The Last Samurai: Souls and Memories

Memories can be forgotten, but the past is set in stone.

Tamashi Takahashi, a 12 year old boy robbed of his family and village by the tyrannical Emperor Kuno Satsugai, sets out to avenge his people. Along the way he is reunited with an old friend and warrior, Kenji Kotai.
Life is put on the line as they venture to-and-fro, meeting new friends and enemies along the way, and strive to bring justice upon the oppressors, and liberation to the oppressed


2. The Slave Named Tamashi

The boy with blue hair was sweeping the ground in the courtyard of the castle as he gave a sigh, he scanned the area and noticed he was alone.

    He smiled under his mask, he went over to a wall and gently yet quick enough leaned the broom up against the wall. He then went up to a crate that was up against the castle wall. He pulled the crate away from the wall revealing a large hole, thieves had broken when they tried to attempt to break into the castle to try and get some riches of their own from the inside. 

    He went through the hole and crawled through the small passageway out into the outside of the castle grounds, dodging cobwebs. After he got out of the hole to the other side the boy stood up, and smiled. He looked at three dirt pathways, he then picked one and began to walk down a dirt path all the way to a meadow. 

He knew he couldn't escape yet, or else the king would most likely go after him. He needed to escape at the right moment, rather than leaving now. The king would tear him from limb to limb, if he tried to run. It frightened him to know what he was capable of and so he decided he wouldn't escape yet just for the sake of his life. If he escaped and got caught he knew he would get beheaded, if he came back and got caught he would most likely get less harsh of a punishment. 

    He observed the meadow before sitting down to think and relax. He enjoyed the peace and quiet of the meadow, there weren't any sounds but birds chirping and the sound of crickets playing their music. The boy then looked up at the sun setting and then looked over to a rabbit wandering around, munching on some grass. The boy's eyes then wandered towards a fox that was stalking the rabbit in a low crouch, it then leaped at the rabbit when it got close enough and sank it's fangs into its neck in a vicious killing blow. 
He felt a bit disturbed towards the fox, but then shook it off knowing the fox needed food to survive. 
    It was becoming dark so he decided to head back. Hoping he wouldn't get caught by the king or his men. He began to sprint down the dirt pathway and went towards the hole in the wall. He went through the hole not bothering on dodging the cobwebs that were hanging on the ceiling of the little passageway. The boy was so fed up on not getting caught, he then finally got to the other side of the little passageway, and crawled through the hole in the wall that lead up to the courtyard. 

    He crawled out and moved the crate back, he then suddenly felt a large force hit him on the side of his face which made him stumble. He flinched from the pain on his cheek and opened his eyes to see who slapped him. He saw a guard and his eyes widened. 
"Tamashi, you fool. Sneaking out of the castle to slack off are we? You know the rules about going out, slaves are never to leave the area." The guard spoke. "Now, as punishment for going out of the castle you will go without dinner for two days time, and an additional punishment you will be taught a lesson from the Royal guards tomorrow. Now go finish what the king had told you to do before I make you do it." He added  "Yes… sir." Tamashi replied, bowing to him before walking off to finish the work he had to do. 

He grabbed the broom off from the wall and began to finish sweeping the courtyard, he finally finished getting the dirt out of the courtyard before moving onto cleaning the dining room. He picked up many dirty plates from the large table and went to the kitchen where the chefs were cooking and washing dishes. He gave them the dirty dishes then went back out, and gathered up the scraps of food and threw them out of the castle. He then scrubbed the floors and table before finishing up. 

    Tamashi was finally finished, he sighed and went out of the dining room and went outside he climbed the castle roof and looked up at the now starry sky. He yawned and then laid down on the roof in silence, deep in thought and quite exhausted.

    He knew what the king meant by having the guards teach him a lesson, it was a whole day of being tortured by knives and whips and many more torture weapons.  
"Heh, this place is hell.." He muttered sitting back up, and looking at a few wounds he had from getting beaten. The wounds still stung from lashings of a whip and from the painful cuts of a large knife that had got him on the arms, legs, and back. 

    He knew he needed to escape before matters would get worse for him, he knew he couldn't keep living this life or else he would end up dead sooner or later from being tortured or starved to death. 

    He thought about different ways to escape, although there were many guards posted at every gate, tower, and wall staring straight ahead or moving around and patrolling the walls. While some did not take their job seriously and were napping while leaning against a wall, snoring. He looked over to the area where the hole in the wall was, although crates were covering it. If he touched the crates it would make a lot of noise and alert the guards. But he was willing to try just for the sake of getting out of the castle, even if it meant he had to get caught in his attempt to escape the hellish castle. 

    His stomach growled, he hadn't eaten in two days the hunger pains were nearly unbearable for him but he did his best to ignore it and keep on planning out his escape. He was planning on leaving later in the early in the morning before the sun would rise up into the sky. He decided to get some rest so he would have enough energy to make his escape, he closed his eyes and drifted to a light sleep he didn't want to oversleep so he would wake up a few times in the middle of night so he was aware.

    Tamashi shivered from the cold night, but he didn't mind much from the wind. He would make sure he would get out of this horrible place one way or another.

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