Star Trek X: Mystique

One of the Yorktown's crew is not who she says she is and when Gabriel Valkyrie is taken prisoner on an unexplored planet, she is the only one who can save him.


8. 8

The Yorktown left Igor’s orbit and Gabriel said, “Captain’s Personal Log star date 2340.2, we are heading back into Federation space to receive a replacement for my executive officer after what Starfleet saw Raven’s transmission before disappearing.  I request command to go after her but they denied my request and said Starfleet Security is handling the situation.  I told them of my experience with Raven in our short time as she was undercover and I knew where she is heading and request to hunt and capture her.  As I am waiting for their response I am taking the liberty to test my “special” abilities with someone who has prior experience with superhuman abilities.” Gabriel wore his Starfleet athletic uniform and stood inside an empty cargo hold as he pressed a button on the side of the door and there was a sound of a lock before he pressed another button and he turned to face the inside of the hold and he said, “Kal El the cargo hold is locked and I have all surveillance video feeds blocked so I none of my crew will know what’s going on.” A holographic image appeared in the center of the room and it showed Kal-El sitting in a wheelchair with an air hose attached to his throat and leading to the machine in the back of his wheel chair and he said, “That is wise Mr. Valkyrie.  From what you have sent me earlier about these abilities that you found out you have it is wise to keep it a secret from the rest of your crew.” Gabriel looked at him with a sorry expression and said, “I’m sorry for what has happened to you long ago.” Kal-El replied, “It’s nothing to be sorry for.  After what has happened when Lex Luther stabbed me with a piece of Kryptonite on my back I thought Lois took it out, only that it takes a horse riding accident when I want to know what its like riding a horse to find out that it wasn’t gone and it cost me the ability to move.” Gabriel said, “Still, that is no way the Man of Steel should suffer.” Kal-El smirked and said, “I don’t consider myself suffering.  This is another obstacle of life I am willing to fight through.” Gabriel said, “Even though there is no possibility of you being able to walk or move again?” Kal-El said, “Once you choose hope, anything is possible Gabriel.” Gabriel smiled and said, “That’s true Kal-El.” Kal-El said, “Now, lets see these abilities you say you have.”


    Mystique woke up and saw it was dark outside in the forest  with the sound of birds and various wildlife close and afar and the shuttle was a wreck as she got up but suddenly she fell back next to her seat as she screamed in pain. She searched around where she is at and found the first aid kit and what looks like a flashlight beneath her console.  She turned on the light and looked at her right leg and saw a pice of metal the size of her hand stuck to the side of her leg and she said to herself, “Shit.” She placed the light where it focused on her leg and she took a few shallow breathes and in one quick pull she pulled the metal shard out and cried out in pain through her teeth.  She tossed the metal shard aside and opened the aid kit and began sewing the wound shut and wrapped it.  She then transformed into her non mutant form and accessed the computer at the back of the wrecked shuttle and set it to self destruct.  Once she set the timer she opened a duffle bag and put in a phaser, aid kit and some food rations she found and left the shuttle after turning on her flashlight.


    Raven was a few hundred yards from the shuttle when she heard an explosion in the forest behind her and she looked back where the shuttle was before continuing on.  She kept moving through the forest in her dark clothing till she reached a walking past and continued on when she saw a sign and she shined her light on stand it read “RV parking” and it showed an arrow pointing straight ahead and Raven said to herself, “Thank goodness.  He should help me with transportation.” And she kept walking onward.

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