The guys

This is about how there are so many horny guys at our school and they can't pick one girl to have sex with. Will they pick Abby, Pixie, or Raegan? OR will they choose to have a threesome? Find out in this book!


9. Are we?

(Text messages between Pixie & Logan)

P: Hey logan, that was a

L: yea, it was a good date, i guess.

P: so, i got a question for ya.

L: what is it?

P: so you know how when people go on dates they usually are bf/gf after, right?

L: yea..........what is your damn question?

P: i was just wondering if we were bf/gf?

L: uhh......i gotta go mom is calling me.


P: logan??

End of text messages.


(Logan's POV)

God, Pixie is annoying. I mean i love her, but she is always asking something. She just has to know everything, doesn't she? Well, if we are bf/gf, imma have to deal with that shit everyday because she will come to my locker and ask a question. She will be like 'What are you doing after school today?' and i will have to come up with an excuse so she can't come over like 'I'm grounded and can't have any friends over.' She probably won't buy that shit, though. 


(Pixie's POV)

I really hope that Logan and i are bf/gf. I love him soooo much. I know i can be annoying sometimes, but i don't give a fuck. He probably gets annoyed by me asking all my questions, but i just wanna know shit. Even if people will ask him and bug him about us being a gonna be there for him. 


(Logan's POV)

It's Monday again, shit. I see Pixie skipping to my locker all happy-like. But when she gets there, she doesn't look happy.

"Pixie, what's wrong?" She just looks at her feet.

"It's just never answered my question." She looks back up at me. She looks like she was waiting for an answer.

"So.......are we bf/gf?" She asked.

"Hmm..........yea." She got all happy again. She reached for my hand and held it for a long while till the bell rang. 

"Well, better get to class." She skips to class still holding my hand. 



A/N: Sorry so running out of ideas..................LOVE YA <3 <3 

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