I Don't Care

"He's not a bad influence!!" I screamed down the hallway, "I love him!"


2. 3:00 In the Morning

I woke up with a huge migraine at 3:oo in the morning. Which by the way made my day a whole lot worse. I couldn't get over the fact that he had come to the beach, when he was... well.. lets just say NOT sober.

I walked out of my room, feeling the greasiness of the tips of my hair lightly touching my back. Great- I thought, just another thing to take care of this morning. I quickly grabbed a change of clothes and put it on the counter in my newly designed bathroom, and walked into the kitchen. I figured it was way to early to take a shower, so I looked in the medicine cabinet just above the toaster. My fingers skimmed each bottle carefully, so they won't collapse and wake everyone up. Within a minute I found my light blue bottle of Aspirin. I grabbed the water bottle I had left on the counter and hurried the 2 small pink pills into my mouth with a refreshing gulp. I looked at the clock, it read 3:37, I figured I'd go for a run, get some fresh air.

I signed the note I'd left for my mother, (just in case she woke up while I was gone) informing her that I had decided on a run this morning, and not to worry- I'd be back soon. Quickly closing the maroon colored door behind me, I jumped off the steps and headed down the block. *** I was just turning the corner to go home when Lucas appeared, my face dropped, my heart was pounding and my finger tips were even more sweaty then they were already. "Oh, hey Serena!" Why is he out here? I asked myself. He's never out here this early! He walked closer, seeming to not care about what had happened last night when he came to the beach. Or maybe he just forgot. His expression was hard to read, so I couldn't tell. "Lucas? What are you doing out here this early?" I asked, in an annoyed voice, so I could make sure he at least knew somewhat of how I felt. "I wanted to apologize for last night." He grabbed my hands, but I slipped away. "Come on Serena," he said to me. "I'm sorry I'm just having a tough time, and I have been for a while." I looked at him with a blank expression, he stiffened after he saw my face. "What?" He asked. I looked down at my pink and green running shoes. And took a deep, shaky breath."I'm done." I looked at him just in time to see a tear roll out of his eye and drop onto the warm concrete. He looked at the sky, shook his head and looked at me and mumbled "What happened to us?" I looked at him, "What do you mean?" He closed his eyes and stepped closer to me. "What happened to kayaking at midnight, and kissing on every single roller coaster at the fair." He said in my ear. I took a shaky breath ready for tears to start rolling in. "I don't know," I whispered back. He leaned down and all of a sudden his soft lips were on mine. He slipped his hands down to my waist, and I put my arms on his shoulders.

The next thing I knew I was in the shower, the last hour had been a blur. I looked at the shower head and sat on the floor of the tub. I put my head into my arms and cried, I'm 17 years old, and Lucas is turning 20 in August. And soon he'll be gone, he won't love me anymore, and whats the use being in a relationship if I know he's just going to leave. But I still love him. And your first true love is hard to let go. And once they're gone and you feel empty inside, a part of you will feel like you made the right decision, but the other half? Well that half will feel like running after him and leaping into his arms once again.

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