How to Live Forever

Elizabeth is only 12, she stays awake at night wondering about things that kids her age think about. When Elizabeth's life changes from just four words, she asks many questions. (Sorry guys, this is my first story hopefully it's really good!)


1. Staying up with the moon

        School. I hate school. I hate getting up at 6 in the morning to walk out at 6:30 in the cold to the bus stop to get on with loud annoying teens and kids. I hate the "popular" group, I hate math, and the math teacher as well. I just don't like school. The thoughts of this horrible place romeing in my mind as I stare at the white wall in front of me, the lights and tv off, the only light coming from my window were the stars and moon watch me. 11:34, only have about five hours until I have to get up. For school, of course. Wonder if one of my friends are still up, like Noella or Cortney. I love her name, it's different in a way, it's Cortney without a 'u'. Wonder if her mother did it on propose or actually forgot the 'u'. Honestly, I wonder about a lot of things, like what my teachers do after school, I found out that Ms.Deckard takes belly dancing every Thursday. 


   12:50. 12:50 in the morning. Just remembered I have a test tomorrow too, I'm not, I repeat, not ready. I turn to my side looking out the window. There I see the stars and moon. Staying up with the moon tonight I'm  guessing, I just can't sleep.

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