California Boy

At first it was the usual for Ariana, go to school go home and do homework while listening to the world's best alternative bands and hang out with friends on the weekends. Then a new kid came into town. His name was Calum and little did Ariana know, he was gonna make her world change for the better. (THIS MOVELLA DOES CONTAIN ADULT CONTENT, PLEASE DO NOT READ IF YOU ARE UNDER 16)


3. Suprise Party

 It was a sunny saturday morning when Luke decided to call me at 8:00 in the morning. I slowly rolled over and picked up.

"What", I said sounding annoyed.

"Hey, sorry I called you so early but I was wondering if you could help me get a suprise pary ready for Lori today".

"Oh. shit Luke I almost forgot".

"Wow, what a good friend you are", he said and laughed.

"Oh, shutup", I said.

"Do you want me to come over so it will be easier to get things ready", I asked.

"Please", Luke begged.

I laughed and said "alright be over in half an hour".

"Thanks, love you", Luke said.

"Love you to."

Luke was practically an older brother to me since I knew him and Lorianne from Pre-K. We were super close, but Lori and I were just a little closer. I quickly rushed to the bathroom with jeans, my army green vans, a black t-shirt, and a army green cap. I washed my teeth, face, and put my hair up in a messy bun. As I ran downstairs to grab a quick chocolate chip waffle, I notice my mom was awake and having coffee with my older sister Amanda.

"Morning", I said.

"Hey", Amanda said.

"Morning Booby", said my mom.

Booby was a nickname my sister and mother gave me ever since I was born. Don't ask, I don't know where they got it from either.

"Where are you heading", mom asked.

"Oh, I was gonna drive over to Lori's. Luke and I are throwing a suprise party for her 17th birthday tonight."

"Ok, fine", mom said.

"See you later booby", said Amanda.

"See ya later Sissy", I said.

I walked out of the house with a black jacket and started walking to the 6 train to get to Lorianne's and Luke's house. I got on the train and sat listening to my songs on Spotify until it stopped on Haviland Ave. I got off the train and met Luke with his car at the end of the street.

"Hey", he said.

"Hi", I said and gave him a hug.

"Hop in", he said. 

I got  in the car and on the radio was playing Shape Of You by Ed Sheeran. 

"I love this song", I said.

"Yea, it's pretty sweet", he said.

We pulled up to the front of his house and quickly got out of the car.

"Where's your mom", I asked.

"Oh, she went grocery shopping with dad".

"Does she know about the party", I asked.

"No", he said and a smirk appeared on his face.

"Wait, what?"

"Relax her and dad have an annual gala that they have to go to for work anyway".

"Oh ok, cool", I said. 

We headed inside and their cat Magneto came to great me. I picked him up and petted him as he slowly fell asleep on my shoulder.

"He only does that to you. Yet I'm the one that feeds the damn thing", Luke said jokingly.

I laughed. "Maybe your doing something wrong".

He looked at me and gave me a face.

" I said maybe. Ok, what's the plan", I asked.

"Well, I called Ashton and Michael to help out and they said they would be here in fifteen".

"Ok, sweet",  I said.

Luke made a wierd face.

"Wait, what are you not telling me", I asked confused.

"Calum's coming too", he said nervously.

I felt my face get read and I swallowed nervously. Shit, shit, shit! Fuck! Keep your cool Ariana. You have no chance with this kid. Chillout and stop being such a dork.

"Wow Ariana, Lori was right", he said laughing.

"What, what was she right about", I asked nervously.

"Your totally crazy about this guy. Look your blushing so much you look like a fucking tomato", he said.

"Oh, shutup Luke", I said. "How many years has it been that you've had a crush on Maleena", I asked.

Luke went completely pale and I started laughing. 

"That's what I thought", I said.

We looked at eachother and began to giggle.

"I'll make you a deal. If you don't mention Maleena I won't mention Calum", he said.

"Deal", I said.

"Where's Lori by the way", I asked him.

"Oh she said she was going on a date with that Tom kid that she met last night from the movies", he said.

"That doesn't bother you", I asked.

"Why would it bother me", he asked me confused.

"Well she met this stranger yesterday and normally your kind of protective over things she does".

"Yea, it bothers me a little if I'm gonna be completely honest. But I'm not gonna complain today because it's keeping her out of the house", he said.

"What time did she say she was coming back", I asked.

"She said she'll be back around fiveish".

"Sounds good", I said.

-I walked into the kitchen to grab a water bottle and heard the front door open. Shit he's here. Calm down Ariana, mellow out. As I turned to walk back to the living room there he was, standing at the entrance of the kitchen. I quickly jumped back in suprise.

"Shit Calum you scared me", I said startled.

He began to laugh. "Sorry, I didn't know you were here".

"Well I am Lori's bestfriend", I said jokingly.

"Yea, I forgot about that. Sorry", he said. "Ariana", he said.

"Yea", I asked.

"Um you got something brown on the corner of your mouth", he said and began to laugh.

"What?" I ran to the bathroom to check and see what is was and it was a little bit of chocolate from my waffle I had this morning. I began to giggle when I realized that Luke didn't tell me on purpose so I looked like an idiot in front of Calum. I headed back to the living room and noticed Calum standing nest to a girl I've never seen before and they were holding hands! Well, I knew he was to good to be true.

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