How to Live Forever

Elizabeth is only 12, she stays awake at night wondering about things that kids her age think about. When Elizabeth's life changes from just four words, she asks many questions. (Sorry guys, this is my first story hopefully it's really good!)


7. Doctors

t       I feel someone shake my shoulders, I open my eyes wide to see mom with a cigarette in her mouth, "let's go to the doctors, honey." I nod and get up, I walk into my room, my hair in a messy bun and my face looks greecie. I put my jacket on and slide my boots on, I brush my hair and leave it down. "Hurry Elizabeth!" She yells, I run out my room and we walk outside into the cold dark, as I get inside the car I hear a meow, I look down to see a cat. I just close the door. "Mom, I hurt so bad." I wimpier, the pain is horrible, I feel like I'm going to die. "Hang on." She says, we ride out the drive way as mom lights her cig, the smoke burning my nose, which makes the pain even worse. I just lay there in the warm sit with my seatbelt off looking out the window. I can't move. I'm to scared to move. I'm scared I'll breaks a bone or something.                                                                                                       

  She stops the car and throws her cig out. "Alright, let's go baby." Mom says walking out. I just sit there. She walks to my side and opens my door, "come on." "It hurts so bad." I say, turning to face mom, I slowly let my feet touch the parking lot. I stand there for minute, then we being to walk. We go inside the building and mom goes to the desk, I take a sit and look around. I see two little kids playing on the floor with cars and a older women watching them, I hear mom talking to the women. Mom comes back and sits next to me, "they said they'll get you  a wheel chair in three minutes. How bad does it hurt, one to ten, ten meaning it feels like your going to die." I don't even have to think, "ten." It hurts so bad. Everywhere. "Elizabeth Cunningham?" I women yells, mom takes my hand and we slowly walk over to the women with the wheel chair, "ok, sit right here. Are you the mom?" She asks my mom as I take a sit. "Yes i am." Mom answers, the women pushes me into the hallway, I look inside the doors as We walk past them. I see a girl sitting on the doctors bed with a doctor talking to her, the next three doors are closed and I hear crying from one of them, maybe someone doesn't wanna get their shots. We go over to one of he doors, the nurse opens it and me and mom go Inside. "Alright, Elizabeth, if you would can you change into that outfit on the bed. I'll be back with the doctor in a bit." She says closing the door. I get out the wheel chair and jump onto the bed. I grab the blue "outfit" and hold it in front of me, it's a dress, well, a paper like dress. "Do you need help?" Mom asks walking over to me, I just nod. I slowly hold my arms up as she pulls my shirt off, chills hitting my chest, "I'm not to sure if you have to keep the bra on or not... But let's take it off just I case." She mumbles, she undoes my bra and lays it down. Mom hasn't seen my naked since I was six years old. It feels weird. I lay back and she unbuttons my skinny jeans and slide them off, "now, I'm keeping your underwear on." Mom says, all I have on are my green undies and purple socks, I sit up and she pulls the dress thing over my head. I lay back down as I hear a knock on the door. "Come in."mom says sitting down in a chair. "Hello I'm Doctor Sam, you must be Elizabeth and your her mom?" He asks her, he has gloves on and a white long jacket, he has black hair in a man bun. "Yes." My mom says shaking his hand, he then turn to me, "alrighty then, so Elizabeth, were does it hurt?" He asks standing right next to me, I turn my head a bit to him. "Everywhere." I say, "ok, does it feel like it's burning, does it feels like someone is stabbing you? Do you feel the pain on top of the skin, in the bones or are you not sure." It takes me a minute to answer, " I feel it in my bones." I take a breathe in, "it feels like someone is stabbing me a thousand times each second." Breathe out,"nit hurts so bad." I then close my eyes And let the pain snick in. He nods looking at me, "is she always this pale?" He asks mom, "no." Is all she says, "Beth would you please sit up?" I slowly sit up, I have to stop breathing to do so. "Ok, do you have your underwear on and bra, if not would you prefer a women Doctor?" He asks, at this point I don't care, he's a doctor, he's here to help not look at a kid's body. "No, I'm fine. It's fine." He nods and lifts up the back off the dress, he feels around while I bit my lip so I don't growl. Yes growl. It hurts that bad when he lays a finger down that I want to growl and hiss like a cat. "Does this hurt." I nod, "hurts so bad."  I almost whisper. He moves to my arm and feels around, then my next arm then my legs, "I see you have a bruise or something." he says looking at a part on my leg, that was there when I woke up, there's other ones on my thigh." I say, he nods. "Lay back down for me." Again I slowly lay back down, "you have your underwear on, correct?" I nod, " would you lift this leg up, while I look at your thigh." I just do what he says, I feel his stare in one spot on my thigh, "yes, you have many red buries on your thigh." "I'll be right back." He adds leaving.


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