interview with the police, sat next to Alkhimiya. "So what will Jinsei tell me?"

"I will tell you later," Alkhimiya told her, looking away, cheeks slightly pinker than usual.

The pair turned back to watching Jinseinoshi and McGuffin convince the police that she needed to stay.

"Mom, I'm so glad you're here! It was horrifying, there was this man and he...he tried to kill us!" Jinseinoshi burst into a whole new fit of sobs, burying his head in McGuffin's shoulder.

Alkhimiya scoffed at her friends dramatic flare.

McGuffin let out a horrified gasp, pulling Jinsienoshi closer and glaring at the police.

"We didn't know what to do...If Edmund hadn't done what he did...we would've..." He fell back to sobbing.

McGuffin rubbed his back gently. "Hush, hush, you're alright now, mother's here."

The police officer sighed. "I suppose you can stay, only because you are the legal guardian of a minor involved. However, if you impede this investigation in anyway I will have you removed from the premises."

"Thank you officer," McGuffin replied, looking down at the sobbing teen before looking back at the officer. "Is there a room I can take him to until he calms back down?"

"The upstairs floors have been cleared, you can take him there," the officer replied, turning to leave.

McGuffin and Jinseinoshi began to make their way up the stairs, Alkhimiya and Sorcellerie followed soon afterwards. They walked into an empty guest room and McGuffin sat on the bed with a sigh. Pinching the bridge of her nose to display her stress, she looked up at the three teens before her.

"What happened last night?" She asked. "Just tell me, don't sugar coat anything. I can take it."

"My father kidnapped me last night," Sorcellerie told her, looking at her feet, voice shaking. "They came to rescue me."

"He really did try to kill us," Jinseinoshi explained, now wiping the tears off his face. "He killed Sorcellerie's mother years ago, and he wanted to kill her and anyone who got in his way."

"He used Anima Remoto," Alkhimiya spoke up quietly. "Edmund stopped him just in time. He had no choice, if he didn't kill him, Sorcellerie would have died."

McGuffin let out a shocked gasp. "H-he...used it?"


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