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Jang, Young Eun was a classmate of Jung Kook from Bangtan Boys, She was an upperclassman, she was usually the rough girl around, she used to beat up everyone around. When, Jung Kook returns to his school to say goodbye to his adolescence, he meets Young Eun again, in which she has witness, one of the member, Jimin kiss a mysterious Girl. Young Eun, has been crushing on Jimin since she saw him,she is heartbroken, but Jung Kook decides to help her get with Jimin. Young Eun is confused at first in why is he helping her since she cut off all contact with him when a mistake of Jeong Guk led them to separate and go their ways. Both Jung Kook and Young Eun set out to try to destroy Jimin's new love life but then are soon cut off when Jung Kook starts to notice feelings that are strange to him.Will Jimin starts to notice Young Eun more or will Young Eun realize that her feelings towards Jung Kook were always mutual towards each other.


1. Chapter 1



Young Eun: 

I checked the time on my phone, this year it was my third year. I cracked my neck from side to side, I pulled down my skirt that was really short today. Did I grow in one year?  The bus seemed to be late and I was not going to wait, I tucked in my shirt and ran all the way over , to the school. When I was finally going to make it, some kid had the same idea too. We both didn't stop and at full speed we ran into each other. The collision was so big that my backpack flew off. I looked over to see if he was okay. Once , he picked up his head i knew who he was. I brushed the dirt off my uniform, before I could step inside the gate , the security caught me. I turned over to see him barely standing up. I was late again , this time I was going to get punished. I picked up my backpack and ran past the guard.  He caught me by my arm and I had to stop due to some pain from my elbow. I looked at my elbow and saw that the shirt has ripped and blood was flowing out. I looked over to Jeong Guk, who was brushing his uniform off.

He was also late and it was his thrid warning, he wasn't the nice boy you could imagine. He flirts with the girls like a typical teenager but has he ever kissed one? I glared at him and he walks up to me. I raise my fist at him but the guards grabs me by my shirt and takes to the principals office. I cross my legs and look around as he is trying to talk to me. 

"Yang! this is your last warning, one more time, just one more time,omo leave and stand outside for 15 minutes , now !", He screamed at me and the usual standing. I stand outside as I watched everyone avoid me. I tried to talk to Dol Mi but she bluntly ignored me. 

"Dol Mi, just a minute, I heard you guys are having a party, can I come?", I stopped her by her backpack. She started to scream and run. Wow, just wow why do I look scary? I looked at the window that was behind me. I start to touch my face and start smiling really excessively. I take my hair off the braid and try to look pretty. I twirl a bit , when the teacher comes and wacks my head.

"Another 15 minutes!"

"Why? Why! I wasn't doing anything?", I yelled as i raised my eyebrows.

"Hey! Behave ! remember."He said that an left. I was getting hot when some Jeong Guk came over to me. He was smiling at me, I rolled my eyes at him.

"You know while you were outside, since you have to repeat a class, you know the one we have together, it happens that you will be very very close , so I might as well tell you that we are seated together" He had a smile on his face when he said it.

"Wow! you are really funny, but stop playing around and stop saying dumb stuff ok."

"But it's true watch tomorrow you will figure it out."

I knew he was a trainee but i didn't know that he was going to debut soon. He is kinda funny if i look at him. When the day was over, I tried to catch up to Dol Mi who was walking with her friends. I pulled up next to them , they looked at me and walked faster from me. I stood my ground and walked firm, Just as I was about to cross the intersection, Some boy handed me a wipe and bandage. I looked around it was a boy not a man i have never seen. I gave him my thanks and looked over to my elbow. I sat down on the sidewalk , I rolled up my sleeve and wiped the dirt away. I bandage it pretty fast too, I stood up again to walk when I saw an older boy looking over the school fence. He had really chubby cheeks and dark black hair. He was so adorable.

I walked over to him, I waved and he waved back. 

"Are you looking for someone ? "I said while I read his name tag. 

"Park Jimin? what kind of name is that ?" I questioned him , I leaned him against the wall. He pushed his glasses back" Jang Young Eun ?" He said my whole name, I froze. Did he not know who i was ? 

"That's a really pretty name, Young Eun-ah." He said as I backed away. He waved at me and left' 'Park Jimin..' I kept thinking about his cute self. 'Omo Young Eun-sshi stop!' I told myself and felt my cheeks flush red, I touched them and skipped to the intersection on my way home. I was waiting for the bus, when I saw Jeong Guk with his bike, he was not riding it. He looked my way, I moved away as I did he followed. By the time the bus came, it had already left. That' what happens when I ms around. 

"Young Eun-sshi , I seemed to hurt my knee this morning because of you !"

"Me? Why, why me ! You were the one who didn't stop."

"Aish, can you just get me somewhere...."

"Oh... where ?" I asked getting closer I looked at the height different he was about 10cm shorter than me. 

"Somewhere hurry I don't have time!"He said as he took my hands and put them on the handle bars. 

"I will but if you touch me, I swear i will kill you with this bike <.<" I said as I took a seat. He sat down after , I started to pedal hard at first, he isn't even heavy. He held the bottom of my shirt, he was going to fall off  like that. I took his arms and put them around me.

"Just for today!" I screamed at him since you couldn't hear anything but cars.

"ok" He responded silently. It was windy and bugs were everywhere, I swerved a bit but the bike finally settled. He told me to stop and so i did. It was his house, my house was right in front. Yet, we didn't even talk until now. I parked his bike inside the yard. He was getting inside when I stopped him from going inside. I sat him down and checked if he was hurt from what happened this morning. 


"Hey! your going to undress me like that. Hey! I'm okay i'm okay you can leave now.!" He was laughing while screaming, he looked scared too. 

"Alright, i'm leaving" I told him, I picked up m backpack and closed the gate. I opened the front door, no one was home, like always. I opened the fridge but nothing there, I went to my room. I started to draw  sketch, what came to my mind was Park Jimin, he was just so cute, I started to sketch him as a cartoon. I finished really fast, I knew i was good in drawing . I taped it underneath my desktop. I moved the curtain, and saw Jeong Guk doing the same. 

I rolled my eyes when I was him, He started to make faces at me too. He pulled his left eye all the way back and took out his tongue , he was really funny. I saw that he had to go eat, I stayed up all night, coloring the white desktop. I woke up early, I changed slowly, but i shouldn't have. I brush my teeth and hurry down. Opening the fridge I see a note. "There's leftover heat them up". I took the money off the counter and left. I saw Jeong Guk also leaving. I walked slowed for him to go ahead, he walked ahead with his bike next to him. 

I saw, Doong Byul , the most charming of all guys, he was Jeong Guk's friend. I saw him talk toJeong Guk, I ran up to Doong and lightly pushed Jeong Guk away.  


"Oh, hey um... Young eun-sshi.."

"Omo, you remembered me omg!"

"Um, yeah you threw a water bottle at me your first year.."

"Oh... ooh look at the time better get going..Bye!!" I said as I started walking faster. Jeong Guk caught to me and left doong behind. He gave me a small glare, I gave him a huff, we both walked together all the way to school. As he had previously said, we both sat next to each other, i saw all the girls glare at me, I smiled at them politely. The lesson  began, I was staring at the window and thinking about Doong, I guess i had developed a crush on him. I began to doodle his name on my notebook. When the class was over, Jeong Guk looked over to me and gave me a grin. 

As I was putting away my notebook, Doong was outside waiting for me. He was leaning against the wall, I tried to casually steal glances at him. Jeong Guk came behind me and flicked me. 

"Hey! you are dead!" I pointed at him as I ran after him. I chased him for some time until he stopped for his knee, I bent over and tried to help he swayed my arm away from his. I was going to skip school but for some reason I didn't really feel like it. I sat down next to Jeong Guk, he had two bottle of water. He gave me one we both sat there for a long time now. 

"Do you remember when you beat me up in elementary.."

"I didn't know ok..."

"You are really funny you know..."

"Funny?! Do you remember when I first came over to your house.. and you told on me.."

"Oh yeah, am sorry for that."

"It's alright" I added. Jeong Guk  drank from his water, he has sweat on his face and from the back too. He started to fan himself, it was pretty hot today. Doong came over to me and Jeong Guk , he insisted to meet him after school. My head hang low , my face turned red but I tried to calm my pounding heart. Jeong Guk  clapped his hands.

"Wow, so are you going to go meet him ?" Jeong Guk  asked. I was still thinking about it, I smile at him and nod. He had a smiling face , too. Does Doong like me ? Will he ask me on a date? My phone rang , it was my mom; i answered. 


"Young Eun, come right after school meet me in the parking lot asap ok?"

"Ok, then am hanging up." I hanged up and check with Jeong Guk , I guess am not going to go meet with Doong.  We went into the classroom together, the teacher wrote on the white board. Jeong Guk passed me a note, It read' Do you really like Doong?'. I smack him on his left shoulder. I wrote him back, then the day came to an end. We started to pack up, I left first. I walked over to my mom who was waiting in the car, she handed me a file of papers. I looked through them it was a transferring of schools. I shuffle them after another and another, I threw them at the bottom of my feet.

"I don't want too, am not moving schools"

"Young Eun-ah , You have too, either you come with me or you stay by yourself."

"Eomma ....I don't want too, i won't do it!"


I opened the car door and stepped outside. I slammed the door  I just walked around for a few minutes until I a small grocery store, I opened my backpack and found a dollar wrinkle. I stepped inside and bought a small bowl of ramen I sat down in front of the window when I saw the same boy from the day before. He has glasses on and had his hands on his pockets, he had a smile on his face, the ramen from my mouth was falling out. I wiped away the dripping water and slurped the noodle. I pulled my hair down and sat down smiling. I crossed my legs and looked outside, I was smiling really big. The little bells rang, I casually looked over my shoulder, He was looking down and up frequently. I inspected him and drank from the yogurt, His gazed was on me, I kept looking at him until he smiled again and laughed.

My heart was pounding, I smiled back at him, my hand was waving at him before I could even react. He waved back, I stopped smiling and turned away from him, I drank the juice, I emptied the bowl into my mouth. I got my backpack, I practically ran from the store, I looked back slowly cringing thinking about what I had done. He was gazing my way and smiled. I swallowed the remaining noodles . I got a message on my phone it was Jeong Guk. 'Hey! , what did your mom say?'. I read  it but never replied. It got dark real quick, I was waiting for the bus on the bench. I looked up to the sky and saw how the stars were already out. 

I looked down at my feet, when a drop of water hit the tip of my shoe. I looked up and saw rain coming down, It just started raining out of nowhere. The bus arrived , I ran to the bus  I took a seat on the left on the seat. I put my head against the window. My stomach was hurting from eating all that in one go. I clutched my stomach and rolled my eyes, someone sat next to me. My stomach started to make weird noises, I tried to covered them up by coughing. The noise got louder and so did my coughing, I turned to see the same boy again. My face got red and so did his, we both inspected each other.

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