Taken place in 2021, humanity continues it's exponential expansion towards more refined innovation, and constantly look's for new trends and cultures to transcend in.
All of this is going very well and dandy for the people of Earth, until the very day they were encountered.
Keegan who is currently turning seventeen in about two weeks, guides and leads his little brother, Liam, through a never-ending adventure, enveloped with love, frustration, despair, and the constant struggle to survive these now wretched lands.
This is the mark of a new age, the last one.


1. Unsettling Truth

"Susan! Susan! Ughh. Susan!" I shout her name more than needed. Susan was across the road with earbuds in, and she wasn't even suppose to be off school campus. 

Susan was a very tall slender girl, she had always been a tad bit rebellious, and listened to no one. Quite honestly I don't even know why I try to help her, she doesn't want my help. 

I tugged at her blonde hair and she whipped around and smacked me, "What's your problem?" 

"Susan, you can't be out here skipping. I don't care if your unwilling to listen, but you should at least act like you enjoy school!" 

She responded with, "Don't come out here and tell me how to run my life, shouldn't you be in class too?"

"No, I am running some papers to the office for Mrs. Leopard." I waved the hall pass in her face. 

"Dude, just go do your errands and leave me alone, -what's with kids these days." 

I ran back across the street, in defeat. Well, I knew there was no way I was going to compete with her relentless demeanor. 

After running the papers to the office I returned to Mrs. Leopard's class to continue my daily work.

"Keegan! Come here!" Someone whistled to me across the room, near the very back. I turned around, and Clements was waving me over. 

Clements was your average kid, except he was the one who would make you cringe for his nasty habits. He has brown curly hair, and one big mole on his arm that makes him unique to everyone else. 

I glanced at the object he held in his hand, it was his phone. He had a video on the screen. 

"What is it Clements? Hurry up, Mrs, Leopard might be back any second."

"It'll be worth it, watch this Keegan."

He  pressed the play button on the relatively short video. The video was showing my little brother, Liam, who was thirteen, getting socked right in the face.

"What the-? Where did you find this Clements?" 

"Dude, it's all over the web. It was uploaded today." 

"I have to go check on my brother, like right now. Don't tell Mrs. Leopard, I'll be quick!" 

Clements payed no attention to what I was saying, as he replayed the video multiple times, snickering. 

I grabbed my bag, throwing it over my shoulders, running out of the classroom. Suddenly, Mrs. Leopard headbutts me as I feel the full force of running into my teacher. She staggers back, rubbing her sore head.

"Keegan! Where in the world do you think your going?!" 

I literally had not planned for this situation at all, what was I to do? I did what any kid would do at that time.

I gave my teacher one good look, and I dashed past her, skiing down the hall, trying to keep my balance. Obviously, she doesn't chase after me. There will be consequences, but right now I had to check on my brother. Was I wrong? Should I have not been notified of a family member's injury?

Liam was my brother, the closest I had to family was him. Our parents didn't exactly get along with us well, but we have each other and that's what matters.

I cross the street, Susan baffled as the wind from my sprint put her off balance. Susan cocked her head with a snarl towards the bushy forest that I had entered, but I was long out of her site. 

I just had to cross this small patch of forest, cross another street, and I would be at my destination. The middle school. 

I took a short break, dropped to the ground to take a long breath, and reached around for my water canister that I take to lunch. 

I guzzled down the remnants of water in the container, and launched it back into it's small compartment. Then, I dashed through the forest in mere seconds, and came to a complete stop. Waiting for the cars to clear the street.

After the road was clear, I flashed across, and busted through the doors to the middle school. To my left, I made the turn and sped through to the nurses office. 

There I found the nurse, and Liam with a busted up face, he was crying and the nurse had his mother on the phone. The injuries were significant. I held onto Liam's shoulder.

He turned around, curious. His face lit up just a little bit when he recognized me through his immense swelling.

The nurse was hanging the phone up, "Okay, thank you ma'am." She slammed the phone into it's pearly white socket.

"Okay Liam, your mom is going to pick you up in thirty minutes. Come here, I am going to see if I can ease the pain a bit." 

I grasped his shoulder tightly, "Who hit you?" 

His eyes turned into a fixation of complete terror.

"Don't worry about it, just go back to class Keegan."

"No! I am going to get them back for you!"

The nurse gave me a stern look of impatience, "You don't look like your in middle school, boy. Where are you from?"

"I'm from the high school, and I have to get back now, bye!" I shifted my feet, twisting my waist to the door way, but then I realized the door had been blocked by the principle. 

She was huffing and puffing furiously, "Keegan!" She walked up to me. "Your getting a write up for this nonsense!" 

I finally gave in, realizing my inevitable defeat. She took me back to the high school, impatient with me, and very ill that I had caused her this trouble.

"I'm really sorry Principal Falon."

She relaxed her scrunched face a bit. "It's okay, I understand how it is to have a brother, to love them and constantly worry about them."

"So, am I still getting written up?"

In a calm voice she said, "Yes, you're getting a write up, but it won't be too harsh. For now return to class."

She walked me back all the way to Mrs. Leopard's room and left. Mrs. Leopard gave me a look of disappointment, and understanding. 

She uttered no words as I returned to my desk, as I could see the bruise on her forehead. I knew she wasn't forgetting me for a while. 

Clements snickered at the back of the class, as Mrs. Leopard rubbed her head gently. In a way, Clements kind of started all of this, but I guess it's not really his fault.

I was just looking out for Liam.

I took a breath and exhaled all of my stresses and reliefs in one big wind.

That's when it happened.

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