American Idol Farwell Season Dalton Rapattoni love story

Tristan Brown has always wanted to Audition for American Idol but she was always too scared when the final season starts she decides to audition just to see if she's good enough it turns out she makes it all the way to the top ten that shocks her a lot but what shocks her the most is she finds out she has a secret admirer but she's stomped about who it is her idol friends say it's between two boys Mackenzie and Dalton their both cute and love hanging with her she can't figure out her feelings for which boy but when she finally does will they survive the completion together?


8. Top 8, First Kiss

Top 8, First Kiss  
Tristan's POV
Last night was magical and a dream I held hands with a boy a cute boy too Dalton is so sweet and funny and very cute he offered to try teaching me guitar but I told him it might take a while but he still said he would cause he wants to spend time with me which made me blush deep red he wants to spend time with me is this a dream? we talked a lot it wasn't awkward at all I knew the girls were still watching us but I didn't care I was having the best time ever but soon I got sleepy so Dalton walked me back to my room he grabbed my hand as we were walking and when I didn't pull away he smiled very big he is so adorable and awkward I love it so much we got to my room oh no now its awkward quick say something "thank you Dalton for making this one crazy night" I said he chuckled and smiled at me "it was a crazy night wasn't it next week is going to be even more crazy cause it's an double eliminton" he said oh no a double eliminton that's worse than one so I must get through too The Top 8 or I might just go crazy "oh dear extra pressure now" I said Dalton chuckled and put his hand on my shoulder "don't worry T you will get through your amazing one of the reasons I fell for you" he said I felt my heart stop no guy has ever said that before to me "Aw how sweet you will make it too cause I'm pretty sure you melt every girls heart" I said he chuckled and pulled me into a hug I hugged him back tightly we pulled away and starred at each other was he going to kiss me hopefully yes and hopefully no thankfully he didn't just kissed my cheek I giggled a little "See you tomorrow?" I asked he nodded "yes you will" he said and walked away I waved bye and smiled so big I opened my room door and my mom was on her bed reading I came in smiling "hey sweetie have fun with the girls?" she asked I nodded quickly I haven't told my mom about Dalton cause she'll freak out and be overprotective as usual I'll wait until me and Dalton become official than I'll tell her it might not end well she'll need to know I went to my bed and flopped down smiling like an idiot this was the best night ever. Finally tonight is the top 8 round we find out who will go home tonight so scared and excited cause Demi Lovato is on the show tonight I love her and when I met her I had a fangirl moment LOL the girls kept asking what happened with me and Dalton and I told them we just talked we didn't kiss I hope we do one day but I want to take it slow since I never been so close to getting a boyfriend before don't want to risk it although during rehearsal this week me and Dalton almost kissed a few times but it never happened sadly we text and FaceTime each other every night my mom has yelled a few times at me to go to sleep LOL me and him have gotten a lot closer since the other night the show tonight is going to be epic and hard but also fun and exciting right now we're sitting in the chairs waiting to hear the first person who's was through it was Dalton he jumped a mile in the air it was adorable he kissed my hand and ran on stage I blushed than smiled big than Lee got through  next Sonika and La'Porsha got through of course next we performed with Demi Lovato it was so fun she held my hand at one point I had a mini heart attack than she sang a new song it was so good next person to go through was ME I was shocked and happy than Mackenzie got through thank goodness I was singing Never Gone and I was playing piano I was a little nervous about that cause I haven't played piano before but it turned out better than I thought it would (pretend this me) the high note I did at the end shocked everyone even me I had no idea I had that kind of power in me now one last person was getting through than the bottom three had to sing for the judges save Tristan was the last one to get in thank god than Avalon was the first to sing for the save lastly Olivia and Gianna performed I loved Olivia's performance I hope the judges save her I was so nervous and scared Dalton grabbed my hand and held it tightly I smiled at him and he winked at me making my heart skip a beat the judges ended up saving Avalon so Olivia and Gianna went home I was sad Olivia was my best friend I ran over to her hugged her tightly "good luck with Dalton" she whispered in my ear I blushed and giggled I hugged Gianna too it was so sad seeing them go and it made the show even more tougher than suddenly I got pulled away from everyone bye someone it was Dalton "Dalton what is it?" I asked he grabbed my hands and breathed loudly "I need to ask you this before I faint" he said I giggled "ok what is it?" I asked "will you go out with me tomorrow?" he asked yes he was asking me out officially HA "of course I will may I ask where we're going?" I asked he smiled big "a theme park that's all I'm saying " he said a theme park how romantic and fun "Aw fine" I said he chuckled and kissed my nose he's been kissing every body part except my lips it's very mean of him I went to my room and went straight to bed I needed rest for my first date ever tomorrow yay. I woke up early the next morning I needed to get ready I ate breakfast hopped into the shower and got dressed I was going to put perfume on but Dalton already likes me for me so I don't need to smell nice to get him to kiss me I hope there was than a knock at the door I fixed my hair and opened it there stood Dalton looking as handsome as ever "Hey T ready for the day?" he asked I nodded and smiled big "yes I am bye mom" I yelled at her "bye sweetie have fun" she yelled back I closed the door and turned around Dalton grabbed my hand and off we went to who knows where his family was coming with us to the theme park but Dalton told me that we're get alone time thankfully his mom and sister are so nice and funny his sister told me funny stories which Dalton didn't like of course but his face was so priceless "would you guys stop it this is why I never had a girlfriend" he whined I giggled and rested my head on his shoulder "don't worry Dalton my siblings and parents do the same thing which is one of the many reasons why I never had a boyfriend before" I said Dalton chuckled and put his hand on my knee oh no here comes the blush if we're not couple by the end of this day I'm going go crazy we finally arrived and what saw in front of me shocked me we were at Universal Studios "no way I always wanted to come here" I said excitedly Dalton just smiled "that's not all we're also going to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter" he said my mouth just dropped to the ground I been dreaming of going there since it opened I heard the castle, Diagon Ally and Hogsmeade and everything from the movies are there "no way I'm a huge harry potter fan wait how did you know I like Harry Potter?" I asked "lucky guess?" Dalton said I gave him are you serious look "ok I might of asked your mom what you enjoy and when I told her I was taking you here she said right away "take her to Harry Potter land she'll love you forever" he said I giggled that is something my mom would say she knows what will make me smile big and I'm smiling so big right now " well she was right I will love you forever and this officially the best first date ever" I said Dalton smiled so big and he grabbed my hand off we went to be wizards LOL. We got a map cause we had no idea where to go first the whole park looked so fun this was going to be a long day but a fun one we made our way to Harry Potter I literally felt like a kid again I tried to not freak out but I couldn't help it Dalton kept chuckling at me I glared at him but chuckled when he freaked out over spider man it was adorable finally we got to the Harry Potter part I was very excited now once we walked into it I was suddenly in Diagon Ally it was just like the movie it was a tiny walk way with millions of people walking and taking pictures I was in the movie "it's official my friends and family are going to hate me when I post pictures" I said Dalton smiled and grabbed my hand Gringotts was there the wand shop, pet shop, joke shop everything from the movie was there first we bought some Hogwarts robes I got Grithingdore of course and Dalton got Ravenclaw than we went into the wand shop it was just like the movie now I know how Harry felt LOL and we did that thing that happened in movie when Harry got his wand it was amazing and a little scary I was having so much fun I even got to pat a white owl I want a pet owl now LOL than we went on the Gringotts ride and the goblins were just as creepy as they were in the movie "ok those goblins are creepier in person" I said Dalton smiled at me we got on the ride and it was very fast and fun I didn't get scared which was good and shocking than finally we saw the castle "woah this is amazing my sister is going to kill me" I said Dalton chuckled than his mom offered to take our picture in front of the castle I wrapped my arms around Dalton "Dalton do something cute" yelled his sister Dalton glared at her but than did something I was not excepting he grabbed my face and smashed his lips onto mine I was shocked and felt frozen what was happening? than I quickly learned he was kissing me and somehow I kissed him back without knowing it I did except my first kiss like this but it felt magical his lips were so soft and warm he was a good kisser thankfully finally we pulled away and smiled at each other "woah" we both said at the same time "Awww" we heard strangers say from around us well that's awkward "we should go" Dalton whispered in my ear than kissing it lightly I blushed deep red grabbed his hand we walked into the castle it looked just like the movie it was so surreal I was a little scared about this ride I seen videos of it looks fun but scary too as we got closer I noticed the floor moving "oh great the floor moving I'm going to fall I know it" I said Dalton just looked at me "don't worry T I'll help you" he said I smiled he is so sweet so glad my first kiss was with him we got to the front and we hopped onto the floor almost fell twice but Dalton caught me we got in our seats and off we went and it was a lot faster and scarier than it looked on the video I didn't stop screaming the entire ride either did Dalton but his scream was adorable LOL the ride was finally over we got off "ok that is official scariest ride I ever been on thank goodness we didn't eat lunch yet" I said Dalton chuckled and said "speaking of lunch I'm hungry now" he said I looked at him with a crazy look is he serious right now? turned out he was serious I was a little hungry too actually we went into a little café thing me and Dalton got a table for just us so it could be a little date we both ordered Bubble Beers cause we both wanted to try it so badly he ordered some odd dish and I just ordered some ice cream cause I had my lunch with me already and was eating it now "so T how are you enjoying today?" asked Dalton "today has been amazing I'm in Harry Potter but you have thrown some surprises but the most recent was the most shocking" I said I think he knew what I was talking about cause I saw a tiny blush on his face "right the kiss sorry about that you just looked so beautiful I couldn't resist anymore" he said I smiled big I never heard a guy say that before "I'm glad you didn't but next time could you warn me?" I asked he chuckled and nodded than his food and our Bubble Beers came they were huge but looked good first I took a picture of it cause why not? "lets try it together" I said Dalton nodded and we both tried it yummy it was very sweet but I love sweet things "yum" I said than giggled cause Dalton had some on his lip I grabbed my napkin leaned over the table and whipped his face he blushed a little finally my ice cream I got strawberry yum I took a bite and it was so good than we finished and just slipped our Bubble Beer Dalton grabbed my hand than smiled at me "T I have something to ask you?" he said oh my goodness here it comes "Yes Dalton" I said trying to not squeal "Tristan Brown will you be my girlfriend?" he asked I smiled so big this the greatest day ever "Yes of course I will" I said Dalton smiled his beautiful smile at me we're officially a couple now wow never thought I would say that we finished our Bubble Beer and it turned out we didn't have to pay for lunch idol covered it awesome "maybe we should wait a little before we go on the Buckbeak roller coaster" Dalton said as we walked out onto the street I nodded completely agreeing "lets go into the joke shop" I said he nodded and we walked to it we walked in the door and it was amazing I had a urge to look up and see Fred and Geroge standing there but I knew this wasn't real but it sure looked real we walked around the whole store trying the different tricks there was even a love position that is just silly than we decided to go on one more ride than leave cause I was getting a little tired Dalton offered me a piggy back but I said no I was fine we got on the roller coaster and it was fun I felt like we were flying very fast after the ride we were starting to walk out when I spotted the Hogwarts train HA I ran over to it I was amazed it looked so real I took a selfie in front of it than we finally left we needed rest cause tomorrow back practice for a spot in the top 6 scary and too top it off we are going to be paired up for duets I'm hoping for Dalton cause it would be so cool if we sang a love song but we probably won't be paired up on the drive home I leaned my head on Dalton's shoulder and he leaned his head on my head it was very comfy we got back to the hotel I said bye to Dalton's mom and sister and thanked them for today Dalton walked me back to my room what a gentlemen and he's my boyfriend wow that feels so strange to say "Hey T now that we're officially we have to find a way to tell America" he said shoot didn't think of that how are we suppose to tell America "can we keep it quiet for now lets just tell the others for now" I said Dalton nodded and smiled "deal well better go see you tomorrow babe" he said I blushed he just called me babe yay I hugged him tightly "goodnight Dalty" I said he groaned at my nickname for him he leaned down and kissed my nose I blushed again I opened the door to my room and walked in with a big smile on my face "hey sweetie how was it?" asked my mom shoot forgot got to tell my mom about Dalton and me dang it "fine me and Dalton are officially together that's it goodnight" I said quickly "wait hold up you and Dalton are together I didn't even know you liked him" she said "well I do and we just became a couple today" I said to my surprise my mom didn't yell or scream she walked over to me and hugged me so tight "honey that's amazing I'm so happy for you" she said ok I'm confused "wait you are?" I asked not convinced "yes Dalton is a good boy and seems too really like you so I support it" she said wow ok this was easier than I excepted "woah ok thanks mom so you don't mind if FaceTime him now?" I asked "don't push it" she said I chuckled and hugged her she really is the best mom ever I got ready for bed texted the girls well girl really that I needed to talk to them tomorrow than texted Dalton good night I have a boyfriend yay I fell asleep with a smile on my face.  

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