The Nightmare

The Nightmare tells the story of 8 people explaining their terrifying experiences during Sleep Paralysis and what awaits for them in the darkness.

Welcome to the scariest place on earth...your mind. (BASED ON A TRUE STORY)


1. Case 1-All the darkness looks alive

The camera crew came in, and set up the cameras. Before long, they had the lenses pointed at Chris. "Hello Chris. My name is Rodney Ascher, and I will be the one interviewing you". Chris kindly excepted and they shook hands. "So, what do you want to tell us first?" Rodney asked. Chris sat down and let his story begin. 



CHRIS- Me and my brother had just gotten out of the shower, and he was about 2 years younger than me. Since my mom was in the kitchen taking care of him because he is so young, I was in the living room watching TV. The news was on, and I wasn't really listening, just starring. But before long, the TV had begun to get my attention, and it was calling my name out such as "Chris, hey Chris".

And then it said "Chris, everything is going to be okay; and one day, we'll be back". It terrified me! I remember screaming for my mom and bringing her to the television. I told her what had happened, but by then, the TV was back to normal broadcasting. So, she was basically standing there telling me "TV's don't talk to you. That's ridiculous".

Of course, I was disenchanted because something really cool just happened. And I remember being there and seeing it.

It wasn't a thing.





St. Louis, Michigan-Jeff R.


"So how did this start Jeff?" Rodney asked.

JEFF R. "It began about 10 years ago. Me and my girlfriend were talking about different paranormal stories at the time and she'd start telling me about how sometimes she'd wake up in the middle of the night, just unable to move or speak. She said it felt like there was an evil presence in the room with her, and just kinda like..tormented her. She'd eventually wake up and be like "It's just a dream", and after she told me that, I didn't really know what to think of it. I was like "Okay? I got involved with a crazy girl", and then I just kinda changed the subject, so we'd start talking about something else.

And then about a week later, I was laying down, drifting to sleep when I felt my body get extremely heavy. It was like I fell asleep, but I woke up at the same instant, and just my whole body started tingling. It felt like I was being weighed down or like something was pulling me. I heard this sound, and wasn't outside of my head, it was inside of my head and it sounded like a washing machine that was out of balance, banging against the wall, and it just...really terrified me. I started freaking out and seeing things, just....really bizarre.


RODNEY- What did you see?



"It was kinda like all these different colors. It was like a laser light show or something, like I was flying through a time warp. It just had all these colors just shooting at me and stuff. And I control over my body. No madder how hard I tried, I couldn't move my arms, legs, just nothing. So I just really started to have a panic attack 'cause I didn't know what was going on. I thought I was like dead or I had a stroke. Nothing worked, I couldn't move. I had no control over anything and suddenly I just decided to try and build up all the strength that I had in me just to get myself to roll over onto my girlfriend, hoping that she'd wake up. 

So just like, after every last ditch, I'd wrench my body and as soon as I finally rolled over on top of her, I woke up. I was still laying in my original position like none of it had happened. I was just completely shocked and had no idea on what was going on. I just did not know what to make of it. And after that, it was constantly, like night after night after night..even for a couple weeks or a month or so. 'Just, did not know how to process it at the time" Jeff chuckled. 

"And finally, I told my girlfriend about it: "Okay this is what's happening to me. I think I need to go to a doctor, I think I'm having like strokes or seizures maybe even". And she's like "No, no. That's exactly what I've been having. That's what I've been trying to tell you about". 




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