American Idol Farwell Season Dalton Rapattoni love story

Tristan Brown has always wanted to Audition for American Idol but she was always too scared when the final season starts she decides to audition just to see if she's good enough it turns out she makes it all the way to the top ten that shocks her a lot but what shocks her the most is she finds out she has a secret admirer but she's stomped about who it is her idol friends say it's between two boys Mackenzie and Dalton their both cute and love hanging with her she can't figure out her feelings for which boy but when she finally does will they survive the completion together?


9. Top 6, I love you?

Top 6, I love you? 
Tristan's POV
This has been a crazy week practice, practice, and more practice we all been so busy that we never hung out in a while this needed to change thankfully Avalon thought of something she invited everyone to her and Sonika's room for a American idol party of course we all said yes I love hanging with the idols their awesome and I can be myself around them but I have been hiding a few things from them nothing major at least I hope they are literally my best friends I can tell them anything and of course one of them is my boyfriend who makes this journey way better than before he's so sweet and loving he kisses my cheek for no reason at all everyone always Aw when he does it makes me blush deep red the girls keep teasing that we're so in love and it's so adorable and sweet we are so not in love I think we haven't been dating for long but I gotta admit he does make me feel in a way I never felt before but it can't be love right? can't think of that now tonight is a big show duets and solos sadly me and Dalton weren't paired up together he was paired with Mackenzie and I was paired with La'porsha I don't mind she's like a mom to me Dalton pouted a little but got over it Mackenzie acted hurt and sad it was so funny everyone was having so much fun and working so hard I actually didn't want Thursday to come cause when it does theirs going to be sadness when let again 2 more people go home so unfair but lately I been thinking not everyone here really knows each other I mean we know most each other but I can tell some people haven't been very honest which I get not everything needs to know every little thing about you but I like when people know everything about me makes me special but sometimes people tease me about that but I'm not worried here we all give hugs for no reason at all or in Dalton's case kisses me for no reason but I don't mind I love it wait does that mean I love him? ugh I can't be thinking about this the show is in an hour "Hey T you ok?" someone asked I turned around and it was Sonika "yeah I'm fine just nervous about the show" I said well it was half the truth she smiled at me she may be 20 but she has a smile that makes her look 16 "don't be we're all nervous besides you have Dalton to calm you" she said I blushed when she said he does seem to know how to calm me down good it was 2 minutes before show time we got into a line ready to walk out Dalton held my hand as we waited this was his plan to see if people noticed us being all cute we walked out and it looked like no one noticed sadly oh well first round was duets and first up was me and La'Porsha she high fived me before we started ( pretend that's me) next was Avalon and Sonika than it was Dalton and Mackenzie I hate to say this but it wasn't good it wasn't awful just did not fit their voices at all next was Lee and Tristan it was so cute than finally came solo round first safe was La'Porsha of course than Mackenzie got saved yay I'm pretty sure Mackenzie made every girls jump after his performance LOL next Nick Fradiani performed his new single it was very catchy than we took a break than it was time again the next person safe was ME I was so happy than Tristan was saved Yay I was playing the piano again I was singing Love Came Down I dedicated it someone special can you guess LOL? ( pretend it's me) one more person was safe and than the bottom had to sing for the save I really hope Dalton doesn't have to sing for the save I can't lose him we just got  together I crossed my fingers for him Ryan finally said it and it was Dalton thank god he did amazing I have never heard sing like that before it was so good he came back to sit down I pulled him into a hug "you were amazing Dalty" I said he smiled and hugged me back "thanks T by the way who was your song about?" he asked I blushed deep red everyone chuckled around us "you will find out one day" I said he pouted at me we sat down ready to watch the bottom three perform first up Avalon next was Lee last was Sonika and as much I love the other two Sonika won the save she did amazing Sonika got the save so Lee and Avalon are going home I hate this part of the show why can't we all win? the show ended and Dalton decided to take me out for smoothies I accepted I texted my mom telling where I was going so she wouldn't freak LOL the smoothie place wasn't far from the hotel so we walked there we held hands and once in a while Dalton would swing our hands back and fourth it was so cute and made my jump Dalton is great everything I ever wanted in a boyfriend but I been feeling something I never felt before not sure what it is I been thinking maybe love but that's crazy I can't love Dalton we just started going out but he does make me feel special and I'm always so happy when I'm around him but I don't love him I think. We got to the smoothie place and Dalton ordered our smoothies he knew what I liked I didn't even have to tell him how sweet is that he bought me my strawberry smoothie and we walked back to the hotel there's something I been meaning to ask him "Dalton what was going through your head when you stood on the stage with the other 3?" I asked him "I was so scared I honestly thought I would be in the bottom 3 cause my song last week wasn't that good" he said "l liked it" I said he smiled and held my hand tightly "Well that's different your my girlfriend" he said I still smile wide when I hear girlfriend I always wanted to be a girlfriend LOL "well we could always sing our songs for each other so we could find out if their good or not" I said he smiled so big at me "great plan babe" he said I giggled I could get used to him calling me babe we walked in silence for a little bit just drinking our smoothies than Dalton asked me a shocking question "T have you ever been in love?" he asked I nearly choked on my smoothie why is he asking me this? "oh um well I never had a boyfriend before so no I haven't have you?" I asked him "I thought I was once but turned out the girl never liked me" he said wait he got his heartbroken how could anyone break his heart he's so sweet "that's awful well that girl was stupid" I said Dalton smiled at me and stopped walking making me stop too "what?" I asked than he said the one thing I thought I would never hear "I love you Tristan" he said I felt frozen did he just say he loves me this is crazy and amazing but mostly crazy what do I say? "oh um I love you too" I said "do you really or are you just saying that cause I caught you off guard?" he asked oh no he did caught me off guard but I can't say I don't love him back he'll be crush and I might lose him " you did catch me off guard but only because I didn't except you to say it first I'm still figuring out my feelings I'm still new at the whole dating thing" I said hopefully that didn't sound stupid "I get it I'm new at it too I guess I thought it was the right time to tell you how I felt but guess not" he said I quickly leaned up and kissed his cheek "Dalton don't think for a second I don't feel the same way your the first guy to ever make me feel this way" I said he smiled and kissed my nose "lets forget I even said the l word and we're just take it slow again" he said I nodded and smiled at him we got back to the hotel Dalton kissed me good night and we went to our rooms I got ready for bed and sighted I do love Dalton I should of told him now what do I do now?


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