American Idol Farwell Season Dalton Rapattoni love story

Tristan Brown has always wanted to Audition for American Idol but she was always too scared when the final season starts she decides to audition just to see if she's good enough it turns out she makes it all the way to the top ten that shocks her a lot but what shocks her the most is she finds out she has a secret admirer but she's stomped about who it is her idol friends say it's between two boys Mackenzie and Dalton their both cute and love hanging with her she can't figure out her feelings for which boy but when she finally does will they survive the completion together?


4. , looking for clues about secret admirer looking for suspects and ex crush and more secrets?

looking for clues about secret admirer, looking for suspects,ex crush and more secrets?
Tristan's POV
a lot of things were going through my head when saw the text was it a prank or real did I really have a secret admirer? last time that happened was 6th grade but I never find out who it was so I forgot about it but this felt different I couldn't get it out of my mind ugh why does this have to happen during this whole thing I need to talk to someone maybe the girls once I get a moment of freedom they could help me figure this out hopefully? I went back to my hotel room thinking if I truly do have a secret admirer wonder who it could be maybe a fan or maybe Mackenzie or Dalton their the only 2 cute guys in this journey and who I'm friends with I don't know who else it could be ugh this is hurting my brain I need sleep goodnight. The next morning I had millions of texts from Tristan, Gianna, and Olivia asking where I was I told them to come to my room time to tell them what's happening I jumped in the shower quick got dressed made a quick breakfast and waited for them to show up I had no new texts from the secret admirer their was a knock at my door I looked through the peep hole it was the girls "hey guys" I said they came in but not without giving me a hug I love these girls so much "what's up T you sounded nervous about something" said Tristan time to tell them "last night I got a text from a mystery person" I said "what you mean mystery person?" asked Olivia I opened my phone and showed them the texts their eyes widened "what does SA stand for wait a minute" said Gianna finally getting it "Oh my god T you have a secret admirer" cheered Tristan wrapping her arm around my shoulders I smiled at her "do you have an idea who it is?" asked Gianna I shook my head "no clue I need your guys help" I said "no problem we're help you find out who this mystery person is" said Olivia I smiled I knew I could count these guys first things first we told the rest of the girls who promised to keep it a secret next we made of list of boys we thought the secret admirer could be the top 2 were Dalton and Mackenzie and a boy who I used to have a crush on a long time ago not sure why but he could of seen me on TV and decide to like me for some odd reason "ok so tomorrow we start spying on Dalton and Mackenzie to see if they show any signs that their your secret admirer" said Olivia I sighted I really hope this isn't a prank tomorrow is going to be a stressful day my last chance to join the top 14.

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