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Jang, Young Eun was a classmate of Jung Kook from Bangtan Boys, She was an upperclassman, she was usually the rough girl around, she used to beat up everyone around. When, Jung Kook returns to his school to say goodbye to his adolescence, he meets Young Eun again, in which she has witness, one of the member, Jimin kiss a mysterious Girl. Young Eun, has been crushing on Jimin since she saw him,she is heartbroken, but Jung Kook decides to help her get with Jimin. Young Eun is confused at first in why is he helping her since she cut off all contact with him when a mistake of Jeong Guk led them to separate and go their ways. Both Jung Kook and Young Eun set out to try to destroy Jimin's new love life but then are soon cut off when Jung Kook starts to notice feelings that are strange to him.Will Jimin starts to notice Young Eun more or will Young Eun realize that her feelings towards Jung Kook were always mutual towards each other.


2. chapter 2

Jimin :

It was the same girl from before, even at the school. I sat next to her for fun, but my face got red and her's was also turning red. She shifted her body to the far left and pushed her face to the window.  I looked over at her from the window glare. She caught me inspecting her and covered her face, she was cute like that. Her hair looked damp, there was a strand of hair next to me, I picked it up her hair color was dark brown. She had full chubby cheeks and she wasn't skinny at all , she was an average size. 

"Park Jimin-sshi ?"

"Oh, yeah.. Young Eun-ah ??"

"Omo, you remember my name" She cupped her cheeks and started to fan herself.

"Yeah, well i meet  you everywhere"

"oh yeah...well it's not my fault..whoah! is it only me because i'm really hot whoo" She took her collar and stretched it, there was some sweat from her forehead. The bags from the store were falling to the isle, I struggled to put them to the left but they kept moving. 

"Oh, I can do it" She stood up from her seat, she took the bags with cans and left me with the napkins and the snacks. All I could do was open my mouth wide and just  gaze at her."Am really strong, I will help you so don't worry about it ok?"rolling up her sleeves and flexing as she said it. My laughed came out of nowhere , I hovered my hand over my mouth to keep myself from laughing.

"Hey! you don't believe me ? seriously am really strong, I will prove it to you watch."

The bus came to a stop , I stood and tried to take the bag back but she held onto it. "Alright follow me", I told her, she stood up and followed behind me. We both got off she seemed to be great without me helping her. We arrived one block  from my house she gave me the bag back, it was still raining I started to take my sweater off but when I looked back she was gone. I walked a little back but she wasn't there. She was really funny.


  Jeong Guk :


I had my umbrella between my legs, I stood up from the bench and started to walk I kept looking back but I guess she came already? The rain had stopped but I had brought an umbrella just in case it did like earlier. I turned my head back once more and saw Young Eun skipping all the way. Rain started to pour hard, it was so unexpected. She hovered her backpack over and started to run, I was walking towards her, I couldn't see her anymore. I squinted my eyes to see her but she wasn't on sight, I looked harder and she was on the ground.

She started to run her knees, I opened the umbrella under her. She stopped rubbing her knees and looked up her eyes widen. I picked up her backpack and put it on myself. She took the umbrella from me and started to walk ahead.

"Hey! we should at least share it, hey! where are you going?" I sprinted to catch up to her. 

"Ah, thanks for the umbrella , you should run before your parents get you in trouble ok? It's past your bedtime"

"Yah! wait for me, whomever is last to get home will pay for an expensive meal!" I ran in front of her.

"Hey! you know i'm faster why would you play yourself like that? Come here I will make sure you buy me something expensive!" I looked back to see her closing the umbrella and grabbing onto her skirt as she ran towards me. She started to catch up to me I moved in front of her when she was catching up to me.  I was reaching the finish line when I fell to my knees, I looked straight ahead to see her finishing, she cheated. 

"Hey are you okay? I didn't know you were that weak" She said as she reached out her hand to me. I wiped the water from my face and held onto to her arm.

"You didn't get hurt right?" She inspected my body like the other day I nod in response , she gave me the umbrella and took her backpack from my shoulder.  I walked  behind her, she looked back at me and gave me a grin. She went inside first , I saw her lights turn on from my window, She opened her curtains , I could see her desk from there. She was sitting on it for some time. I took a chair and sat there watching what she was doing. 

She took a paper from the desk and held it up to her face ; she started to kiss it and swinging it around it was such an unpleasant sight to see. I closed my curtain, it was getting gross now.


Young Eun:

He thought he could beat me ? Jang Young Eun who has won every sport competition ever. What should I order hmm. I started to think hard about that dish should I order from him. The image of Jimin came to my head, Oh Young Eun get off the clouds, it was just coincidental it won't happen again. I closed my window and curtains, I reached over to turn off the lights, my phone buzzed around. I jumped from the unexpected buzz, I unlocked my phone to see it was Jeong guk ' Hey , are you taking it seriously ? I was joking about the meal ~.~? Hey You are awake , I know. Answer me.' I read them but no reply he is really something, he has some guts to message me informally. 

I woke up startled, my body was not ready to wake up. It was saturday, my favorite day. I locked my room, I turned on the television . I started to change when I looked over to see my curtains slight opened. I hopped on one leg to get to the other side. I saw Jeong Guk wearing headphones and moving his head up and down. 

I tried to hold my laughter, is he a rapper? he started to move his hands doing weird stuff with them. He is crazy , I wonder what he is listening to, tsk tsk. I gaze over to his window but he is gone, I inspect his window but he is not there. I jumped to see that he jumped in front of the window wearing an ugly mask. I cover my heart which jumped also, I show him my fist and he just shows his laughter. I was really going to get him this time. 

I was going to meet "Jimin". I took my bike out but carried an umbrella just in case on the basket. I opened the fence, Jeong Guk came out at the same time. I went over to him and kicked his shin, he started to rub his shin in pain.

"What was that for ?"He yelled in pain

"For scaring me >.>"

"It was a joke!"

"Oh, am sorry that was a joke too" 

I took off the stand from my bike and left. I hit the pedal harder to the same corner street where I met Jimin yesterday.  I waited there on the same seat the same window, I started to draw with my index finger, I wrote my name I stood up and bought a row of yogurts I sat down on the steps for some time but got tired of waiting. I unlocked my bike, I sat on it and rode it in circles but he didn't show up . I was near the park so I stopped. 

I stopped my bike in order to place the lock, I looked around for a bit, I looked to the right once more and saw Jeong Guk, he was with Dol Mi. I waved at him, he saw me and picked up his arm to wave but stopped in midway. Dol Mi leaned in and kissed his cheek, I quickly shifted my glance to the left side, I was scratching my head and nodding. I took a moment to glance at them but it was only Jeong Guk, he was coming to me now.

I walked over to meet him halfway, he wasn't smiling at all. I smacked his back, he almost fell forward, his shoulders were low and so was his gaze.

"Wow ! Jeong Guk has a girlfriend already ? and it's Dol Mi, wow daebak!" I gave him a thumbs up and smiled at him. My arm was around his shoulder, I pulled him closer he took my arm off and started to walk away. I held him back by his collar, he tried to get away but I didn't let him.

"Leave me alone!"

"Hey! why are you talking so informally to me? do you want to die?" I yelled at him louder than him, he glared at me the whole time.

"She isn't my girlfriend, I don't even like her , she just invited me because she found out I was a trainee, that's all you don't think i'm dumb enough to fall for that bullshit?"

"Oh, look at this dongsaeng ! why are you using that kind of language, come here !" I took him his ear and held onto him.

"Hey! get off, Ok, am sorry I won't say that kind of language anymore ok?" he was making a promise, we both clinged our pinkies together and stamped them.

"Alright, I better not hear you say that ok?" I let go of his ear and sat him down I gave him one of my yogurts that I was drinking he took it and drank from it. I tousled his hair he fixed his hair every time, h had such a babyface on him right now.

"You know, girls will always lie to you, don't ever fall for them and since I am a close family friend I have to meet the girl first so I can make sure she is right ok ?"


" I, Jang Young Eun promise to make sure Jeong Guk meets the right girl."

"No, you might change your mind, write me a contract and stamp it ok?"

I took a paper from the bag I brought, I got the pen and started to write' I will make sure Jeong Guk meets the right girl, I will make sure she treats  him right and looks for more than his "fame". I started to use the pen in circles until there was enough ink, I pressed my thumb to the ink of paper. I stamped it and handed it to him. He read over it , he nodded in agreement I rolled my eyes at this dumb contract.

"Let's go home" I told him, he had brought his bike , we started to race home he was in the lead the whole time, I saw his back he was really small it was nice being with him like friends

It had been half a year since Jeong Guk and I started to talk. I saw him talking to Doong I stared from the side of the wall. I covered my chest I walked over to Jeong Guk who was happily waving at me. Doong took my hand , he handed me a note and left. I went inside the classroom to read it.

"Meet me at xxxxxx at 9pm" I held onto to it, I stood up and Jeong Guk fell over from peeking at me.

"Yah! it's none of your business"

"Hey! I have a right because i'm your best friend so yes I can look at it"

During class Jeong Guk kept sending me messages and passing notes I ignored them and stare out the window. My heart was beating really fast, there was the Ding, which meant that school was over I waited for Jeongguk to get his bike,  I waved at Doong and his gang. Jeong Guk and I went home together, we went up to my room. He sat on my bed, he got one of my shirts and picked it up from his pinky and made an eww face.

"Hey why are you dressing up so much anyway" He asked as he helped me look through my clothes.

"Just because..."

"Oh, this one is nice!" , he held up a denim dress to his eye level. I took the dress and went inside to change, I came out and put my finger in my mouth to model Jeong Guk laughed and rolled his eyes every time I stroke a pose. I finished getting ready, I pushed Jeongguk out of the house.

"That's no fair, well have a good date Young Eun-sshi" he waved at me as I got my bike out and left.

The place that doong wrote was close to the store where I met up with Jimin and helped him carry the bags. There wasn't any more street lights , I got the paper and read it again. I pointed at the houses one by one I shook my head in confusion. I saw Doong wave to me , to come into his house. I nod and bit my bottom lip. I left my bike outside, I took a step inside the house it was really quite and no one was there just us.

I sat next to him , he offered me a juice but I politely  declined. It was rare, this time my heart wasn't beating like it used too. Doong offered me a drink again, I shook my head he started to caress my thigh I looked up and saw a phone.

"What do you think you are doing ? and what is that up there ?" I questioned him

"Aish! you couldn't just drank the juice!" his voice started to get louder. Some boys started to emerge from the rooms, I took my purse I was headed to the door when Doong pushed me down the couch. I pushed him back and stood up again. Doong took me by my arm and pinned me down. He stated to lift  my dress. 

"Yah! I will kill you!" I shouted as i untangled myself from him. I took the glass of juice and smashed it against his head.  All his friends came over to him I took the chance to escape when they caught me by the hair. 


Jimin :

I was out late cleaning the counters, my hands were all wrinkling. I took a deep  breath I glanced over to see the trash that was piling up. I finished the counters I went to get the trash bags. I went outside to take them out , I heard voices from the alley. I froze up and dropped the trash. 

"Hey! take another!" a unknown voice was heard.

I looked at the trash that was there and saw a broken broom. I took a hold of it and walked over.

"Is so-someone there? Who's t-there?" I stuttered, I came closer to the voices there was five boys and someone on the ground.

"Get out before I call the police!:" I yelled and  swung the broom around. They all laughed and scattered. I came closer to the body that was on the ground, the person has bruises and blood , lots of blood. It was a girl, it was Young Eun-ah . I looked at her legs and arms they all had bruises, I yelled to see if someone were to come and help. My parents came out, my mom covered her mouth at the sight. We called 119 immediately and she was rushed to the hospital. I was with her the whole time, the doctor came and so did her guardian. It was a very tall skinny women with dark black hair, she looked sophisticated. 

"Am glad that you are here, it seems as she took some drugs " the doctor said.

"Drugs? what kind of drugs?" the women asked.

"We can't give you intel but , she is fine there was no harm in her body and there is no evidence of rape." that was all I could hear before they left. I looked and Young Eun who was there sleeping she couldn't have used drugs no way! the women came over to us.

"How did you find her and where?"

"Um Ajumma near our diner in the all-"

"That's enough leave." she scolded me , I walked away from Young Eun and looked back the whole time until I could no longer see her. 


Young Eun:

I woke up in the emergency room. I looked around I sat up my whole body was hurting. My mom was sitting looking over some documents she saw me. I looked at my arms, I moved the blanket from my legs and saw bruises. I couldn't remember anything . I looked over to my mom, he handed me some papers it had a date it was the 17th it had been a day. It was the transfer papers, I tossed them aside. We both went home together, I decided to meet with Jeongguk, I waited outside the school gate.

I saw him talking to Doong, it was him that did this to me. I was so angry at him, weren't we friends? He set me up, I couldn't face him. I walked away and called him.

"Oh, Young eun, did you have fun? did you like it? Doong said it was fun"

"Don't talk to me again, I thought we were friends, I thought you didn't hate me but I was wrong . did you really hate me? to go this far? please don't contact me again ever!" I hung up. I started to walk home, someone tapped my shoulder. I kept walking, they did it again. Tears were building up.

"Please..just go..leave me..go!" I yelled, I finally turned around and saw Jimin. He had a bag with him, he smiled , he walked with me without saying anything. 

"Are you okay, it won't leave scars right ?" he asked as his touched his own face.

"I don't know.."

"Here this is for you, I hope you feel better I will visit ok?"

"Ah, ok.." He gave me the bag and ran away.  I unlocked my door, I heard Jeongguk's voice behind me. I closed the door before he could come near me. I went to my room and opened the bag. It was a small bear with my name, it had a note attached.'Don't let them bother you again, you are the strongest fighting!" It made me smile, I looked at the mirror and saw the bruises. I covered all the mirrors with tape. 

I closed my window tightly. I decided to go to the transfer school in Seoul. The days passed, I would opened my window and see Jeongguk on his room singing. Then months and I never saw him by his window or even home it was the last time I saw him before he debuted.

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