Fortunes |Book One|

Admit it, there's always a weird kid in the back of the class that nobody talks to. Don't pretend it's not true, because it is and you know it. People will always talk about how weird they are, but maybe that's because those kids are special. I'm not talking "Special help" special, or they have a mental condition, I'm talking special powers, abilities far beyond that of your imagination. These people are the weird kids in the back of the class for one reason only, they don't want anyone to know. When their secrecy is threatened, things can get...messy.
(EDITED BY Catz2345)


21. Chapter 21: Witch Hunters

Sorcellerie's adrenaline was so high she hardly felt it as Jinseinoshi pulled her towards him and away from the fight that was taking place. He pushed her towards a doorway, urging her to run, but she was transfixed as she watched Alkhimiya be thrown into the air, only to flip herself over and land on her feet, ready to strike back.

"Sorcellerie!" Jinseinoshi yelled desperately. "Miya's got this, we have to go."

"Yeah, the second father's guards wake up, we're in for some major trouble," Edmund explained. "And that could be anytime now."

As if on cue, a large shouting man burst into the room, other men following behind him. Sorcellerie thought up a plan as quickly as she could, hoping to save her friends from as much as possible.

"Distract them," She told everyone. "I'm going back to the basement, there might be another way out."

"I'll go with you," Jinseinoshi volunteered. "It's dangerous to go anywhere in this house alone."

"Well if you're going, go now!" Alkhimiya replied, struggling to keep Edward pinned to the wall. "I can't keep him here long!"

The two ran across the room to the stairs, not needing to be told twice. Sorcellerie's father, now free came after them, grabbing Sorcellerie just as she reached the stairs. She did her best to get him off, aiming a hard kick at his shin. Jinsienoshi turned to help her, but was slower than Alkhimiya who had already risen her hand, aiming a precise jab at his neck, causing him to freeze. Sorcellerie then freed her shirt from his grasp with a rough tug. The quick release caused her to tumble backwards down the stairs, knocking Jinsienoshi down on the way.

"Are you alright?" He asked as he sat up, rubbing a bruised elbow.

"Yeah, I think so," she replied, massaging a shoulder. "How are you?"

"A few bruises, but otherwise fine," he stood up, extending a hand to help her up.

Taking his hand, she allowed him to help her up. "I was down the hall to the left, so maybe we should look on the right?"

Before Jinsienoshi could answer there was a yell from the hall on their left. "Is someone there? Help me! I'm over here!"

The pair looked at eachother, and without asking they both knew the answer. They ran down the hall to the left as fast as they could opening every door they came across until they finally spotted an open one. 

"M-Martha?" Sorcellerie asked, how could Martha of all people end up in her basement?

"Hey, sorry about what happened in class," Martha apologized. "I was right though, wasn't I?"

Martha was in a sorry state. Her hair looked like it hadn't been washed or brushed in days, she had dark bags under her eyes, she was dirty and full of cuts and bruises, the worst of them caused by the shackles around her wrists, keeping her in the room.

"Yes, you were, but we don't have time for that now we have to go," Sorcellerie explained. "Do you know where the key is?"

"It's in the cupboard over there," She pointed to the wall across from her as best as she could with her wrists shackled to the wall. "It doesn't matter though, I can't walk, my hip's busted."

Her right hip was hanging at a lower and stranger looking angle than her left.

"It looks dislocated," Jinsienoshi spoke up. "May I?" He gestured to her hip.

"You can try," Martha told him, a grimace of pain covering her face as she sunk to the ground.

"Don't be afraid, but I'm going to use magic," he told her, sitting down next to her. "It shouldn't hurt, not any more than it already does."

Martha nodded.

"I'll get the key then," Sorcellerie told them. "So, Martha, how did you get here? What happened?'

"You told your dad my name when you told him about how I suspected your family, right?" She asked. "Well I guess he looked up the family or something, because he found out we're witch hunters."

"Did he...?" 

"I don't know," Martha replied, and the trio fell silent.

Sorcellerie unlocked her shackles. "Can you fight? We're not going to be able to get out otherwise."

"Of course, I've been trained my entire life," She replied. "Though I'm not sure what for, we don't exactly burn witches anymore."

"Perhaps for self-defence?" Jinsienoshi told her. "There are still some bad majicks out there, Sorcellerie's father being one of them."

"I suspected. He always kinda gave me the creeps," Martha told them, as Jinseinoshi helped her up. "I'm Martha by the way."

"Jinsienoshi," He replied. "Let's go see if we can find a way out."

The three of them headed back into the hallway, only to find no ways out. Heading back up the stairs, they were almost hit with a faintly glowing orange disk like object.

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