The guys

This is about how there are so many horny guys at our school and they can't pick one girl to have sex with. Will they pick Abby, Pixie, or Raegan? OR will they choose to have a threesome? Find out in this book!


7. Bryan

Hey, im Bryan. So, you know that girl, Pixie? Well, i sort of like her but i don't think she knows that i even sad... :( . She has blonde hair and green eyes and looks sooooo hot when she wears booty shorts and a tank-top. I don't know what she thinks of me because she doesn't know me. Im in 10th grade and she is in 11th. She is way out of my league and i know that, but that doesn't mean i can't fucking try, right? My parents cherish me but i wish they wouldn't because it gets annoying. My friends are awesome because they care about me ( that sounds gay, i know ) but im not gay. 

I get good grades to keep my parents happy. I have a sister and she is 8 yrs old. She is the most annoying little shit on this earth. My other sister who is 11, she is alright. She stays in her room most of the time. She comes out for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And to use the bathroom and shower. Then it is back to her room. My brother is 6 and he runs around in his underwear. I laugh my ass off when i see a little kid running around the house in his underwear.......

I REALLY want Pixie to be my girlfriend. She probably won't, though. She probably won't care about me even if we do start dating. She will be in the relationship just because she was dared to......

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