Star Trek X: Mystique

One of the Yorktown's crew is not who she says she is and when Gabriel Valkyrie is taken prisoner on an unexplored planet, she is the only one who can save him.


3. 3

Gabriel said, “Captain’s Log star date 2339.7, we are about to arrive at the location of the beacon’s origin which is a class M planet in a system with a yellow sun.  All medical teams are on standby in case this is an emergency beacon but I also put the ship on yellow alert in case this turns out to be a trap by a hostile force.” Jena said, “Approaching standard orbit sir.” Gabriel said, “Ms. Law did you locate the source of the...” The ship shook violently and some of the bridge crew were thrown off their seats or feet and Gabriel said, “What was that?” Jen looked at her scanner and said calmly, “Sir it looks like we are being held by a tractor beam from the planet’s surface! Somehow the source of the tractor beam is able to avoid our scanners!” Gabriel said, “Do you detect any forms of life on the surface?” Jen replied, “Negative sir.  It looks like whoever is down there also shielded their presence from our scanners.” Jena said, “Sir we lost power to weapons and warp drive!” Gabriel pressed a button on his arm rest and said, “Mr. Crossroad why are we losing power?” Saji replied, “We’re suffering a massive power drain captain!  I can’t stop it!” Jen said, “Sir the power drain is coming from the tractor beam!” The main viewer suddenly changed to a yellow skinned man with a black robe wearing a black cylinder hat as he sat on a throne and said, “This is Lord Majesty Sirvan of the planet Igor!  You have ignored my warning beacon and came to my planet without my permission!  As a result you and your subjects will be imprisoned and your ship will be destroyed!” Gabriel said, “Hail them.” Comms replied, “Channel open sir.” Gabriel said, “Lord Majesty this is Captain Gabriel Valkyrie  of the starship Yorktown.  We did not know that beacon is a warning because we are new to this part of the galaxy.  We came here on a peaceful mission representing...” Sirvan looked shocked and said, “WE!  There is more than one captain?” Gabriel and the others looked puzzled and Gabriel said, “No, there is only me and around 400 crew on my...” Sirvan interrupted, “Then prepare yourself and your subjects to be transported to the surface.” Gabriel said, “Lord Majesty may I and four members of my crew beam down to your location so we can discuss about this situation?” Sirvan said, “There is no situation of what it is, but you and your subjects may beam down.” Then the viewer changed back to the planet and Jen said, “Lord Majesty? That doesn’t make sense.” Gabriel got up and said, “Ms. Law if you would accompany me.  Comms, warn security to send two to the transporter room and have a nurse standing by as well to beam down.” Comms replied, “Yes sir.” Gabriel said, “Now lets go see if we can convince this leader our intentions are peaceful.” Jen replied, “He better have better manners.” Gabriel smirked but did not reply as they entered the turbo lift.


    When they reached the transporter room the two security guards and a nurse stood on the transporter pads and Gabriel said, “Ladies and gentlemen we are obviously the first people on this planet representing the Federation and already tensions are high between us and the planet Igor’s leader.  No one and I repeat no one is to say or do anything unless I say so as the leader only recognizes me and doesn’t acknowledge your presence except to serve me as subjects.  Are we clear?” They all replied, “Yes sir.” Gabriel looked back at Jen and sees she is trying to keep showing her frustration.  Gabriel went to the transporter console as Louise stood behind the controls and he said, “Ms. Crossroad I want you to keep a lock on us in case we need an emergency beam out.” Louise replied, “Yes sir.  I locked on the coordinates to what seems to be a common area outside some sort of government building.” Gabriel said, “Perfect.” Gabriel and Law stepped onto the transporter pads and Gabriel said, “Energize.” Louise operated the controls and Gabriel and the others dematerialized.


    They rematerialized on the surface and they saw the inhabitants are wearing different one solid colored robes and looked at Gabriel and the others with a mixture of shock and curiosity and began whispering to each other as they watched them.  Gabriel and the others looked around and Gabriel said, “Ms. Law, do you have any readings?” Jen said (looking down at her tricorder), “Not yet captain.” She turned to her right and said, “Got him sir.  200 yards this direction.” Gabriel said, “All right, lets go.” They started walking but as soon as they left the common area three yellow skinned inhabitants walked from one of the white buildings to the away party (two wore solid red robes and a red cylinder hat while another, leading, wore a blue robe) and the leading inhabitant said, “This is blue subject, it welcomes you to City 1 on the planet Igor.” Gabriel said, “Thank You, may I see Lord Majesty Sirvan?” Blue subject replied, “Yes, it will take you to him.” He and the other two Igorians walked away and Jen and Gabriel looked at each other and she rolled her eyes before they all followed the blue subject.


    They passed through a large set of doors and they saw Sirvan sitting on his throne on top of a large set of steps and a black carpet with gold eagles leading from the throne to the away team.  Blue subject said, “Lord Majesty, Captain Valkyrie has arrived.” Sirvan looked at them with a sense of anxiety and waved at the blue subject and said, “Be gone!” Blue subject bowed and left leaving the guards and Sirvan said, “You came to discuss how you will be treated.” Gabriel replied, “No, I came to tell you we are on a mission of peace and we did not mean to break any of your laws.  We are new here and we are explorers in this region of space.” Sirvan looked around Gabriel and said, “There is only one of you!  We does not imply!” Gabriel (indicating his crew) said, “This is part of my crew.  They, as well as I, represent the United Federation of Planets.” Sirvan said, “Subjects are tools, they have no right to represent.  They only eat, sleep and work only duties for the one, nothing else.” Gabriel said, “In our world they do not.  We are made up of many cultures which we are more than glass to share with you.” Sirvan looked both shocked and frustrated and said, “Captain Valkyrie you are very strange and you keep saying we when it is only you here!  If you keep saying we then you will be taken to reeducation!  Now send your subjects down and stop this delay at once!” Gabriel looked at him with grim and said, “No I won’t.  We will leave this planet and never come back so we won’t  interfere with your way of life.” Sirvan yelled both in shock and anger, “SUBJECTS SEIZE HIM AND HIS SUBJECTS!  THEY ARE AGITATORS!” On instinct the two security personnel pulled out their phasers but were too late as the two security subjects had already pulled out cattle prod like rods and shot them, vaporizing the two security personnel in a white flash of light.  The nurse screamed and ran to Jen’s side as she stood fast but alert as the guards surrounded them and Gabriel and yanked away their phasers, tricorder and communicators as Gabriel remained calm and said, “Lord Majesty, you will not get with this.  As long as you hold us prisoners the Yorktown will find a way to break your tractor beam and come get us.” Sirvan said, “Then this time tomorrow if that vessel does not surrender then the holding device will crush the ship and all subjects inside and you will be executed and your two subjects will be absurd into my society.  Take him and his subjects into the holding room.” Gabriel, Jen and the nurse were escorted out by the guards towards the holding room.

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