The Last Samurai: Souls and Memories

Memories can be forgotten, but the past is set in stone.

Tamashi Takahashi, a 12 year old boy robbed of his family and village by the tyrannical Emperor Kuno Satsugai, sets out to avenge his people. Along the way he is reunited with an old friend and warrior, Kenji Kotai.
Life is put on the line as they venture to-and-fro, meeting new friends and enemies along the way, and strive to bring justice upon the oppressors, and liberation to the oppressed


8. Preparation

The Emperor stood at his throne, a smirk on his face as his general stood before him, bowing and waiting for his command. “Stand, Aarmux.” The Emperor ordered, the general stood. 
“The Bitāzu are close to the mainlands, they will be there in one more day. Then they’ll begin their attack at the Kingdom of Zerif, then they'll move onto the other kingdoms.” Aarmux spoke in a deep tone of voice, flexing his metal fingers and arm.
“Good, good. We’ll make sure we take back what's rightfully ours. Then we'll make sure the citizens suffer the consequences.” The Emperor said with a smirk as he gave a menacing yet sickening chuckle. 

Tamashi sighed as he waited for the soldiers from the kingdom to arrive, he paced back and forth looking quite troubled yet exhausted. He peered over to the citizens as they continued on with their lives as if they never had to evacuate, he looked over to a girl that was staring at him. She quickly looked away, the girl had brown hair that was pulled back and green eyes and wore a pink dress and had freckles on her face. Over the girl was a man, below a tree. The man wore something too familiar, and the man’s smirk showed a sign, hope. Tamashi thought why there was hope in his smirk. Tamashi blinked once and the man was gone. He ignored the mysterious man, and looked back at the girl.

Tamashi slowly walked over to the girl, a little uneasy since he hadn’t really talked to people that much. “Um.. Hi.” Tamashi spoke, the girl looked over and gave a rather calm yet polite smile at him. “Hello.” She spoke. Tamashi smiled under his mask, the girl looked beautiful in his opinion. “So uh, sorry. I’m not used to talking to other people, I don’t talk much. My name is Tamashi.” He said putting his hand forward. “I'm Tanya.” She replied, shaking his hand. Tanya smiled at Tamashi. “It's nice to meet you, Tamashi.” She said in a cheerful tone. “It's nice to meet you too.” He replied. 

Tamashi heard horses trotting and soon the soldiers appeared in sight, ”halt!” the general shouted towards the soldiers. They stopped on their horses and the general then got off of his horse. He then began to walk up to Tamashi. “What are you doing with my daughter?” He spoke in a menacing tone of voice. 
“I'm just t-talking to her.” Tamashi replied with a stutter. 
“Well get away from her.” He spat at his face, Tamashi nodded and moved away from the general’s daughter. “Sorry, sir.” He said. 
“Hmph, anyways. What are we doing? Let's go somewhere private.” The general spoke in a rather strong voice towards Tamashi. 
“Didn’t you say you had a plan proposal?” Tamashi questioned the general. As they began to walk towards a large tent. 
“Don’t question me you peasant! I want your own ideas first about the preparation.”
Tamashi looked at the general and his men, then going in the tent with the general and a few of his men. “Very well, I have a few ideas in mind.” He spoke, he grabbed out a large map and laid it on the wooden table that sat in between him and the general, then sat down across from the general. 
“And what could they be boy? Spit it out.” The general replied in a rather strong voice towards him. 
“Well, I was thinking that we could send some soldiers in during the night and take out some of the guards that will be posted around the camp. Have them use a bow with poison arrows.” He said pointing towards the Bitazu’s camp on the map. “Or we coul-” An arrow cuts the tent’s roof and lands onto the wooden table and stuck to it and the map that stood in front of Tamashi, the general, and his men. The arrow had a glimmer to the tip of it, poisoned. “Go!” The general shouted at his men, “Make sure this attacker knows who he is dealing with.” Tamashi looked at the soldiers as they run out of the tent, the general slowly followed. “You stay here, you’ll be useless.” 
“What makes you so sure?” Tamashi replied with a somewhat outraged face.
“I bet you can’t even hold a sword.” The general chuckled as he left the tent. As the tent’s cloth slowly opened from the wind, he saw Tanya, and a few farm workers run the opposite direction of the shot arrow. 

Tamashi ran outside the tent, and looked for the general and his men. He saw them in the distance, shouting with both fear and courage, they were louder than all the kingdom villages combined together. Tamashi unsheathed his sword, and ran towards the general hoping to join them in battle. As he ran towards the general and his men, he noticed that the shouting became fainter. He noticed the general and his men look up, he looked up as well. He saw a rain of arrows about to land. He looked back at the general and his soldiers, they were running the opposite direction. Tamashi decided to do the same for the sake of his life, however the arrows were too quick, faster than a horse. He looked behind him while running and saw the soldiers fall one by one. It was a chain, and since he was the farthest one, he’s the last one to get hit. One soldier falls, then another, then another. The general gets hit by two arrows, falling like the others. Tamashi knew he was the last one, and saw one arrow coming towards him. The arrow got closer and closer, his breath 
became louder and louder. 
It all finally stopped. It was black, everything around Tamashi had a fainted pitch that was lower than a whisper. Tamashi’s breath was loud, louder than the gears of a castle gate. His heart beated faster than horses racing in the forest. The noises around him became louder and louder, but the only words he could hear was his own name. The word “Tamashi!” Became louder and louder, Tamashi opened his eyes. He sees a girl shielding Tamashi’s body with her own. It was the general's daughter, Tanya. She looked at Tamashi with her bright emerald green eyes. Tanya turned her head to look at Tamashi,
she gave a weak smile towards him. Blood began to seep through the sides of her mouth, dripping from the arrow onto the ground. 

There was an unsettling silence in the air, the only noise there that was around was the sounds of blood dripping and the shallow quick breaths of Tanya. Tamashi’s eyes were wide with horror, towards Tanya. Tanya kept her weak smile towards Tamashi before soon falling to the ground, Tamashi quickly caught her before she hit the floor. He looked down at Tanya, her body was lifeless yet her eyes were still open. Tamashi placed a hand over her eyes and steeped his hand down her face, closing them. He then held her up before he moved off to the side from her then gently placed her onto the ground. 

Tamashi stood up and looked around the camp, almost all of the citizens were dead. His eyes stared and his body shook with fear from the memory when his village was attacked by the Bitāzu and the Emperor’s men. He quickly shook away the thoughts and then went over to the very few survivors. “Is anyone hurt?” They replied that some were but most of the people that were hurt were now dead. Tamashi looked around to see the whole place was wiped out. Tamashi kept talking to them about what had just happened and how many just got wiped out. 
He sighed and looked at the damage done to the camp, he shook his head knowing the damage couldn't be repaired easily. He still looked around, the people of the village just looked around to see if they could try to get anything to help.
“This is your fault!” A citizen yelled at towards Tamashi in a furious tone, he went towards him and pushed him back. “We placed our lives in your hands and trusted that you'd protect us! Now my wife and daughter are dead! All because of you!” He yelled.
“I'm sorry.. I tried my best to try and protect everyone.” Tamashi replied.
“We don't need your damn help! We're leaving! We'll travel to the other kingdoms that haven't been besieged.” He spoke, as the rest of the citizens nodded in agreement. The man turned to leave the camp as the other people began to follow.
Tamashi sighed and watched them leave, he looked over to Tanya, then looked away, walking towards the entrance of the camp. He turned to look back at the ruined and bloody camp before walking out of the dying remains of what was once salvation. 
After a bit of time had passed, he finally got to the fields away from the camp. It slowly became night, he looked up to the sky feeling mentally and physically drained. Stars twinkled in the sky, lighting it up. He kept walking in the fields, soon coming across the ghost town of the village. He looked over to the fading lights of torches that were blown out by the wind, some doors were left open from the villagers and the remaining torches that were scattered out to light up the village were all blown out. 
He walked through the village and soon passed through it, he went to the Hollow Wood forest and walked towards a large tree. He sat under it and began to fall into a deep, deep slumber.

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