in love with A killer

He's a killer , He's a monster , He's a cannibal . Everyone fears him , Everyone runs away from him . Everything he sees he kills in a instant . He isn't human but to me ....He's perfect .

My name is Eliza Burden and I' love with
a killer named ...Jeff the killer ''


1. Feelings

Denis was obviously ignoring me , Every Time I tried to speak to him he would always Plug his headphones in his ears . It's like he want's nothing to do with me , I'm trying to remember why and I think it's because David and Sebastian invited me to the Killer's theme party and Didn't invite him to it . ''Please talk to me Denis '' Still nothing , He just kept writing in his notebook . I need to explain , I didn't even know he wasn't invited ! . I pulled his arm back but he pushed me away ''Don't !... Touch me ! '' His face , It was so...Pale . His eyes had bangs, it looked like he wasn't catching enough sleep..But why ? . ''Denis talk to me , Let me explain !! '' ''Explain what ? Huh ? What Eliza ?! That you're not a real friend ?!! That you rather go to a party still without me ? Yeah I think I don't need an explanation '' He picked up his notebooks and walked out the class ''Denis..please...I need you '' I whispered to myself silently , I sat up straight trying to hold in the tears . Denis has been my friend since the Second grade , He was always there for me through the good and the bad . Without him I'm nothing ...I actually..Loved Denis.. He just never knew. 

Carol and Tiffany were all over him . Typical ya know ? I mean I understand he's the hottest emo boy in the school but that still doesn't give them the right to smooch him everywhere..Especially when they know I'm looking . Denis kept smiling , He loved the way they played with his hair and mostly the way they nibbled his cheeks with their lips . ''You're so Hot Denis ''  ''Yeah ! , Please be our master ''  ''No ! He'll be My master '' . They argued about who's Master he'll who's . I hid behind the locker , A weird feeling ran through My stomach , to my heart then to my mind ; I thought of killing...Those girl ? What ? Why kill them ?! It's his life now and I'm no longer part of it ! . Denis held Carol's left hip and he held Tiffany's right hip , He kissed both of their necks . The feeling I'm having grew stronger , More..Powerful and it bothered me ! What's wrong with me ?! I have to get out of here . When I walked out behind the locker Denis noticed me and his Smiles went away , His freaky side was gone . He told them he had to leave and he followed me trying to not make me notice . But I did . 

Walgreens was still open ? Seriously ? Oh well um that's great I'm guessing . I opened the door and started to look around , I decided I should Grab some munchies and Some Horror movies so I can watch at home . The candy ILe was pretty boring since they didn't have most of the candy I enjoyed to munch on Haha . Ding , The store door bell rang and The person that walked in was Denis...And he was soaked Because of the rain . I didn't want to talk to him so I walked out the Candy ILe and turned around to the movie ILe but He was there . I Tried hiding My face with My hood but he still noticed me just by the way He dropped his Two movie packs . ''Eliza , Hey look I'm - ''  ''Don't , Just Don't Denis go Enjoy Carol and Tiffany ...They need you more than I do '' ''Eliza You know you don't mean that ! ''  I chuckled putting My candy in my left hand ''If I didn't...I wouldn't have said it Now would I ? '' I shoved his harm by walking passed him , I left him standing there all alone by himself , He didn't bother following me . Denis is always like that , He wouldn't chase you when you were upset because he knows nothing would go better if he did . Or if anyone did . 

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