Taken place in 2021, humanity continues it's exponential expansion towards more refined innovation, and constantly look's for new trends and cultures to transcend in.
All of this is going very well and dandy for the people of Earth, until the very day they were encountered.
Keegan who is currently turning seventeen in about two weeks, guides and leads his little brother, Liam, through a never-ending adventure, enveloped with love, frustration, despair, and the constant struggle to survive these now wretched lands.
This is the mark of a new age, the last one.


3. Slightly Bumpy

"Don't tell me... No! Why, why is he there, and not here?"
She had no words for me.


"He, was on a business trip. I'm scared for him now. I'm going to call him." She slid her phone from her pocket.

Her hands trembled, making the phone shudder into the air, leaving her palm and then slamming right back down on it.

"What building was he in?" Clements asked. 

"Ughh, I don't remember the name of it, but he was supposedly in a taller building."
Clements looked down at his phone, looking at the live feed, there was nothing left. Not many people had survived, that was sure. They were processing a body count, but the estimate of dead was close to over one-hundred thousand.

"He's not picking up! What should I do?!" My mom looked at me for answers.

"Drive us to Cincinnati, mom, it's all we have now. My dad could be dead, he might be alive, but more than one-hundred thousand are already dead in Cincinnati."

 She thought a little bit, nibbling on her nails, and chiming the keys. 

"It's your choice mom. We have to hurry though." 

"Okay, let's go!" She waved us over to her minivan. 
Liam and I jumped in without hesitation, but Susan and Clements were quite weary of it all.

"Can I go with you guys?" Clements asked eagerly, he thought he needed permission. 

"If your okay with maybe not coming back if we die, and leaving your family." 

He gave it heavy thought.

"Okay, screw it. I'm going with you guys!" 

He hopped in with us.

Susan was immobilized. "Susan, are you coming with us or not?" My mother shouted, ready to pull out. 

"Sure, whatever. I want to see that thing up close anyways." She rolled her eyes rather intensely. 

My mother slammed on the gas, cutting through the grass. As we left the parking lot, I noticed how cramped the backseat was, this black minivan could not contain us all.

"Clements, Susan, would you mind sitting in front of us, and giving us some room?" 

They were willing to, and they did just that. 

The drive time to Cincinnati from Atlanta was a good seven hours. It would be very bothersome to worry about my Dad, and what that beast was out and around doing. 

"Clements, what do you have on the live feeds?"

He spoke fast, "They were able to neutralize the fearsome beast, and prevent further injuries to the public on the interstate, but the bigger issue isn't the beast anymore, multiple others similar to it have appeared in other major cities, causing massive devastation world-wide. Tokyo, Beijing, Paris, New York, Los Angeles, and more have been severely attacked. The emergency system can't keep up, and the military is withering away." 

The live feed suddenly cut off. As well as the internet, on all devices. It was dead cold out. 

The car was quiet, we were all quiet pale. Knowing monsters lurk where were not prepared.


My mom stopped the car, and got out. 

"Oh my..." 

A ball of fire reigned down from the sky, and was zimming at blazing speeds. The immense ball of fire exploded into the forest along the side of the road, these fiery balls were every where in the sky, all ending in massive exploding bombs.

They created absolutely massive craters.

The road debris, along with the smashed cars started to cause even more panic among other people in cars and trucks. The forest was on fire, and we were at an inevitable stop, and had no where to go.

It was actually a sight that was treasurable, the world was in absolute anarchy, and the fiery balls that I assumed were satellites were soaring above my head, smashing deep into our earth's crust. No one could stop the inevitable. 

It was all a lost cause. Everyone was outside of the minivan, and I simply just gave up. I opened the back seat door, and just lounged on the seats, knowing that everything would end here.

Hopelessness was the best medicine for this situation, it really was. I didn't care anymore. I was color that had turned blank.

Then, all at once, there was one very sudden thing, it gave me a weird sort of hope, and gave me reason to live again, even if it was for the slightest millisecond, I wanted to live.

That sudden thing was coming in, fast and loud.



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