The Love Of A Killer

Angel von Diamond, was once a human, but when she fell in love with a vampire. Her love killed her just to get her blood, and now she has awaked as a vampire to kill the one she loved.

Can she finde what she has lost?


13. The Forgotten Truth

When I remember the past, I don't remember my past personality. Maybe because I don't have to. When I was a human, I were naive and foolish. That is all I remember. Then I became a vampire and I started to kill, kill both humans and vampires. I lived as I wanted and killed as I liked. But the truth is that I have never wanted to kill all those people. I was caged in the past me, someone that didn't know what was right or wrong. And the truth was that I didn’t want to know it.


I lived by myself after I was turned and I didn’t have a care in the world. I killed humans I had talked to, I wennen killed my own father. It was at that time I became to only see myself as a monster.


>> I bite him, and begin to suck his blood, somewhere deep within me I knew something had awaken to its fullest. His body fell lifeless to the floor. ‘’Foolish vampire, to be killed by its own race. I did love you, but when you went and killed me.‘’ My voice was only a little sound in the house, but my father had heard it clearly. I didn’t know it at that time, but I had felt someone in the house.


I closed the door after me as I left his cold body on the floor. My father had seen me walk out of the room with blood around my mouth. I was still not aware of him, I walked to the garden and took a rose up in my hand. My father just looked at me, I was slowly becoming aware of him. But I didn't say anything to him, he didn't know that I knew he were there. My eyes was fixed on the flowerbed, but my mind was fixed on him.


I walked around in the garden and looked at the roses, they were beautiful. My father had slowly gotten closer to me. My eyes was looking round in the garden, making sure that no one else is there. My fingers touched the roses and my body just felt lighter. I was aware about the fact that my father saw every move I maked. He walked over to me and took my hand in his. ``Why are you like this? Why have you killed him?´´ His voice was trembling and his face was pale, but he still holded my hand in his. I didn’t want to answer him, but i had to. ``It is his work, that I am like this right now. and why I killed him; I killed him because if I didn’t do it, he was going to kill me.´´


I looked him in the eyes and took slowly my hand from his. ``Look, this is me, I have not changed. I am still me.´´ My father shaked his head slowly, his eyes was watery. ``You are no longer yourself, can you not see what you have become.´´ He walked a little away from me. ``Can you not see the monster you have become? Are you not aware for the killing you have done?´´ His face was no longer pale, but red of anger. ``Why did you kill him? Why?´´ I turned around and walked away from him. ``Did you want a dead daughter? I am still alive, can’t you see it.´´. He took a hold on my shoulder and said ``You are dead for me. All I see in front of me, is a monster that will stop at nothing to kill.´´ I started to get angry, I am for god's sake his daughter. ``Fine, if that is all you see me as. When so be it.´´<<

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