Star Trek X: Mystique

One of the Yorktown's crew is not who she says she is and when Gabriel Valkyrie is taken prisoner on an unexplored planet, she is the only one who can save him.


2. 2

Mystique nodded awake and looks over to see Gabriel with his back towards her as he is looking at his computer monitor and she started moving quietly out of bed when Gabriel said, “I didn’t notify the crew.  Your secret is safe with me.” Mystique sits up in bed with a look of frustration and said, “What do you planning on doing with me?” Gabriel replied, “Nothing.” Mystique said, “Like you did to your brother and sister when you were little?” Gabriel turns to her and said, “I’m not that man anymore.” Mystique looked unconvinced and said, “Says someone who’s role models are psychotic parents.” Gabriel said, “Boy you really are trying to get under my skin.  But to me the way you speak harshly is somewhat attractive.” Mystique tried to keep from laughing as she looked at him like he was stupid and said, “Now you are trying to insult me.” Gabriel said, “It’s no insult.” Mystique looked irritated and said harshly, “Then why do you find me so attractive?  Is it because I look like a freak?” Gabriel made a short light laugh and said, “No, I don’t find you a freak at all.  I am not one of those people that judge a book by its cover.  Especially to someone that looks special like you.” Gabriel turned back to his computer and pressed a button and said, “Your real name is Raven Darkhome and you are from the planet Termina.  Birth place unknown and the earliest records of you are you were first seen wandering around the streets and breaking into homes for food and shelter till Charles Xavier adopted you.” He looked at her to see her frustration, smiled and said, “Am I correct?” Raven replied, “You already know.” Without looking at his computer Gabriel said, “I also see you left Charles because of the disagreement on sharing the world with non mutants and you joined the Brotherhood of Mutants with Magneto.  Then after ten years that changed when Magneto tried to kill you and later the President, but you risked your life to save his.” Gabriel smiled and made an agreeable “Hmm.” And said, “Ever since then you work independently to stay alive or help other mutants in the process.  Which leaves the most interesting question.  Why are you rummaging through my quarters?” Raven replied, “Maybe I just like to get to know you better.” Gabriel said, “Or maybe you are just being stubborn again and you are doing this to spy on me for someone, like Zhargosia?” Raven then looked away to keep him from seeing her frustration.


    Gabriel looked solemn as he noticed her expression that confirmed her answer and said, “I figured it was too good to be true to give me command of a starship without someone spying on me.  I just didn’t expect an attractive girl like you.” Raven looked at him and rolled her eyes and said, “Okay, you can stop trying to hit on me because a lot of men have done that before and it is not going to work.” Gabriel said, “Relax Ms. Darkhome, I maybe many things but toying with a woman’s feelings is not one of them.” Raven said, “How thoughtful.  Then being a conquerer and a dictator is part of your nature.” Gabriel said, “I know I have made a grave mistake by taking advice from my parents and Kromium and twice invaded the Federation.  I had already said before it is no excuse and I take full responsibility for my actions, but lets stop discussing about me since you are the one that broke into my cabin.” Raven said, “I didn’t break in, I had clearance from your superiors.” Gabriel said, “I’m sure you did.  How long are you supposed to keep me under surveillance?” Raven replied, “Till they decided they do not need me anymore or order me to take care of you and take over the ship.” Gabriel said, “I take it you mean to kill me and take over.” Raven said, “Yes.” Gabriel looked confused and said, “Then here is what’s puzzling me.  According to records you act independently and do not wish to join any team, but here you are spying for Zhargosia and doing what they tell you to do.” Raven said, “If I had a choice I would ignore them and not be here, but I didn’t.” Silence and Gabriel said, “Would you like to enlighten me?” Raven stood up angrily and said, “No!  I’ll wait in my cabin till we reach the nearest starbase.” She started walking to the door when she heard the sound of a phaser setting being switched.


    Raven stopped and looked back to see Gabriel pointing a phaser at her set to kill and he said, “There is three ways this could end.  One, I put you in the brig and I’ll notify command of your intentions and you spend the rest of your life in prison. Two, you kill me and temporarily take over the ship till you reach the nearest starbase and you will go dress and be rewarded for what you have done, or, we pretend none of this ever happened and still be my first officer and maybe form...” He paused as he saw her concerned expression and said, “Never mind.” Raven said, “And how should we proceed?” Gabriel replied, “I’ll make it easy for you.” Gabriel dropped the phaser on the floor in front of Raven as she still looked straight at him showing no expression at this point.  Suddenly she quickly jumped and kicked Gabriel in the chest making him gasp and fell off his seat and on his back as Raven fell, grabbed the phaser and spun around and pointed it at Gabriel’s face as he sat up.  Gabriel made a short laugh and said, “For some reason you just like kicking me.” He then sat back in his chair as Raven kept pointing the phaser at him and she said, “You are willing to die just so I can be free and live?” Gabriel replied, “Yes.  No one, not even a beautiful woman like you, should be forced to be used as someone’s play thing.” Raven looked frustrated and angry and Gabriel smirked and said, “I have faith in you Raven.” Raven could not contain her shock at what he said.


    Gabriel’s monitor beeped as Raven looked at it then back at Gabriel and he said, “I advise you choose quickly before they get suspicious.” It was silent in Gabriel’s quarters with only the monitor beeping after a few moments and then Raven lowered her phaser and said, “We will discuss this later.” She then transformed into her human self in uniform and Gabriel pressed a button on his monitor and said, “Valkyrie here, what is it?” Jena said, “Sir we are receiving some sort of beacon two sectors ahead of us.” Gabriel said, “Is it a distress signal?” Jena replied, “Unknown sir.  It is not Federation or any known form in our records.” Gabriel said, “I’ll be right up.” He turned the monitor off and Raven said, “So what now?” Gabriel turned to her and said, “Stay the way you are.  I don’t know how the crew will react when they see your true form and its better if we keep your mission from being compromised or else Zhargosia may do something to take you off the picture.” After a few moments Raven said, “Fine, but no tricks.” Gabriel replied, “I’m not the type that plays tricks.  Only my brother and sister are the ones that do such things.” Gabriel and Raven left Gabriel’s quarters and entered the nearest turbo lift.


    The turbolift moved up and only Gabriel and Raven are in the turbo lift when Raven said (not looking at Gabriel), “What makes me so attractive to you in my blue form?” Gabriel replied, “Both blue and yellow are my favorite colors.” Silence and Raven turned to him and said, “And?” Gabriel smirked and said, “And you look good without any clothes on.” Raven was about to knee him till the turbo lift stopped and the doors opened to the bridge.   Gabriel and Raven assumed their stations and Gabriel said, “Anything new since the beacon was picked up?” Jena replied, “Negative sir.” Raven (Jen) said, “Sir may I recommend we investigate in case this is a distress signal?” Gabriel replied, “Agreed commander.  Helm, ahead warp factor 4.” The Yorktown then flew across space towards the source of the beacon.

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