The Nightmare

The Nightmare tells the story of 8 people explaining their terrifying experiences during Sleep Paralysis and what awaits for them in the darkness.

Welcome to the scariest place on earth...your mind. (BASED ON A TRUE STORY)


3. Case 3-All the darkness looks alive-part 3


Covington, Kentucky. Korinne W.

RODNEY: Okay Korinne, you may begin.




I have always had issues with states of consciousness, slipping in and out of different states of consciousness. And I do remember when I was very, very young, 2 or 3? I was still in a crib. There was a plug in on a wall in my room to a night light, and it was that orange cast color. And um, it was all dark besides that orange color cast, and the room turned red, and I felt like someone or something was coming after me. So, I cuddled down and covered myself.


It was my earliest memory of the scariness that happened to me, and it continued to happen. 

Laying down to go to sleep, I would feel utterly exhausted, almost as if I had been drugged, like I hadn't been in the hospital for a while. I understand what that's like, just like I had been injected. And my eyes sealed shut and my mouth sealed shut. It was as if everything was shutting down besides my awareness, my consciousness. And then, I could feel a vibration, um sometimes it was so intense that it felt like I was being electrocuted.

But it was definitely an electrical vibration. I began hearing voices and screams and crying and all of this really emotional drama, yelling to crying. It was all negative emotion. All of these different voices...and then, that was when the shadow man would come toward me. He looked just like a 3 dimensional shadow. Um at line, just perfect.


And he would walk disjointed, and he would bring the vibration with him as if it was emanating from him. He would come towards me and I could just feel that vibration. I would hear all of these sounds of hell, and I can't think of any other way to put it. And I could just feel his awful vibration. 

I would have a fright flight response and just completely freak out. I would try to scream and get away, and many times the intensity just continued.

I was very scared. I was upstairs and I didn't feel like anybody was gonna get to me if I screamed. It's very dark...and it scared me..forever. I mean it really scared me to the end of my wits. (Korinne chuckles a little).  

And if anything was going to drive me insane, it would be that. 




Manchester, England. Stephen P.

What happens is uh, when you fall asleep, you'll get electric shock, and that's just a usual indication that your gonna have a visit that night. Uh, then you'll fall asleep and then you'll wake up totally paralyzed. Can't move, and just static in the room, and you'll get visited around your bed...and then try and uh..touch you. 

The first one is the generic "Shadow Man"person, and he's practically just an outline of me and you in a 3D form. And then, the second is the "Hat Man". He's a very threatening figure, um, he's very menacing. The others are his minions I guess..and there a team.


He's hell, he's awful, awful. It all starts with the electrical shock. 

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