The guys

This is about how there are so many horny guys at our school and they can't pick one girl to have sex with. Will they pick Abby, Pixie, or Raegan? OR will they choose to have a threesome? Find out in this book!


6. Hurt........

Raegan goes to sleep and i take her phone. I know that is wrong, but i had to text Pixie.


L: Hey, Pixie. what you been up to lately, bitch?

P: nice way of saying hello, asshole.

L: i know right? im such a nice person to you.

P: what the hell do you want?

L: i just wanted to let you know that you should expect some 'things' in the next couple days.

P: what type of things?

L: im not gonna say...........

P: UGH!!!! YOU ARE SUCH A JERK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

L: I know. but only to you.

L: bye, bitch

P: ..................................


Raegan wakes up and she looks for her phone. She sees that im on it but apparently doesn't care. 

"Morning, beautiful." She sits up on the bed. She kisses me and gets up to go to the bathroom. 

"What do you want to do today?" She asked.

"I don't know, babe. You pick." I replied.

"We could go-" I interrupt.

"Swimming?" I ask, like that was gonna be the end of her sentence.

"Sure." She comes out of the bathroom and kisses me some more. We fall on the bed and she is still kissing me. She has her tongue in there. I put my hand up under her shirt to unclasp her bra. She takes off her shirt and throws the shirt and bra to the floor. She starts taking my shirt off and running her hand through the ripples. I think she is in love with my abs, too. I put my hands on her boobs and she took my hands and moved them around. We sat up, still kissing and she was sitting on my lap. 

She stopped me because she remembered what we were gonna do today.

"Babe, we can do that later." She gave me a confused look.

"BUT IT'S ALREADY 1:00!!!!!!!!!!!!" She was concerned.

"Ok, let's get ready." She got up and started to put on her swimsuit. IT WAS A BIKINI! YES! I LOVE THOSE!!!!!!! I find my swimtrunks and put em on.

"Damn, Raegan. You look sexier than usual. I mean, usually you are sexy, but when you put that bikini on, damn, it just makes you sexier." She laughs at my compliment. 

"Thanks. I love your trunks. They are sexy, too." She giggles. We get in the car and head for the beach. It looks like there is a sign.

" 'Temporarily closed because of oil spills.' " I read. She sighs.

"Hey, don't worry. My cousin has a pool, and i bet she would let us use it." She got a little happier. I called my cousin and she said yea.

"Looks like we can go swimming after all. Just not at the place we wanted to." I started driving towards my cousin's house. 


"Is your cousin having a pool party?" I shrug my shoulders. We go inside and there a like a million people in her house.

"Hey, cos. Are you having a pool party?" She nodded her head and continued on with what she was doing.

"Looks like she is having a pool party." Raegan walked off and got a beer. So did i, but i couldn't find Raegan. Did she leave? Naw, she wouldn't leave without me. 

"Hey, cousin. Have you seen Raegan?" I ask, worried.

"Sorry, cos. I haven't seen her." She replied. I started walking around asking other people, but they all said no. I checked outside, the car was still here, so she didn't leave. I go back inside and walk upstairs. I open one door and she isn't in that room. I open another, and i see........Raegan kissing another guy.

"RAEGAN! HOW COULD YOU?! I THOUGHT YOU LOVED ME!!!!!!!!!!!!" I exclaim. I run out of the room and out in the yard. She starts running after me but this time, she didn't catch up to me. I get in the car and drive really fast to my house. I grab my phone out of my pocket and i started texting Abby.


L: Abby, can you meet me at my house?

A: sure, why?

L: just meet me at my house.

A: ok. i'll be there as soon as i can.

L: me too.

A: huh?

L: just go.

A: k. bye.


I finally make it to my house and Abby is waiting out in front of the door. We go in and go up to my room.

"Logan, what's wrong?" She asks. I tell her everything that went on when we arrived to my cousin's house. She had a shocked face when i finished.

"Ok, Logan. Calm down. Everything will be ok." I sat back down and she hugged me. She showed me some inspirational quotes online but they didn't do shit. We stare into each other's eyes for a while.

"So do you want some food?" I say, breaking the silence.

"Naw, im good. I just wanna be here with you." She replied. So i sat back down on the bed with her.

"Are you mad at her?" She asked. What the hell kind of question was that?

"Yea, but since i know that i have you to lean on, i feel better." She smiled. I leaned in for a kiss and she kissed me back. She kisses good too. We kissed for 20 minutes. I heard someone knocking at my door.

"I'll be right back. You stay right here." She nodded her head. I went downstairs and opened the door. Who was it? RAEGAN. 

"What the hell do you want?" She looked down at her feet.

"I just wanted to say im sorry. Im sorry that i hurt you." I accept her apology.

"You're forgiven, but im still never gonna get over this. And this may hurt you, but this will even out the pain.......i have Abby upstairs." She looked pissed.

"YOU HAVE WHO NOW?!" She exclaimed. She punched me in the face and i fell to the floor. She walked in and went upstairs. I hear arguing and someone ends up on the floor. I get up but im super dizzy. I go upstairs very slowly. I see that it was Raegan who ended up on the floor.

"What? How did she end up on the floor?" Then i fall to the floor as well. Abby picks me up and puts me on the bed. 

"Well, she tried to punch me but i stopped her with my fist. Then i slammed her on the floor." She imitated it.

"O-o-ok." I said dizzily. She got me some water.

"Thanks, Abby. You are awesome." She giggled. She kissed me again, then i wasn't dizzy anymore. It was like her kiss was my magic spell.

"You're welcome. And thanks." I nodded my head.

"So, will she wake up?" I asked.

"Yea, but not soon." She laughed.





End of chapter 6

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