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Jang, Young Eun was a classmate of Jung Kook from Bangtan Boys, She was an upperclassman, she was usually the rough girl around, she used to beat up everyone around. When, Jung Kook returns to his school to say goodbye to his adolescence, he meets Young Eun again, in which she has witness, one of the member, Jimin kiss a mysterious Girl. Young Eun, has been crushing on Jimin since she saw him,she is heartbroken, but Jung Kook decides to help her get with Jimin. Young Eun is confused at first in why is he helping her since she cut off all contact with him when a mistake of Jeong Guk led them to separate and go their ways. Both Jung Kook and Young Eun set out to try to destroy Jimin's new love life but then are soon cut off when Jung Kook starts to notice feelings that are strange to him.Will Jimin starts to notice Young Eun more or will Young Eun realize that her feelings towards Jung Kook were always mutual towards each other.


4. Chapter 4


 Young Eun woke up late with dark circles that hanged from her cheeks. She wiped the drool that was smeared all over her left cheek. She sat up and stretched her arms up high, she looked over to the bed stand where her phone sat. She got up and heard someone downstairs, she walked down and saw her Dad who was talking onto his phone while he cooked a meal. Young Eun marched to the kitchen, her dad glanced at her and smile he then returned to his tasks, Young Eun started to pick at the rice that was set out. She looked outside the window and saw Jeongguk leaving with Jimin, Jeongguk looked over to see her staring. Young Eun made an intimidating look at Jeongguk, when Young Eun was busy making faces at Jeongguk, Jimin glanced at the window.

He saw Young Eun, without thinking Jimin began to smile, Young Eun was no longer there when Jimin looked back, he stopped smiling because he was expecting to see her face to face. Jeongguk turned to Jimin.

"Hyung, I am starving!" Jeongguk stated.

"I am not that Hungry and you just ate!!?" Jimin was surprised Jeongguk wanted to eat again.Jeongguk got ahead of Jimin when Jimin was left behind Jeongguk looked back to see Jimin tying his shoes. Young Eun passed them both with her bike , when Young Eun noticed Jimin she began to slow down. 

"Aish! , why do I always have to see you?" Jeongguk cried out.

"Who said I wanted to see you annoying kid." Young Eun's words made Jeongguk silent, only Jimin broke out in laughter.

"Jimin Oppa, are you going out this weekend? I-" Jongguk cut Young Eun off making her steer into the street. After Young Eun gained control of the bike she started to chase off Jeongguk and left Jimin alone; Jimin decided to let them have fun he then  got a phone call, he picked it up his face was serious. A little after 1 p.m the three of them were at their old school  Young Eun was alone with Jeongguk, she noticed Jimin had disappeared, she left Jeongguk by himself and began to search for him, maybe he got lost. When Young Eun turned the corner she saw two figures close together,she began to walk further until she saw Jimin and Dol mi???! Dol mi was kissing Jimin, Young Eun stopped walking when Jeongguk took her by her arm. 

Young Eun got startled by Jeongguk she pushed him off and she fell ontop of him. Jeongguk stayed still,Jimin moved away from Dol Mi and looked at the direction of the noise he saw them so close to each other he thought they needed help.

"Get off me!" Jeongguk cried out in help as he wiggled his legs.

"Wow, you have a nice body but can't lift me up? you little boy."  Young Eun stood up and started to brush off the dirt, Jeongguk was still on the ground he sat up and saw his elbow was bleeding he then pointed at Young Eun.

"Look what you did!" Jeongguk was throwing a tantrum

"Look what you did!" Young Eun pointed at the direction in which Jimin was, she quickly took her hand back to see Jimin gone. Jeongguk stood up and kept looking in the distance. Young Eun kicked dirt into Jeongguk's way and he began to cough. Young Eun crouched down to see if he was okay, Jeongguk pushed her away but Young Eun began to inspect his face and began to wipe dirt off his cheeks. Jeongguk angrily got up in the moment he hit Young Eun's noise on the way. Young Eun gasped and kicked his shin. Young Eun was grabbing onto Jeongguks collar as he led the way because she was holding her head up to stop the nosebleed. 

"Why are you so annoying omgg!!" Jeongguk whined and wiggled a little but Young Eun only pulled his collar tighter. Jeongguk walked more further, Jimin appeared out of nowhere and gave Young Eun some tissues, Young Eun let go of Jeongguk's collar and he kept on walking like nothing and 'talking' to her.

"Are you okay? do you need to go to doctor?hospital?" Jimin questioned Young Eun she got flustered and rapidly wiped  the blood off.

"I'm fine look it's not even bleeding anymore!" Young Eun reassured Jimin but as soon as she said it the blood began to drip. Finally Jeongguk decided to look back and saw that he was very far away from them. 

"Are you guys done!!!!" Jeongguk shouted "I'm Hungry!!!!!!!" Jeongguk was wailing his arms as much as he could. They all finally caught up but Jimin departed from them at the entrance gate. Young Eun couldn't keep her eyes off him until Jeongguk rammed into her shoulder as he walked further. Young Eun grabbed Jeongguk's hair.

"You have to respect me,okay?" Young Eun said to him while gritting her teeth, Jeongguk quickly agreed and moved her hands away from his hair. 

"Are you even a girl?" Jeongguk teased.

"I'm a woman" Young Eun said as she posed with her hand on her hip. Jeongguk began to laugh

"ewwww! never do that again!" Jeongguk joked around the two ended up eating ice cream, Young Eun kept checking if Jimin was going to show up.

"Do you..like Hyung?" Jeongguk's tone was serious Young Eun was caught off guard.

"I mean....I guess.....' Young Eun responded back, but he has a girlfriend..I know I shouldn't like him bu-" Young Eun was cut off by Jeongguk.

"Want me to help you..I can make him like you.." Jeongguk asked Young Eun , she laughed it off but got serious in a few seconds. She locked eyes with Jeongguk as he extended his hand towards her. 

"I just want a date, it is all I ask just one date." Young Eun gave her final answer to Jeongguk and shook hands they were now a team. Jeongguk finished his ice cream and looked at Young Eun's side, she was licking and looking into the direction where Jimin might come from. Young Eun looked at her watch and Jeongguk stared at her for a while and shook his head.

"Hyung won't like you like that you have to be cute..." Jeongguk said.

"I am cute!" Young Eun shouted and made a heart with her fingers. Jeongguk made a gag and rolled his eyes.

"Not like that, you look really but really ugly like that, don't ever do that in front of anyone..at all neveeer!!" Jeongguk said as he pretended to take his eyes out; Young Eun hit him in the arm and made  him tumble a little. 

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