The Nightmare

The Nightmare tells the story of 8 people explaining their terrifying experiences during Sleep Paralysis and what awaits for them in the darkness.

Welcome to the scariest place on earth...your mind. (BASED ON A TRUE STORY)


9. Case 9-Mechanisms of Avoidance




I never thought that it was my mind playing tricks on me. I just new that something bad was always happening to me. And I didn't--I didn't know what to do about it. 




I've prayed my whole life. I still pray. I'm a very spiritual person. However, praying never made it go away, even when I was within the attack. I would prey within the attack, and still, no help. 




I started exercising, started eating better. Cut back on caffeine and doing all that kind of stuff, and just no matter what I did, though, it was--it had absolutely no effect on Sleep Paralysis, and it just kept on happening night after night after night.




I finally decided to go to one of these ladies that read cards, and she says, "I can't look into your house. I'm trying to look into your house, but I see this black shadow over it." 




I thought I was abducted by aliens for a long time,  years, and years and years. Before I went to bed every night, I would lay in bed and close my eyes and just pray, "Not tonight, not tonight, not tonight, not tonight, not tonight, not tonight." And I would just repeat it over and over and over in my head, as if I had some kind of psychic bond with my alien abductors (chuckles) and that I could communicate with them telepathically, and I would just plead with them, to make tonight not the night that they would come back and do that to me. 




Over the years, I would find different mechanisms to avoid Sleep Paralysis. I noticed that it wouldn't happen every night if certain requirements were met, Like, If I would--there would be a TV in my room. And if I left it on, for some reason it was easier for me not to get hit the paralysis. And, you know, younger me thought it might be the high-pitched noise TV's make when you leave them on, so I would leave it on over night on mute for that little high-pitched noise. Eventually, that stopped working after about a year. So I decided, "You know what? If one TV worked, what about two?" 

And I used to collect junk, so TVs were plentiful. And two worked for a little while. And I just escalated with that for a while, 'cause I'm pretty smart, apparently. It made me look like a crazy person until one day, I realized that even if this is a problem, this was not the functional way of dealing with it. So I just removed all TVs at that point from my room, and all it did was leave me with a much stronger and more deliberate Sleep Paralysis. And that's kind of the thing that I've realized, is if you have it every day, and you have multiple episodes a day, it will kind of learn how to adapt to you. If you try to, like, avoid it, it will find you, and it will make it happen somehow. 

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