The Nightmare

The Nightmare tells the story of 8 people explaining their terrifying experiences during Sleep Paralysis and what awaits for them in the darkness.

Welcome to the scariest place on earth...your mind. (BASED ON A TRUE STORY)


7. Case 7-Screen Memories




I was in seventh or eighth grade, about '87 or '88. And I saw "A Nightmare on Elm Street" with my mother, thank goodness on cable. And she was like "Oh my gosh! This is like our dreams," and I was like "Yeah, I know." So we definitely agreed on that. And I kept watching it because I wanted to find some clues, some answer to what was going on. And of course, they mentioned a little bit of myth in the movie but not enough to research. 

"Did you ever read about the Balinese way of dreaming?" 


"They all have this system they call dream skills. They got all their art and literature from dreams, just wake up and write it down. Dream skills."

"What if they made a monster in their dreams, then what?"

-A line between Nancy and a friend from "A Nightmare on Elm Street"




When I was--you know, we had HBO when I was little, and my dad was very liberal with letting us watch whatever we wanted to watch on HBO. Once he was watching a movie, and I just kind of wandered in. I didn't really know what the movie was. And then this, uh...creature emerges from behind a dresser. And it's like--it's an alien. And it's like the--it was the movie "Communion," with--what's his face? The guy who was in the dancing video. I don't know. Christopher Walken. Yeah, exactly. And when I saw that mind immediately drew a parallel to the things I had experienced as a child, and I was petrified. I remember just being petrified.And--and then, you know--but I stayed watching as this, like, little kid. And, you know, these images I remember as incredibly shocking images to me, as a child.



Because it was the first time that the kind of things that I had seen aligned with something that--that was known about or explored. 




A bunch of people came over, and, they're like, "Lets watch this 'Insidious' movie." And I was like, "Yeah, sure, why not? I don't care." And like--about 20 minutes into the movie, I'm like "This is about Sleep Paralysis, I'm pretty sure." I was like, "All right, that's kind of cool. Somebody made a horror movie about it." When, you know, the dude's, like, in the chair, he just goes into this world, and he's searching for the kid. They're pulling from so many different parts of Sleep Paralysis lore. The shadow man.

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