Taken place in 2021, humanity continues it's exponential expansion towards more refined innovation, and constantly look's for new trends and cultures to transcend in.
All of this is going very well and dandy for the people of Earth, until the very day they were encountered.
Keegan who is currently turning seventeen in about two weeks, guides and leads his little brother, Liam, through a never-ending adventure, enveloped with love, frustration, despair, and the constant struggle to survive these now wretched lands.
This is the mark of a new age, the last one.


5. Alone

A dark drifting feeling swooped over my restless bagged eyes, I couldn't see anything in front of me, the space I was in was cramped with other legs and bodies entangled.

I was severely cramped, and the moans of several voices sparked from the silent whispering atmosphere.

Trying to grasp the situation, I started to turn and toss looking for a valid exit. I wondered to myself, why was I here? Where was Liam? Clements? Even Susan?

"Mom?" I croaked out of my raspy throat, barely managing to swallow my drifting saliva. No answer. Again, no answer, this was possibly the worst situation I had ever been in. Was I drugged, or somehow put to sleep?

This was definitely a new experience.

Some mysterious man, or men, had taken me hostage, and I was stuck in this dark room, with nothing to fear but mankind itself. 
With everything that had happened, with all the troubles that I had already experienced, with the worries for my father, I was unable to think of them.

Escape is priority.

"Liam?" Nothing.

"Sus-" An arm grabbed me.

"Shutup Keegan, it's just me and you, the others are in another room."

I recognized Susan's voice immediately, her hand felt warm on my arm.

I shook my thoughts, as I wasn't use to this kind of contact, "Ri..ght." 

My eyes began to adjust the the smothering darkness. A very obscure construction of Susan's tender face began to render and disperse through the utter pitch black.

"Where are we?" I said.

"If I knew, I wouldn't be here. At least I don't think..." Susan said.

I began crawling around and as I awoke many other sleeping corpses, my palms swam in this defiling, sick, gooey, substance, the smell of it was horrid, and tangible to the point smell was enough to literally taste it.

"Susan, how do you know the others are in a different room?" As I wiped off the goo.

"I woke up when the mystery men captured us. They took me and you in a separate group, and your family and Clements went with another group."

As I began my ascent towards Susan again, I slipped on some more of the incredible fun goo. That was sarcasm.

What even was this stuff?

Something in my mind told me that it was probably better if I didn't. The dismal room had excruciated a mood of evil, despair, and no doubt some obvious gloom.

"Susan, can I tell you something?"


"Umm, okay...maybe later?"

"If we're alive."


Yeah that came out of nowhere, I'm kind of dumb. "Well, let's get out of here."

We began our descent, into the lower part of the room, desperately clinging to anything to guide our way, and avoid slipping on any 'mystery' goo.

I felt the traction on my shoes grow bolder, and so did my ego, I started to jog forward, and clunk goes my head against something metal.

My head throbs immensely. I deserved that.

"You okay? You hit something hard." Susan chuckled.

"Yeah, yeah."

I propelled myself to my feet, scouring along the metal walls, looking for a possible exit.

A spark.

A little spark began to flicker rapidly, coming, zooming in at me, and suddenly lights we're on.

Horrified. That's the only word to describe how I felt at that very moment. Guts, blood, dried and runny. Like eggs. Some fresh some old. Old bodies and corpses we're laying around, some people we're still breathing. Drowning under the bodies.

"This is horrible! Turn the lights off Susan! Turn them off!" 

"I didn't turn them on!" 

If Susan didn't turn them on then who did? This was all a big mess, I was looking for Liam frantically around in the piles of bodies, the 'mystery' goo, was now the horrific goo.

I scruffed my chest against my knees, curling up, looking at a rusty metal door straight across from me.

That door, was my way out. It was the path to freedom, the direction I had to head for dad, mom and Liam. Even Clements was family at this point. Everything is so crazy. From giant monsters to crashing satellites, now what? 

If what came from behind that door could be anymore terrifying, I just...I don't know. I'm speechless. The only things I really wondered were, my dad, and if he was alive in Cincinnati, and where the others were.

If anything I had to save Susan, I dragged her into this, I'll drag her out.

Footsteps, emerged from the other side pounding away at a metal floor, clinging and squeaking, this was bad news. Really, really bad. It could only get worse from here.

They were here, so were we. We are alone, they are the unknown. For now.

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