The broken boy that helped me

Jade a simple girl with a simple life. With a boyfriend that is not all that simple can she handle keeping a secret that could destroy her relationship and keep the trust of the people she cares about the most


1. school

Let's just say I am not a normal girl an this is the story on how I had my first everything

"Michael! Help I need help."

As we wait for Michael let's just say he hates surprises


"Whole shit don't do that!!!"

"Happy birthday baby!"

I love you three words that no one will ever tell me until today

" baby I love you thank you!"

1 week later

While me and Michael were walking in to school a couple of his friends stopped us. Michael been friends with them for a long time some more then others. To my surprise I knew one of them and yes it was Luke.

" Luke Cal Ash this is jade my girlfriend"

"Jade?" Luke said surprised to see me. Mainly because we used to date

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