The Nightmare

The Nightmare tells the story of 8 people explaining their terrifying experiences during Sleep Paralysis and what awaits for them in the darkness.

Welcome to the scariest place on earth...your mind. (BASED ON A TRUE STORY)


6. Case 6-Sometimes They Come Back


Connie Y. 


I remember, like the following night after it happened, I would lie in bed being so scared that it would happen again. And I was sure it would happen again because I was thinking about it and obsessing about it.


Jeff R.


When I would go through this "dry-space" basically where I wasn't having it, if I told somebody about it, then It was almost 100% guaranteed that it would happen that night.


Connie Y.


This is in our college apartment. 

(Connie sketches out the details of her room on a sheet of paper)





Connie Y

So, I was here...

I had my bed right here...

And then my roommate was right here. 

And the black blobs--I saw these black blobs. I could see them. Blobs of black, coming onto my bed. And I could see my roommate, just in the corner over there, and I was trying to scream her name so that she could help me. And she's sleeping away, and I'm straining to talk, but nothing would come out. 


Stephen P


I'm a diver, and I've experienced--well, I've been close to death quite a few times. I'm a deep diver, but nothing's as terrifying as what happens, and I have it twice a week.




When I was about 10 is when it started to happen every single solitary day of my life. Nobody every really took me entirely seriously, you know, even though I was a petrified little boy you know. Terrified to be alone, hated my bedroom, hated the room below my bedroom, and had Sleep Paralysis probably every night. You know, had voices talking to me in the Sleep Paralysis, very abusive experiences. 

(Faint, male whispering outside Forest's door during his paralysis) 

Hey, Forest. You just won the giant bug of the month club. We're sending your first prize up to your bedroom right now.

(Hallucination of a Tarantula falls on top of Forest's chest)




You know, again it goes back to fact that because you know, because it wasn't like a real experience--If somebody had come into my bedroom, and if some creepy guy was whispering to me every night, my parents would have definitely done something about it. But the farthest they went was kind of being like "Well, maybe we should take him to a psychologist? No."  




I was trying to fall asleep. I felt this overwhelming pressure come over me. And my breathing just stopped. My body was kinda trying to tell me that "I'm gonna kill myself now. And you have the option to stop that." If I want to continue breathing, I have to actively override whatever else is going on. I have two options--either try to break free of the paralysis or I breath. You know, that was kind of the beginning, and that was the beginning of me being afraid of, not going to sleep, but you know, I would just pressure myself, to wait till exhaustion to fall asleep for the most part because after that it never really stopped...ever.




 I'll get it just about anywhere. Some places will be much worse. And the voice is different by place. Um...I had an apartment in Boston. I lived in Jamaica Plain in Boston for a while above a pizza place, and I would always hear this middle-aged woman singing in a baby's voice there, like la, la, la, diddly-dong, diddly-um.




This gradually faded away until I pretty much almost forgot I had ever experienced it. And I...thought I was good, finally over. It was just a phase I was going through, and now it's done. One afternoon, I was up doing housework, and I was kind of tired, so I figured that I'll lay down and take a nap because I'll be going out with some friends later on tonight. So I went, laid down, and set the alarm on my phone, checked, saw the time, and just kind of threw it on the nightstand next to me. Just laid down, and as I started to fall asleep, I felt this tingling sensation come over me, and since I had been dealing with it so long, it was kind of like a familiar feeling.

It was kind of like a warning sign "Okay, Sleep Paralysis is about to happen." Like, my body would tingle, start to feel heavy. I'd see, like, all these pixilated colors, and so I set myself to wake myself up, kind of shake it off. So felt like it went away. So I just, like, picked up my phone, looked at the time, okay, laid back down and started going to sleep. And just as I fell asleep, my phone rang. --And so I laid there for a second. I was like "Do I answer it? Don't I answer it?" Just fell asleep, and now somebody's waking me up. So finally I gave in and answered it. I grabbed my phone "Hello?" 

When I did that, the person on the other end of the line said, "Hello." They said something else, but I couldn't make it out 'cause it was all staticky and cutting out. So I said "I can't understand you. There's a bad connection. Your breaking up." I said "Hello," again, and I was like, "Your breaking up. I can't, like, hear you." And so, finally I--trying to make out what they were saying and whatnot. And I decided I'm up. I'm gonna go get a cigarette. So, I got up, just like talking to him like, "Hello? Hello?" and finally I walked out into the living room, and just as I got out in the living room, it became--the connection cleared up and the person on the other end was this very pleasant man. He was like "Hello


Pleasant Man

I was wondering if you could do me a favor."



What kind of favor?


(A few moments of silence)


Pleasant Man

LET ME IN!! (loud, deep, distorted, demonic)

(Jeff yanks the phone away from his ear)




I freaked out. I was, like, there's a demon on the other end of my phone. I wanted nothing to do with this.

(Jeff throws his phone ). 

So I threw my phone across the room and it broke into pieces, then everything around me just went into complete chaos. Then just like--almost like an earthquake hit. Like, everything was shaking and dark. (Jeff uses shaky arm gestures for an example). My whole body started vibrating. It felt like something was trying to rip me out of myself, kind of like pull my soul out. You know, just trying to process this, like, what's going on, you know, just absolutely terrified. And so the only thing I could think to do was I just started praying. I was like, "God, if your there, help me. I don't know whats happening. Just, please, somebody help me." And as soon as I said that, It felt like somebody just grabbed me from behind, and just like, somebody yanked me back down the hall and slammed me back into my body. 


And I hit my body, and I like, sat up instantly and looked around, and was like "Did that just happen? was that real?" So the first thing I did was grab my phone, you know. I'm like looking through, "Okay, who did I just talk to?" and, like, no--there was no missed calls or answered calls or nothing, and I looked at the time, and it had only been like, two minutes since I initially laid down to go to sleep. Um, I did tell my mom, and she just kind of told me I'm nuts. She's like, "It was a bad dream, It happens all the time." 

"No, mom. It wasn't a dream."  






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