Fortunes |Book One|

Admit it, there's always a weird kid in the back of the class that nobody talks to. Don't pretend it's not true, because it is and you know it. People will always talk about how weird they are, but maybe that's because those kids are special. I'm not talking "Special help" special, or they have a mental condition, I'm talking special powers, abilities far beyond that of your imagination. These people are the weird kids in the back of the class for one reason only, they don't want anyone to know. When their secrecy is threatened, things can get...messy.
(EDITED BY Catz2345)


1. Chapter 1: The Propheties

'The Prophetie family was a noble one. They had a long history of being rich, powerful, and smart, though one rumor surrounded everything the Propheties did. It was a silly sounding rumor, but anyone who had ever met one of the Propheties would tell you it was true. People said the Propheties had some kind of supernatural air about them, some even say they're part fairy.'

"Martha, would you please come here for a moment?" Mr. Williams asked over the usual chatter of the full english classroom. This was never a good sign, as Mr. Williams only called students to his desk for very serious matters.

Martha gave her friends a casual shrug before walking to stand in front of the teacher's desk. "Is there a problem Mr. Williams?"

The entire class fell silent, though the elderly teacher seemed not to notice. "Yes, I noticed that your nonfiction piece was more like a mystery fiction and you wrote about someone in this classroom. I believe I've told you at great length, that this is strictly forbidden?" The man said in a low tone. "I'm afraid I'm going to have to give you a zero on this assignment. May I ask you why you find it necessary to write the Prophetie family into every assignment I have given you this year?"

"Everything I've written about them is true!" Martha persisted, seemingly not caring about her failed assignment. "They're witches or something, I just know it!"

The teacher sighed. "Martha, this is ridiculous. Witches aren't real and the Propheties are a perfectly normal family. If you continue to do this every time I give you an assignment, I will have to inform the vice principal. Now go sit down, and I don't want to see anymore of this, do you understand?"

"I understand that no one believes me." She mumbled, but seeming to get a new burst of confidence continued. "But people need to know. They're a dangerous force! You'll believe me when they catch you and it's too late to escape their clutches!"

"Martha, that's enough! Go to the office, I'll call and let them know to expect you." The teacher replied, already dialing the office number on his desk phone.

"Maybe someone there will believe me." Martha grumbled, grabbing her things and stomping out the door.

Sitting back at his desk Mr. Williams sighed, an old, tired sound, and pinching the the bridge of his nose before calling upon yet another student. "Sorcellerie, may I see you after class please?"

Sorcellerie looked up from her work. She was average height, but very thin and pale, giving her a sickly appearance. Her hair was as black as the thick coat of eyeliner she wore and her lips were painted to match. She was your typical emo girl. "Sure." She went back to her work.

After class the girl made her way to the teacher's desk, surprisingly stable given the height ofthe heels on her black leather boots. "What did you want to see me about?"

"Do you have any idea why Martha might have an obsession with your family?" Mr. Williams asked, stress evident on his face and in his voice.

"Perhaps it's because she thinks we're sorcerers and enchantresses?" Sorcellerie replied with a smirk. "Or perhaps a business transaction between our families went badly?" A sassy shrug.

"I must ask, have you done anything to Martha that would make her act this way?" He asked, eyeing the teen suspiciously. With her piercings, leather, and heavy, dark makeup she looked like trouble to him.

"We've never talked to each other and we've never seen each other outside of school. Anything else?" The teen was clearly used to being treated like trouble.

"No, that will be all, though if this continues I may have to contact your family." He gave her a look as if this was supposed to scare her into confessing something. The girl could have laughed, she saw scarier things daily.

"Go right ahead." She replied, before turning and leaving the now empty classroom.

Sorcellerie Prophetie gathered her things before getting on the bus to head home. She took her seat at the front of the bus, eager to get off without waiting for anyone else, she had more important things to do. She got off the bus and speed walked home once they reached her stop.

The Prophetie house was a large mansion, the kind with a huge gate that you need to type a code into to open. The gate was made of black iron and had the Prophetie crest in the middle of the gate that served as both a decoration and a locking mechanism. The grounds covered several acres and consisted of luxurious yards, gardens, patios, pools, and forests on the perimeters. The house itself was a clash of gothic, victorian, and modern architecture with vines from the gardens climbing up the columns on either side of the stairwell leading to the main doors. On the inside the house appeared to be just your ordinary posh, luxury manor. However, it wan't completely normal and neither were it's occupants.

Sorcellerie typed her code into the gate and walked along the well maintained gavel drive to her house. When she got inside she walked up the spiral stairs and down the long hallway, stopping at the door to her father's office. She knocked on the door. "Father, are you there? It's happening again."

The door swung open, revealing a tall man with greying black hair swept into a short, neat ponytail. He wore a crisp, grey suit and tie and bore a no nonsense air about him. "Tell me everything, no detail can be left out. Not if you and I are thinking of the same occurrences."

Sorcellerie sat in the chair in front of her father's desk and began to tell her tale. "It happened today, in english. We were doing independent work, so the room was mostly quiet, I could hear everything even from the back corner. It was Martha, Martha Evans. The teacher called her up, he said that every assignment she's handed in this year has been about our family, always saying the same thing. She knows, possibly her entire family knows. What should we do?"

The man's face went from no nonsense to extremely grave in a matter of seconds. "For now we leave it be, no one will believe her. The real question is, how did she find out?"

"I don't know father. No business gone wrong?" She asked, becoming extremely serious for a teenager.

"No, I don't consort with people like the Evanses. The Propheties haven't had to stoop that low in centuries." He leaned forward over the desk to look his daughter in the eyes. "What I want to know is are you exposing us? Sharing our secrets on the web? Leaving any trails?"

For a moment a look of terror crossed over Sorcellerie Prophetie's face. "No father! Of course not!"

Her father visibly relaxed and leaned back in his char. "Good. We wouldn't want you to end up like your younger brother, now would we?"

Sorcellerie thought about her younger brother Edmund, who had nearly exposed the secrets of their family. The child, a mere fourteen at the time was sent to a military school even though he was scared of his own shadow and could hardly lift a feather. The worst part, he couldn't come back, he was no longer a Prophetie. "No father, we wouldn't." She replied quietly, looking at the ground.

"Now go practice, you need to find your ability soon. Don't get caught, don't leave a trail, and don't expose us. I have enough to worry about as it is." Mr. Prophetie told her sternly.

"Yes father." The teen replied, leaving her father's large and rather boring office. He was right, she had to find her ability soon. If she didn't, she couldn't imagine what terrible fate might be in store for her.

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