The Love Of A Killer

Angel von Diamond, was once a human, but when she fell in love with a vampire. Her love killed her just to get her blood, and now she has awaked as a vampire to kill the one she loved.

Can she finde what she has lost?


8. The Church Of Maria

As I opened the door at home, I see Melody in pain. “Melody!” her eyes are almost black, I take her hand and look her over. I see a silver collar around her neck, “Melody, can you hear me?” she didn't answer me, I lift her up in my arms and lay her over on the black sofa. I touch the collar, but I lift my finger from it, in pain. “Melody, who did this to you? MELODY ANSWER ME!” she lifted one of her fingers and punted at the church in the distance. “those foolish humans! I will kill them all.” I look down on Melody and cut my skin open and let my blood run down in her mouth. I should never had believed in the humens.

As I again walked out the door, I looked back at Melody, she looked a little better, but she was still in pain. “I will soon be back.”. I closed the door and walked forward the church of Maria. I would feel the spirit of the power of God. I should never have let Melody be alone. I opened the two big tree doors, I walked right into the church. All the humans looked at me, and with them were Joe Hart. “you should not have touched my sister. I warded Joe and now I'm angry.”

I moved fast from one human to the newt. I twisted each and everyone's neck, all fell to the ground lifeless. “Joe i warded you, now I want revenge.” as I walked to the priest he hold a wooden cross forward. “Demon go to hell! “ I just smiled, and touch the cross with my fingers, my skin started to smoke and pain shoot through me. “I won't die just from that. I'm stronger end that.” I twisted the neck of his and looked around in the church. “how do you take that collar of her.” Joe, who were one of the last people in the church, walked up to  me.  “The collar can only come of, if it has a new owner. And the collar only accept vampires as it owner.” I looked him in the eyes, and walked up to him. “I don't trust you, but I have to get it of Melody now before she dies...”  “you will come with me to take the collar of her.”

Joe Hart nodded and that was the start to a new deal, that would shake the vampire world.


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