I Don't Care

"He's not a bad influence!!" I screamed down the hallway, "I love him!"


1. Prolouge

I jumped out of the window and ran across the street. Tears falling from my eyes, 

He's A Bad Influence.

He's A Bad Influence.

kept playing over and over in my head. By the time I reached the beach, My mascara was all the way down to my chin. I had to get out of here, and there was only one person I'd want to leave with.

I pulled out my flip phone and clicked on his name, I quickly typed 5 words we've used for a while now.

Serena: Meet Me At The Beach

I needed him right now, and I knew he would come. I just knew and when he did I almost collapsed

"Woah, Serena!" He screamed his face pale, with no expression, but when I looked at his eyes he gave me all the information on where he just came from that I possibly would need,

With worry in my voice I stumbled upon saying the words, "you're drunk!" 

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