The Love Of A Killer

Angel von Diamond, was once a human, but when she fell in love with a vampire. Her love killed her just to get her blood, and now she has awaked as a vampire to kill the one she loved.

Can she finde what she has lost?


16. Eva the Red Queen

>>I sat on the bed and looked around. After a while there came  a knock on the door and I got up quietly and went over there to open up. The girl, who was standing there, was around 13 years. She had red eyes and her hair was golden. ``Hello I'm Rina and I were to pick you up. The queen forgot to tell you something important. And before I forget it, I'd want to say welcome.´´ I followed Rina down the hall and was lead to a big room, where Eva sat on a throne. ``Angel, I forgot to tell you that you from now on you will be the princess of vampires, and my daughter.´´ Eva smiled and looked kindly on me. ``Iris, I’m the queen of vampires, I’m the Red Queen.´´ I looked at her, mostly in shock. ``But why do you want me to be the princess?´´ Eva got up from her throne and walked forward me, her eyes was smiling too, she was at peace. ``Because we are so alike, you and me.´´ 

``Alike? Why do you think so?´´ Eva took my hand and smiled. ``The way we became vampires, the way we killed our own dad. I want to make sure you become happy.´´ Our eyes met and she showed a sad smile. Eva then suddenly older as she recalled her forgotten past. ``Why are you the queen of the vampires?´´ ``Because, if I am the queen most of them will not harm the humans, but there are still some who will hurt them. You will be the queen after me, because you know the pain and sorrow.´´ Eva walked over to Rina and Rina bowed for her. ``My Queen?´´ Rina’s voice was low and beautiful. ``Rina you will help Angel when she becomes the Queen of vampires. It’s an order.´´ Rina looked over at me and nodded her head. ``As you wish my Queen.´´ Eva looked at me and said: ``I hope you will stay here a little time before you go, and you will always be welcome here in my castle. Angel you have to know that if I ever die, you have to come back here and stay till you yourself die. Do you understand that?´´ I looked her in the eyes and answered: ``Yes, I understand and if you ever die, I will protect this castle in you place.´´ ``Thank you Angel.´´

After that I didn’t see her for many years, the glass bell on the table was untouched and the only one I had talked to was Rina. ``Princess Angel, do you not want to see the world? Maybe you will find happiness out where.´´ Rina smiled as she helped me in the black dress. ``Maybe, but right now I need to talk to Eva. I have not see her in a long time, and I miss her.´´ Rina nodded and gave me a necklace to bind around my neck. ``Princess you are beautiful.´´ I looked into the mirror and smiled back to her. ``And so are you.´´ ``Thank you princess. Let's go to the Queen.´´ Eva sat in the throne like the last time I saw her, she didn’t look well but still she smiled at me. ``It has been a long time, I am sorry about that. Angel you have to leave this place, I don’t want to see you die.´´ I was in shock but I still asked: ``What are you talking about? What’s the matter, Mother?´´ Eva looked kindly at me and a tear fell from her eye. ``A war, you don’t need to know more. All you have to know is that you have to leave, you can first come back if I find you again or if you hear about my death. You have to protect this place if I die in battle.´´ Eva did not look at me from that point. ``Rina, you will stay here and help protect the castle.´´ I walked forward Eva. ``Why do I have to leave you? Did you not say that you would be together always in this castle?´´ ``I’m sorry Angel, you will always be the princess of the vampires, but over that you are my daughter even if we are not blood related. So I have to send you away to protect you.´´


It was the last time I ever saw Eva, the Vampire Queen that had become my mother. Eva the Red Queen or better know as the Queen of Hearts in the world of vampires.<<    

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