American Idol Farwell Season Dalton Rapattoni love story

Tristan Brown has always wanted to Audition for American Idol but she was always too scared when the final season starts she decides to audition just to see if she's good enough it turns out she makes it all the way to the top ten that shocks her a lot but what shocks her the most is she finds out she has a secret admirer but she's stomped about who it is her idol friends say it's between two boys Mackenzie and Dalton their both cute and love hanging with her she can't figure out her feelings for which boy but when she finally does will they survive the completion together?


10. Surgery Day,Top 5, secrets reveal and tears lots of tears

Surgery Day, Top 5, secrets reveal and tears lots of tears    
Tristan's POV
Ok well this week can't get worse oh wait it can first my boyfriend stops talking to me just because I didn't tell him love him which I do but I'm too afraid to tell him and now too top it all off my mom just told me that I'm one of my yearly surgeries today and she told the others about it and now they all hate me for not telling them ugh why must I be good at keeping secrets right now I was in the waiting in my hospital dress waiting to be called in I had my doll with me "Sweetie cheer up their get over it and I'm sure their going to be here when you wake up" she said I sighted and looked away I really need them and Dalton I could use a good luck kiss I got called in and before I knew it I had been put into a peaceful sleep.
Tristan M's POV
I can't believe Tristan is having surgery and she didn't tell me or any of us not even Dalton but her mom came and told us so now we're in a car on our way to the hospital hope she's ok we got to the hospital and find her mom Dalton looked so confused and worried "hey guys Tristan is still in surgery" her mom said "what is going on Mrs.Brown?" asked Mackenzie "Tristan gets this done every year it's too see if she needs something done to her thourt again" she explained "will she be able to perform tomorrow?" asked Dalton sounding a little worried he really does care about her "yes as long nothing goes wrong" she said I don't think that made him feel better "don't worry she's a fighter and it helps having support and people who love her by her side" she said we all nodded and as much as Dalton feels about her at this time he will do anything to help her we're all family we waited and waited and waited finally a bed came rolling in and it was Tristan we all jumped up and walked over to the bed she looked so peaceful "I'll call you guys when she wakes up you don't want to see her when she first wakes up it's not pretty" her mom said that sounded scary "I just don't get it why would she keep this from us?" asked La'Porsha "I think I know the other night I told her I loved her" said Dalton my mouth dropped open he loves her? "woah dude I think you said it a little too soon" said Mackenzie "I know so I been avoiding her cause I'm worried she doesn't feel the same way" he said well that explains why she's been quite lately "Dalton I'm sure she loves you back she's just confused" I said hoping I was right than finally her mom came out of the room "you guys can see her now" she said Dalton looked up and sighted here we go we all walked in the room and what we saw was shocking there she was smiling like she never smiled before "T" I said she looked at us than her smile faded "oh hey guys" she said we all looked at each other and at Dalton this might not end well.
Tristan's POV
Well I hopped this wasn't going to be the scene I saw when I finally woke up but it was "hey guys" I said than without warning Tristan ran over to me and hugged me than Sonika joined than La'Porsha than Mackenzie this felt good but I needed to talk to Dalton alone "guys can you please leave I need to talk to Dalton alone" I said Dalton looked at me knowing what I meant the others nodded and left Dalton walked over to me than we said at the same time "I'm Sorry" now I'm very confused "why are you sorry?" I asked "I never should of never told you I loved you I knew it was too soon but it came out of me like word vomit" he said I smiled I reached for his hand "Dalton I'm glad you said you loved me it made me think about my feelings and while I was asleep I had a dream about my life before I all this happened I was never happy but now I am more happy than ever and it's all cause of you Dalton I love you too" I said wow that was officially the hardest thing I ever said to a boy Dalton just looked at me than he leaned forward and smashed his lips on mine I was hoping this was going to happen we pulled away and smiled at each other I moved over in the bed to make room for him he sat down and wrapped his arms around me all I can is best surgery day ever sadly he had to leave to get ready for the show tomorrow I was feeling much better now hopefully I could leave soon so I could practice too Dalton finally left after kissing my hand a million times he was back to being his adorable self again couldn't be happier. Yes I was finally allowed to leave the hospital thank goodness I had a lot of work to do I knew what songs I was singing and I knew what I was going to be doing for the performance it was time America knew the whole truth about me I had a feeling it's going to be a sad night and to make things even more hard America chose the songs for us to sing I love what they chose for me but I'm still a little nervous for one of the songs I'm going to be doing something that nobody will ever except not even the judges hopefully they like it I got back just in time the gang was about to shoot a commercial for Ford they were so happy when I walked through the door than we left and did some Yoga it was very fun and very funny watching Dalton and Mackenzie do it than me and Dalton just cuddled for the rest of the day I have never felt this good after surgery before Dalton is amazing LOL he did a Periscope too I should do one too but I was very tired and needed energy tomorrow so I just went to bed but not after before I worked on something special to show the idols after the show tomorrow they deserve to see this and I'm tired of keeping secrets from them mostly Dalton ever since we made up we been closer than ever not just him but all the idols seem to want to hang with me more which is strange but awesome too. I woke up the next morning feeling must better and ready for the show Dalton came by and did vocal warm ups so glad my boyfriends a vocal coach LOL than we went down to have breakfast with the other idols than went to the studio to get dress, makeup and hair down than practice we had to practice with the cast of Empire which was very cool than we were mentored by Adam Lambert which was awesome I had a feeling this show was going to be tearful one the show started with Adam doing a throwback which was so good the first to get through was ME I was so shocked I was in the Top 5 HA that's crazy the first song I was singing Cassadee Pope Wasting All These Tears it reminded me of my ex crush who never liked me so glad America chose it I heard the video of all my supporters cheering me on I felt so special than I started singing I was showing a side of me America has not seen yet and I think it was a hit (imagine that's me again) that big note at the end was the ticket I finished singing and everyone was cheering Jen was out of her seat I was speechless shocked and happy Ryan high fived me the judges gave great comments they didn't mention my surgery guess they didn't know about it oh well next person who made it was Dalton Yay Dalty he was playing guitar for this song and once again he nailed it next to get through was La'Porsha of course and she killed it again now just 1 more people gets through than the bottom have to sing for the last save I crossed my fingers for either one of them Mackenzie got saved Yay but Tristan and Sonika were the bottom 2 poor Sonika again Mackenzie killed it again he made my heart jump and fans heart stop LOL next was our performance with Empire Cast it went very well Dalton grabbed my hand during the performance I felt my cheeks turn a little red hopefully nobody noticed Mackenzie did I could tell now came the hard part bottom 2 first up Tristan she was at the piano again she did amazing but sadly she can't beat Sonika we all knew it I rested my head on Dalton's shoulder watching Sonika sing Let it go yup she won again why must we all be talented and the judges pick Sonika to stay sadly that meant Tristan got send Home I felt tears go down my cheeks when they showed her Farewell Video she was my little sister this is so hard Dalton knew how upset I was cause he wrapped his arms around me hugging me tightly while trying to not cry as well than it was commercial time I ran backstage to find Tristan I find her she saw me and ran over to me I engulfed her in a hug "I'm going to miss you so much T" she said "don't cry you will make me cry" I said she had a few tears on her cheeks "I love you Tristan promise to stay in touch with me?" I asked her she nodded quickly "of course call me if you need anything T we need to stick together" she said I nodded the commercial soon ended and I had to go back to my chairs I hugged her one more time and ran back to my seat round 2 but first they played the Yoga video it was so funny to watch than first up was Dalton his Package Video played and not going to lie it shocked me a little bit I couldn't believing what I was watching this wasn't the Dalton I loved why didn't he tell me he had bipolar disorder whatever that is I wasn't the only one shocked everyone was Mackenzie, Sonika and La'Porsha all looked shocked as me finally it was over and he started singing and once again it was amazing and powerful he got great comments and when he came back to sit I couldn't make myself to look at him I was just confused and hurt he didn't tell me this well to be fair I kept my life a secret too but now knowing he has a disorder is crazy next Mackenzie got through and once again the Package video shocked he almost died from heart failure so he has a heart problem like me crazy next was Me as I went backstage to get ready Dalton followed me "Tristan I need to talk to you" he said he sounded sad and worried "not now Dalty I'm about to go on after the show ok?" I asked him he nodded than started walking away I couldn't take it anymore "Dalton wait I need a good luck hug and kiss" I said than I was engulfed in a hug I might be mad at him right now but I can't help but smile while hugging him we pulled away and he looked me in the eyes than smashed his lips onto mine "thanks I love you" I said he smiled big and said "I love you too go out there and kill it" he said than walked away than Mackenzie walked by and hugged me for good luck too I needed to talk to him after the show too this is going to be a long night I got ready and I listened to the package video and by the things I heard I probably shocked everyone too I still had my hospital bracelets on and the band aid from where I had the needle in my hand hopefully the judges don't notice it but if they do I have a lot of explaining to do I was singing the climb I was so happy that America chose that song this was going to be fun and hopefully good I started singing when the video ended here goes nothing (pretend that's me) I got great comments from the judges and sadly they did notice the bracelets so I had to explain "I had a surgery yesterday thankfully it went well" I said I went back to the seats and everyone hugged me tightly cause I had a few tears in my eyes for some odd reason next Adam Lambert came back to sing his new single it was very catchy next was Sonika thankfully her Package video wasn't sad and her performance was once again awesome the last one to go was La' Porsha and her Package Video was so sad I actually felt tears while watching it and her performance was once again Amazing it was so good and it made Jennifer cry what great way to end the show now came the hard part talking to Dalton. We did all the interviews and went back to the hotel I decided to not show my surprise cause we had enough surprises Dalton invited me to his room again so far so good I walked into his room and he was sitting on the bed with his head in his hands "Dalton I think we need to explain things to each other he nodded and patted a spot beside him on the bed I sat down and he grabbed both of my hands "explain" he said oh he wanted me to go first ok "the reason I didn't any of you  to know about my disabilities cause I was afraid you wouldn't accept me usually when I tell people about my disabilities they ditch me so I keep them a secret so I could actually make friends never works though and when I auditioned for idol I was so afraid I was going to be judged but I wasn't and as I got through every round none of you cared about how I talked or wore it was amazing I wanted to tell you guys everything but I was afraid you wouldn't like me anymore and when you asked me out I felt more guilty about keeping secrets your my only real love Dalton" I said feeling tears on my cheeks "I'm  your only Love?" Dalton asked he sounded relief "I have never loved anyone except you" I said dropping my head down he picked my chin up and starred at me with his beautiful blue eyes he's everything I ever wanted and more he grabbed my chin and kissed me I kissed him back with our lips moving in perfect sync I move so my chest was on his he holds me close and picks me up into a hug not breaking the kiss we both fall back I land on top of him we both look at each other and laugh. "I'm your only love" he said smiling like an idiot "Dalton Louis Rapattoni I love you with all my heart and I will never stop loving you and that's a promise I say holding up my pinky finger "Tristan Brown you make it impossible to not love you I love you so incredibly much. More than I ever loved anyone in my entire life I knew I should of told you about my disorder but I was afraid you wouldn't love me anymore but now I know that you had a rough childhood too I don't like not knowing how your feeling and I just want you be happy all the time and smile your adorable smile" he said I blushed and rested my head on his chest "You're not going to propose are you?" I tease "No not today hopefully one day Tristan your the best thing that has ever happened to me. I love you so much it hurts and I'm never letting you go and that's a promise" he said mimicking me I laugh and give him a kiss the kiss gets more intense he pulled me closer to him he picked me up and lay me on my back he pulls the hem of my shirt and I pull his telling me to take it off wow never thought I would ever do this but it feels amazing before things got more heated we heard a voice "Hey D" it was Mackenzie opening the door uh oh Dalton picked me up and pulled me beside him quickly "oh hey Tristan do you guys want to some food" he asked "sure sounds good" I answered before Dalton could "Sweet" Mackenzie said walking to the door but stopping "oh by the way next time you guys do that make sure the doors locked" Mackenzie teases than walking out the door both me and Dalton laughed and he pulled me closer to him while my hand stayed on his chest "That was close" I said getting up "Us almost having sex or Mackenzie catching us" Dalton teases "Both" I said laughing while trying to fix my hair "Hey I want to give you something" he said taking off his ring "it's not an engagement ring it's a promise ring" he laughed "No Dalty that's your lucky ring you need it" I said "it would be more lucky on you" he said "your so cheesy" I said and he put the ring on my finger perfect fit.

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