The Love Of A Killer

Angel von Diamond, was once a human, but when she fell in love with a vampire. Her love killed her just to get her blood, and now she has awaked as a vampire to kill the one she loved.

Can she finde what she has lost?


4. The Silver Moon Ring

My new every day with Melody began, she slept the daytime away but was awake at night when the moon are up. Because I had drank a vampire's blood, I could be outside, when the sun was up. But Melody was only a low rank vampire and could not be outside when the sun was up. Right now the sun was shining while I walked down the street, that was filled with sounds.

The sound of humans, was filling the street. ‘’Tea, sweet bitter tea. The price are unforgettable low.’’ ‘’Rings for you beloved, silver, gold even diamond.‘’ I walked over to the man that solgt the rings. ‘’What's the price for this silver ring?‘’ the man smiled to me and said. ‘’400 hyn for the silver, 650 hyn for the golden and 1000 hyn for the diamond.’’ I let out a sight, money was not a problem, but should I buy a ring to Melody.  ‘’Give me a gold and a silver, but put them in a little pack.‘’ he smiled and said ‘’It will be 1050 hyn.’’ I gave him the money and he gave me them in a pack, I walked again round in the warm street. 

The golden ring was to Melody, she would be happy for it, I just know it. The silver one was for myself, even though vampire's can't touch silver without getting hurt, it was still for myself. It was to remind me about what I have done, in all the years I have lived.

I walked into the house, that we now lived in, and there I was met by Melody. ‘’Did you just come home now? Angel I can't protect you when the sun are up.‘’ Melody was worried about me, but I just need something human, like the sun shine that warm your skin. ‘’You don't need to worry about me in the time when the sun are up.’’ I took the rings up and gave the goldring to Melody. ‘’Here, I hope you like it.’’ Melody sad it on her finger. Her smile was as bright and big as no one has never seen. I knew it, she is happy about the ring. ‘’It is very beautiful, but what about you?’’ I smiled to her and took the silver ring on. Melody saw how my skin began to burn a little, and the skin changed to ash where the ring sad. ‘’Take it off! You will get hurt.’’ I just smiled sadly and kept it on my finger. ‘’I will never take it of. It will remind me about what I have done, to Louis, all those I have killed and to you.’’ Melody just sad there almost crying, knowing the truth about my own chang.

The moon was now high on the sky shining brightly, and Melody was now fulling awake. ‘’Shall we go hunting?’’ Melody smiled and we got outside, where only the moon were the light for the humans. The street was soundless, the humans were hiding as if they knew we were coming to feed.

A drunken man lay on the dark street, ‘’Your food are there, hurry up and remember to drink all his blood. I don't want to have a vampire more than you, you are good enough.’’ Melody hurried over to the man and took his hand to her mouth, her fangs bite hard down in his skin and she suck all his blood. She was smiling as she let the man's hand fall to the ground.

We walked home as if nothing has happened. Melody was smiling like there were no tomorrow, with blood dripping down from her mouth.

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