American Idol Farwell Season Dalton Rapattoni love story

Tristan Brown has always wanted to Audition for American Idol but she was always too scared when the final season starts she decides to audition just to see if she's good enough it turns out she makes it all the way to the top ten that shocks her a lot but what shocks her the most is she finds out she has a secret admirer but she's stomped about who it is her idol friends say it's between two boys Mackenzie and Dalton their both cute and love hanging with her she can't figure out her feelings for which boy but when she finally does will they survive the completion together?


11. emotions, Top 4, more emotions

emotions, Top 4, Home visit
Tristan's POV
Today was a tough day we said bye to Tristan which was so hard I hugged her like 5 times before she finally left we find out the theme for this week it was Rock songs and Sia Songs I didn't really listen to Sia so that was going to be a challenge to pick a song but Rock songs I knew a few hopefully their good ones right now me and Dalton were just cuddling on the couch in the Blue Room every now and than he would sneak a kiss on my cheek or fourhead it always made me blush "stop making me blush" I said "I can't help it your so cute when you blush" he whispered in my ear that just made me blush harder "hate to break up this cute moment but Tristan I'm going shopping want to come?" asked Sonika "I really don't like shopping" I said she pouted "PLEASE we could both use some girl time" she begged well that's true I have been hanging with Dalton a lot lately I could use some girl time "Fine let me get my purse Dalton release me please?" I asked him he pouted god he's adorable "I don't wanna" he whined "let me go or your not getting a kiss for the rest of the day and night" I said his eyes widened and quickly let go of me I smirked at him I got up and walked to the spot I left my purse and phone "Tristan Dalton is coming with us" yelled Sonika guess she invited him of course he said yes and Mackenzie wanted to come too so we're all going shopping except La'Porsha she wanted to spend time with her daughter which was totally ok we all piled in the car Mackenzie offered to drive which was so sweet Sonika sat in the front with him me and Dalton were in the back of course he had his hand on my thigh rubbing it softly I was trying so hard not to blush but it was impossible I could tell the others were watching from the front and smirking like crazy ugh. Finally we got to the mall it was huge Dalton grabbed my hand and held it tight as we walked around I hate admitting this but shopping was actually fun with the idols they made me  try crazy things on and Dalton made me try on a dress that looked a little short but also looked amazing on me "woah Tristan that looks amazing on you" said Sonika I looked in the mirror my mouth dropped to the ground the girl in the mirror was not me "woah this is not me" I said "it's you alright and your beautiful" said Dalton Mackenzie nodded agreeing I smiled at them these guys are the best friends ever "Are you going to buy it?" asked Sonika asked me "should I?" I asked " YES" both Dalton and Mackenzie yelled Sonika laughed at them I blushed "I guess I'm buying it" I said Sonika cheered I smiled at her than went back into the dressing room to change back into my clothes I bought the dress and than we went to the food court for lunch cause we were all hungry theirs was a Diary Queen Yay I got a sundae butterscotch flavor "have you guys picked your songs yet for next week?" I asked "I have" said Sonika "me too" said Mackenzie "I'm having trouble" said Dalton uh oh that's not good "don't worry you will figure it out Dalty don't give up" I said he smiled and kissed my cheek "really?" I asked smiling big "what you had ice cream on your face" he said Mackenzie and Sonika chuckled "sure Dalty sure" I said finishing my sundae "next stop shoe shopping" said Sonika I groaned a little and Dalton laughed at me I glared at him off we went to do more shopping ugh. Finally we finished shopping thank goodness Sonika invited me to her room for a sleepover which I accepted much too Dalton's protest "but babe I want to cuddle you" he whined I giggled "you cuddle me every night basically besides you need to focus on your songs for this week besides me and Sonika haven't had the best friendship this our chance to really bond" I said "fine but be careful I been having this strange feeling that she likes me" he said I gave him a confused look "really?" I asked "yeah she always smiles at me it's creepy" he said how come I never noticed that before maybe that's the reason she hasn't really spoken to me during this whole journey is she jealous of me? "well I'll find out if you want if I come back to the room angry than you will know the answer" I said he chuckled and wrapped his arms around me hugging me I rested my head on his chest I love being in his arms I feel so safe and loved we pulled away and looked into each others eyes "I love you so much" he said "I love you too more than you will ever know" I said leaning on my tip toes to kiss him he kissed me back our lips moving in perfect sync we pulled away "better go or she'll think we're having sex" I said Dalton blushed a little he's so cute I grabbed my bag kissed his cheek than left off I go this night could go 2 ways I could earn a new best friend or earn an emery if she does like Dalton I'm hoping for the first one. I got to Sonika's room her mom was hanging with my mom is it crazy that our moms are best friends but we're not? I think it is we mostly just talked than we played Truth or Dare it was very fun we have a lot of things in common she didn't believe me when I said I was shy all the time in school "but your so cheery and nice "she said "I wasn't always music helped me not be that way" I said "well that explains all the pain we feel whenever you sing" she said what pain? I make people feel pain when I sing? "ok your turn truth or dare?" I asked her "Truth" she said "do you have a crush on anyone?" I asked she sighted "yes I do but it can never happen cause he has a girlfriend their in love and I don't lose him or her as a friend" she said I already knew the answer but I asked anyway "is it Dalton?" I asked she nodded and it looked like she was about to cry "I know I shouldn't like him but I can't help it he's so perfect" she said she wasn't wrong there "I get it ok you could of told someone" I said "I didn't want to cause drama I mean we're all so close now I didn't want to ruin it" she said I get that too she's making it very hard to hate her "is this why we haven't hung out until now cause you thought I would hate you cause you like my boyfriend" I said she nodded "yeah I was afraid you wouldn't want to be friends cause of Dalton so I decided to wait and get over him before we hung out" she said "let me guess you haven't gotten over him?" I asked her she nodded I sighted "look I don't hate you but I'm worried you might make a move on Dalton" I said she quickly shook her head "I won't I swear you and him are meant to be I will never forgive myself if you guys broke up cause of me I swear I'll back off" she said she sounded serious "ok I believe you but tip don't smile at Dalton anymore he finds it creepy" I said she blushed and nodded I hugged her I really hope she keeps her promise. The next morning I tipped toed out of Sonika's room I send her a text to let her know I left when she woke up I need to figure out my songs for the show and also needed to talk to Dalton Asap finding out Sonika's crush on him makes me very worried I need to know for sure we're ok and not gonna let anything tear us apart I looked at the ring he gave me it did mean he loved me but did it mean we're strong too? I went back to my room to work on my songs cause Dalton was still sleeping I knew it and he's not nice when he's tired so I just left him I knew the Sia song I was singing so I just needed to learn the words which sounded sad and powerful I had feeling it was going to make me cry the Rock song on the other hand was tricky I finally went with I Don't wanna miss a thing I knew that one very well so I was practicing the Sia song when there was a knock at the door I stopped singing and walked to the door I opened it and there stood my awesome boyfriend smiling like an idiot "Hey Babe" he said pulling me into a hug I smiled big and hugged him back tightly "Hey Dalty miss me?" I asked he nodded and kissed my nose I blushed "yes what's you been up too without me?" he asked I grabbed his hand and pulled him in the room "nothing much just practicing the songs for this week and learning keyboard while I'm at it" I said he chuckled "do you mind if I have a shower here I woke up and came straight here" he said I giggled and nodded "Sure my mom isn't here right now" I said he smiled and kissed my cheek "thanks babe" he said and went into the bathroom while he showered I decided to get dress for the show tonight I finished my makeup when Dalton sneaked up from behind me and rested his head on my shoulder "How do I look" I asked him he looked up at me and tucked a piece of hair behind my ears "Beautiful as always, even without all this makeup on" he said I felt my cheeks turn red I love this boy so much can't imagine my life without him "I love it when you blush" he said kissing my nose I smiled than we both left for sound check we walked over to see Sonika still doing her sound checking "Tristan your up" Sonika told me I walked up and started singing my songs I looked at Dalton and Sonika was beside him they were both cheering me on I got a jealous feeling in me all of sudden stop it I trust Sonika and Dalton nothing is going to happen I really hope I'm right. Soon it was Show time I felt butterflies start to come I might go home tonight I don't want anyone to go home I see the lights go on and the music start the screen moved letting us final 5 walk out I felt Dalton grab my hand I'm pretty sure everyone is just waiting for us to reveal we're together I kind of want too but also don't want too the first person who was through was La'Porsha we all made our way to our seats watching La'porsha kill it like always "Hey Tristan" I heard Dalton call me I looked at him "Remember you and me till the end" he said I smiled and grabbed his hand he kissed it lightly the next person through was Mackenzie Yay next David Cook performed his new single it was sad seeing all the past winners on the screen next safe was me thank goodness here goes nothing now it was down too Sonika and Dalton oh no I was so scared I bet Dalton was terrified La'Porsha held my hand for comfort the last person safe was Dalton I was shocked and relieved at the same time Sonika and Dalton hugged I'm not jealous I'm not jealous I kept saying in my head they showed Sonika's farewell video it was so sad she began crying a little than she left the stage so Dalton could perform and boy was it a sad song he chose I felt tears in my eyes during his performance he made eye contact with me and my heart was beating out of my chest he was singing to me it was break time I ran backstage I needed to see Sonika and Dalton I looked around and found Sonika I ran to her she saw me and ran over to me we hugged each other "I'm so sorry" I said "it's ok Dalton deserves this too he's going to win I can feel it" she said I felt it too I hugged her one more time than went to find Dalton I find him and he looked he calming his emontions "Dalton" I yelled at him he turned his head and saw me he smiled big and ran over to me and pulled me into his arms "that was beautiful Dalty quick question were you singing to me?" I asked he smiled and rested his four head on mine "yes I was who else would I be singing too?" he asked smiling big yay he's smiling again "well you literally made my heart beat faster" I said he chuckled and kissed my nose I giggled and he held my hand and we went back to the seats next Katharine McPhee was singing Somewhere Over the Rainbow which was amazing next was round two Sia songs I love the one I chose hopefully everyone agrees first up was La'Porsha again and once again killed it next up was Mackenzie next up was me I took a deep breath here goes nothing again  I finished singing and everyone was cheering and clapping I got great feedback from the judges next was Sia with her new single it was very catchy than closing the show was Dalton and once again he picked he was choking up during the performance and when he finished he burst out crying my poor baby I ran on stage and hugged him tightly he held me tightly in his arms while Dalton was getting interviewed I was waiting for him than suddenly I saw someone I never thought I would see one of my singers/ actress was standing a few feet away from me Laura Marano suddenly she started walking over to me I tried not to freak out but wasn't working out we talked and she said she was a fan of me that made me fan girl a little she laughed and hugged me when Dalton came over to me I was still freaking out he chuckled we went back to the hotel I was staying with him tonight cause I think he was still shaken up from almost going home tonight I got ready for bed and find him sitting on the ground "Dalty what's wrong?" I asked "I was so scared tonight I really thought I was going home tonight" he said choking back tears I pulled him into my arms these past couple weeks have been so hard for him but he has proved he belongs here I couldn't be more proud of him and I have a feeling our home visits are going to be breath taken.



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