Star Trek X: Mystique

One of the Yorktown's crew is not who she says she is and when Gabriel Valkyrie is taken prisoner on an unexplored planet, she is the only one who can save him.


7. 7

Gabriel said, “Captain’s Log star date 2340.2, we have sent a message to Starfleet to send an envoy to Igor to help guide the citizens of that world admission to the United Federation of Planets and other aid to help form their own government.  Sirvan has been arrested and is now waiting for trial once everything on the planet is settled down.  Commander Law at this time cannot be located but there is no evidence or records to prove that she is killed and it is the assumption that the commander is still on the planet’s surface but cannot be located due to the confused people down on the surface.  I have sent multiple search parties down onto the planet’s surface in the hopes of finding her.” Gabriel is sitting in his command chair and said, “Anything from the search parties Ms. Jena?” Jena replied, “Negative sir.” Gabriel said, “Comms?” Comms replied, “Still searching si..” She held her earpiece and looked concerned and said, “Ir I’m receiving a message from a shuttlecraft asking for you by name.” Gabriel said, “Put it on main viewer.” Then the image of Raven filled the screen and everyone, except Gabriel, looked or gasped in shock.  Raven said, “It looks like I was right.” Gabriel said, “Raven, they are only shocked because they have not seen anyone like you before.  When you come back to the ship you will see I am right and everyone will not fear you.” Raven said, “I don’t think that’s going to happen.” Jena said, “Sir we found her single.  She is on a shuttlecraft and it is powering up its engines and some sort of tear in space is forming in front of it!” Gabriel got up from his chair with his hands out and open and said, “Raven listen to me.  You don’t have to leave.  We talked about this the other night.” Raven said, “Did you honestly believe that I can stay on that ship, especially what just happened?  You will never understand what I went through.  All the promises that people told me only later did they change their minds or lied to me.” Gabriel said, “If you remain with me I promise you will be safe.” Raven said, “I’m sorry captain, but my name is not Raven anymore.  Its Mystique, and I will do what I have always done in order to stay alive.” The viewer changed to the area next to the planet where the fold is and Jena said, “She’s going in sir!” Gabriel yelled, “Raven!” He stepped up to the helm, but then the shuttle went through the tear and disappeared and the tear closed.  Gabriel sighed and went back and sat in his chair as Jena and the rest of the bridge looked at him in confusion.  Jena said, “Sir, who is Mystique?” Gabriel looked at the view screen depressed and said, “Raven, Mystique has been our commander all along.” They looked at him in shock and some turned their heads back to the view screen and back at him.


    Mystique’s shuttle came out of the space tear and was approaching a class M planet when a male computer voice said, “Arrived at Lord Majesty’s coordinates.” Mystique said to herself, “I hate that stupid title.” She pressed various buttons and controls before looking on a monitor on her console showing a clearing and she said to herself, “Just what I was looking for.” She pressed a couple of buttons when suddenly the shuttle jolted and the panel to her right  exploded sending sparks flying and steam spewed from the overhead behind her and the computer said, “Warning, hull compromised.” Mystique held onto the controls as the ship shook during reentry and she said, “Damn this piece of junk!” The shuttle continued reentry despite missing its starboard thruster.

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