The Last Samurai: Souls and Memories

Memories can be forgotten, but the past is set in stone.

Tamashi Takahashi, a 12 year old boy robbed of his family and village by the tyrannical Emperor Kuno Satsugai, sets out to avenge his people. Along the way he is reunited with an old friend and warrior, Kenji Kotai.
Life is put on the line as they venture to-and-fro, meeting new friends and enemies along the way, and strive to bring justice upon the oppressors, and liberation to the oppressed


7. Nightmare

Tamashi walked down a dirt path towards his home, he hummed a tune his mother had sung to him. It was now dark but there were torches and lanterns around the village of Kimohama outside of every house. 

He heard footsteps behind him, which sounded quite unsettling and made him nervous, he went to look behind him and then felt a large fist hit the back of his head, then, slowly, everything went dark.

Fire crackled as screams of terror echoed, Tamashi opening his eyes and looking around to see the burning village. His eyes widened remembering his parents as he began to run towards the house, a burning piece of a roof from a house fell towards him but he quickly jumped out of the way. As he ran towards the house he saw a Bitāzu samurai about to kill a woman, he quickly looked away as the enemy killed her. Screams of terror filled his ears before the blade came down on her.

A loud crash sounded from the edge of the village, a tree reeling up from one of its ends, then coming crashing down, the sound of a Bitāzu regiment being pulverized piercing the air. Another tree came flying across, over the rooftops, reducing another regiment to broken pulp. Kenji came dashing through the streets, twin black tantos in his hands. Kenji ripped through hundreds of Bitāzu, severing limbs and heads from their bodies, continuously moving forwards. Kenji slid, stabbing an officer in the leg, his empty hand began to glow, then he uppercutted the officer, a column of fire incinerating him and eight of his men. Kenji came rushing around the corner, seeing Tamashi running towards his parents’ house.
“Kid! Don’t do it!” Kenji shouted, rushing forwards with all his might and tackling Tamashi to the ground, pulling him back up and holding his wrist.
Tamashi looked back at Kenji with his eyes widened, he pulled his wrist away and then ran inside the house. Tamashi sputtered, smoke was thick in the air. He felt a hand grab him by the collar, yanking him out. Kenji had pulled him from the inside.
“Kid! If you go in there, you will die! You will die! Period!” yelled Kenji.
Tears formed in Tamashi’s eyes. “But my parents are in there!” He screamed.
“The building isn't yet on fire! I saw the general headed this way! He’s in there, I’m sure of it.” Kenji sighed grimly.
A scream sounded from the house, Tamashi yelling in grief, leaping forwards into the house. He ran inside and saw his mother and father standing there cornered by the Emperor’s general, his father was standing in front of his mother protecting her, yelling out curses towards the general. The general then kicked his father out of the way and went towards him to finish him off, his father scrambled, hastily trying to get his sword out of his sheath that was attached to his belt. The samurai kicked the sword out of his hands away from him and knocked him into a cabinet filled with pottery, the cabinet broke from the wall, Tamashi’s mother screaming, and landed on top of him trapping him.

Tamashi quickly hid when the general went towards his mother, fear in his eyes as his whole body shook. His father tried to get up but his legs were crushed beneath the heavy cabinet, wincing in pain as he watched in horror. The general lifted his blade to strike her, Tamashi then ran at the general and jumped onto his back, wrapping his arms around his throat as the general backed off, trying to get him off of his back.
“Why you little!” The general yelled out, grabbing Tamashi by the arms and pulling them away from his neck. He then threw him at the wall as Tamashi gasped for air and winced. The general marched over to Tamashi and grabbed him by the throat, Tamashi's eyes widening in fear. 
“I'll make sure you pay for that you filthy brat!” He yelled out, preparing to stab him, Tamashi’s mother knocked the general away, causing him to lose his grip on Tamashi’s throat. 

Tamashi fell to the ground gasping for air, his mother went to him and pushed Tamashi behind her to protect him. The general growled in frustration as he went towards his mother and slashed at her, Tamashi quickly got in front of his mother and felt the man slash his right cheek that went from the corner of his lip up to his upper cheek. Tamashi fell to the ground from the force of the blade, blood dripping onto the floor of his house from the large wound. 

“Tamashi!” His mother screamed out as the general walked closer to her, ready to slash her. Tamashi managed to get up, blood pouring out of the wound. He ran towards the general and jumped on him again, wrapping his arms around his neck once more but getting a tighter grip on him. The general backed away from her again, attempting on getting him off. He then slammed Tamashi into the door to get out of the house but he wouldn't let go. The general kept slamming him into the door until the door was eventually knocked down, the general then got outside and spun around, knocking Tamashi off.

Tamashi rolled onto the ground wincing, his eyes filled with fear. Screams and cries of horror echoed throughout the village and smoke filled the air, he could feel the heat from the flames of the other buildings on fire. The man went inside of the house and grabbed his mother by the hair as she screamed and cried, trying to struggle from the soldier’s unbreakable grip. 

The general took his blade and placed it on Tamashi’s mother’s neck, beginning to slice into her throat, blood spewing out. She screamed, blood beginning to gurgle from her mouth, blood trickling down the sides of her mouth. He then placed her facing forward, then took his sword out from her and then stabbed her chest. The blade went through her as she fell silent, the soldier took his blade out of her chest and let her fall down dead in a pool of blood. 

“No!” Tamashi screamed out in horror, tears streaming down his face as he ran towards the man to attack him, he threw a punch at the man but it did nothing but hurt his hand. The man then grabbed Tamashi and kneed him into the chest, he then picked him up and slammed him onto the ground as everything went dark. 

After a while Tamashi awoke to see his house in flames, he felt confused until he remembered what had happened. He remembered his father was in there, trapped. Blood dripping on the blood stained grass as he noticed the warm pool of blood he was in, he looked over to see his mother dead with a horrified look on her face. Tamashi screamed out in horror, as he saw the general standing there.

A roar echoed from the side of the house, Kenji dashing forward at full sprint, tackling the general and jamming a tanto into his right forearm. The general howled, kicking Kenji off of him and dashing forwards. They locked in a fast-paced fistfight, each of them receiving blows, Kenji’s magic energy was very low. The general stumbled back, picking up his fallen sword from the ground and rushing forwards. Kenji stopped his blade with the other tanto, hurling the general back, losing the tanto in the process.
“Who do you think you are?” Said the general, spitting blood.
“I am the man who will sever your head from your body, you miserable filth!” Kenji shouted, the fire in his pupils becoming crimson.
“Then come!” Retorted the general, dashing forwards with his katana poised.
Kenji sighed, the world around him seemingly unknown to him for a moment. He slowly lowered his right hand to the handle of Deception.
“My old friend...lend me your strength…” Kenji said slowly.
“At once, Master.” Deception replied.
A brilliant red light burst from the sheathe, blinding the general, who hollered loudly.
“With thee, faithfully I slay the wicked, O’ untouchable Godslayer, Deception! With thee I will purge the accursed!” Kenji roared, his words echoing throughout the entire village.
Kenji leaped forwards, spin slashing, the general stopping, completely frozen. In only a few moments, the general screamed with pain as his arm burst from its socket, blood, bone fragments, and muscle falling loosely in shreds to the ground. The general screamed ‘till his throat bled, then passed out, completely unconscious.
“I’ll be back for you later...You vile monster…” Kenji spat, turning to see Tamashi had vanished, his mother dead.
“No!” Kenji yelled.

There were still screams and cries of horror, the smell of smoke, the warm feeling of blood. Tamashi’s head spun as he soon then collapsed feeling his body bobbing up and down.

A Bitāzu had carried Tamashi off, carrying him over his shoulder and marching off with him towards the docks to meet up with the Emperor. 

The Bitāzu finally got there and stood in front of the soon-to-be Emperor. “I found this boy, we can sell him to the highest bidder to become a slave.” The man said. 
“Very well then, might as well since he’s useless like this. Unless we train him to become a soldier.” The emperor spoke. 
“He saw the general kill his family, he was beaten senseless by him, so it’s unlikely. He's also too weak to fight so we might as well sell him to the highest bidder, he’s too weak for war. Only hard labor.”
“Very well then, I'd recommend you leave now. It’s about time I claim my throne.” The Emperor spoke before walking off, the Bitāzu nodded and got on a ship to sail towards the mainland.

Tamashi slightly opened his eyes, he saw the Emperor before he fell unconscious once more. 

Tamashi’s eyes snapped open, gasping in horror from the old memory. He quickly looked around in alarm to see if the Emperor was around, he noticed he wasn't around, not even his men. Tamashi found himself lying on the cold, night grass.
 “Just a dream… Just a bad memory.” He murmured to himself, looking up at the sky. The sun was getting ready to come up, everyone was still asleep. “Stupid hellish memories..” He sighed. 

He sat there thinking, his blue eyes narrowing. “I'll find you… And kill you someday…” Tamashi spoke, looking out into the distance where the castle was. 

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