The Love Of A Killer

Angel von Diamond, was once a human, but when she fell in love with a vampire. Her love killed her just to get her blood, and now she has awaked as a vampire to kill the one she loved.

Can she finde what she has lost?


2. My First Love

1600 years ago I was still a human, a foolish human. I fell in love with a man,  it was in the year of 415 and I was 18 years old at that time. I fell for his beauty. The light blond hair that make his eyes stand out, was breathtaking. His eyes was deep blue and his skin almost white. I was a silly girl, that never once had fell in love before. And he was the playboy every girl wanted.  I was the lady of a loyal house to the king, I was the only daughter of William von Diamond. My first love was the king's right handed man. My father was often by the king's side, so I saw him often, but I was like nothing for him. His name was Louis von Peters.

I was going around in the December Garden and looking at the still red roses that still was in bloom here in cold December. The snow has only now started to fall, the snow was as angel wings. He came that day to me and we talked while we saw the snow fall, he were even more beautiful close on. ‘’Do you know why the snow are white?‘’ I asked him while the snow lay on the cold ground, he looked me in the eyes and answered: ‘’I don't know,  why are the snow white? ‘’ I smiled and said: ‘’Because it has forgotten which color it is supposed to be.‘’ I smiled sadly as I said that. His eyes was looking into mine and he smiled to me. ‘’I see you often, but I have never heard your name. Will you please tell me?‘’ I smiled sadly and answered: ‘’My name will stay a secret, when you know my name, come and find me.‘’ I began to go away from him, but he stopped me. His hand was cold as ice and white as snow.  ‘’Where can I find you?‘’ I didn't say anything, I just smiled sadly. ‘’Till we meet again, Louis’’

On the 24th of December, where the snow has fallen over the December Garden, I met him again. ‘’Your name are Angel von Diamond, the only daughter of William von Diamond. Born the 7th of may and are right now 18 years old.‘’ I smiled to him, he took my hand and kissed the back of it. ‘’Shall we go for a walk?‘’ I nodded and holded his hand in mine. 

In the December Garden we were looking at the now white covered roses. I took one rose up and brushed the white snow of it, the rose that I had taken, I cut one of my fingers on a torn. A little drop of red blood fell from my finger down now snow filled ground. Louis’s eyes was now red as the blood that fell, and he took a hold on my hand, the grib  hurt. He took my hand to his mouth and his white fangs bite deep down in my skin. At first I didn't feel anything, but when I felt it. How he sucked out my deep red blood. I felt the pain and the pleasure, I felt it all. My body became cold and my eyes could not keep open. ‘’Oh, now I have done it again, I will just have to kill you. I am sorry Angel, I wanted to play a bit more with you, but so be it.‘’ Just like that, he drank my blood. But he didn't know he had forgotten one drop of blood in my body.

When I opened my eyes again I laid on the snowy ground in the rosebed, the moon was on the sky lighting the roses in silver, and Louis was nowhere to seen. My killer was nowhere to be seen. ‘’He wanted to kill me?!’’ tears fall from my eyes, as I the betrayal. ‘’I will kill him, like he killed me.‘’ I stood up and felt how my body has become cold, how my skin have become white, I could feel my new fangs. ‘’I will kill him!‘’ my eyes was red, I smiled bitterly. He will pay for this. I will kill him as he killed me, I will kill a vampire as a vampire. I smiled a cold smile and walk round the December Garden. The moon was the only light for me, as I walked to my room. The day of my awaking, 24th of December. A very sad day to die, if you ask me.

The next day I walked around my house, I maded no sound. Louis will come to me, I know it. He will come to see the vampire he have maked.  As the day goes by and the sky became crimes red, Louis came to my door in shock. ‘’You are still alive…’’ I just smiled happy to him. The door behind him closed,  leaving him lock with me inside my room. ‘’My dear Louis, why did you kill me? Do you have the right? Do you know the pain?‘’ I smiled a wicked smile and took his hand, he was like frozen to the ground. ‘’Oh my dear Louis, I will show you the pain and the passion in killing like a vampire.‘’ As I said that I moved closer to him, his eyes showed for the first time emotions.  Fear and desire. I sad my red lips against his white neck. ‘’I am sorry Louis, I wanted to play a bit more with you, but so be it.‘’ I bite him, and begin to suck his blood, somewhere deep within me I knew something had awaken to its fullest.  His body fell lifeless to the floor.  ‘’Foolish vampire, to be killed by its own race. I did love you, but when you went and killed me.‘’

I felt nothing, I was the strongest so I survive. That's the rule of all living.


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