FNAF Is Fright.

Theres a new Night Guard at the perfectly safe and harmless Freddy Fazbears Pizza, Why would someone work here, free pizza? I AM IN!


1. New Job

It's 11:45, I'm at my new job at Freddy's, time to take out the power [10 mins later] 11:55 time to check the cameras. They all seem to be there [25 mins later] [hears foot steps near right door]

[Night Guard] WHAT WAS THAT!? [he checks door]

[Night Guard] AHHHHH BUNNIE [CLOSES DOOR FAST] Oh, WHAT WAS THAT!? [HEARS FOOTS GO AWAY] Ok I think I'm fine. [2 hours later] ok it's 1:30 AM I'm gonna be fi... [hears a laugh from Dining Area] WHAT WAS THAT!? [Checks Dining Area cam] AHHHHHHHHHHHH! IT'S FREDDY, HE'S OFF STAGE! crap, ok 1 hour to go, [1 hour later]

[ding dong  dong...ding ding dong ding yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy] YES IT IS OVER,       FINALY!!!!!!

Now time for night 2 [12 AM STRIKES] And I thought to myself, what happens when I die, WELL WHO CARES, I JUST WANNA KICK BACK AND GO HOME WITH MONEY!! Okay calm down Mike, im fine I can do this.

[4 and a half hours later] okay only seen Bonnie twice And foxy once [HA  HA  HA HA    HA] there's Freddy again, ill be honest im pretty scared right now. Okay 6 O'clock is right around the bend, [6 AM bell rings] yes, Night Two Baby, whoa! between 3-5 AM I think Bonnie Glitched so, im gonna take advantage with this and push Bonnie Away.

So it's getting close to 6AM, [6AM bell rings] year, Night 4 Baby WHOA!!!] TIME FOR NIGHT FOUR



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