The Cure

A medical condition can hurt a girl in the most vulnerable place -- her confidence.
And hurting a girls confidence?
This girl isn't going to recover anytime soon.

Three years after being diagnosed with the unattractive, torturous tourettes, an impulsive action that must be done or the person gets wildly uncomfortable and stressed, Thalia is still searching desperately for something to reduce the impulse.
But it's harder than you think when the antidote is being calm - and in a world Thalia thinks is against her, she battles to keep her head above the waves of a storm she'd been expecting for so long: but an unexpected person changes all of that, and Thalia finds everything she's worked so hard to build up, to protect herself until she's cured, come crumbling down around her.
And then somebody tries to kill her.

Based on true medical issues.


15. Police Station


Alec was crazy.

He wasn't stable; and the ambulance took him away quickly.

Four days passed before Thalia was allowed to visit him in hospital; and it wasn't a pleasant sight.

He was strapped to a bed, and he was topless; bruises coloured his body like disco lights; and the scar on his stomach from the FRAT boys stood out against his black and blue skin.

His hair had grown since Thalia met him, and it now hung loosely over his face; he had prickle on his chin from where he hadn't been trusted to shave since being relocated to the asylum, and the metal cuffs on his wrists and ankles proved that he wasn't trusted to do much by himself anymore, and left blotchy red burns from where he had thrashed against his restrains. 

He was innocent, they had realised that when the hospital had taken his blood levels. His pills had been spiked, and his body had reacted with the other pills he was taking to calm the pain in his stomach. Who could've drugged him, they didn't know, but Alec was innocent.

And yet he was mad.

And the side affects were still taking place, thus Alec being held hostage in his cage of a room.

Thalia's back tingled at the memory of last seeing her boyfriend; at the shock that she could've died if she wasn't wearing her bag, and her maths A-Level book hadn't taken three inches of the blade as a sacrifice. She was still wounded, however. Drugged Alec was sly, and he had brought a meat knife; one that had a blade of ten inches, and it had lacerated her skin quite easily enough and lodged itself between her ribs. According to the Doctor, one more inch, and it would've pierced her heart.

She wandered who would've been arrested for her death.

Dr Grant for throwing it, or Alec for bringing it in?

Morbid, but it for some reason, it seemed to keep her still intact, and calm.

Alec convulsed from the bed, and he let out a horrified groaning noise, trying to attack at the air. Thalia stood, watching silently for a few minutes, like she'd done for the last five, and then she dared herself to move closer.

There was a buzz in the air, and then the overhead speaker came on.

"Proceed with your own caution. Dangerous boy; doesn't listen." After a split second, Thalia continued, until she was leaning over Alec and she stroked her hair back out of his face. The intercom buzzed again.

"Do not touch the patient. Dangerous boy; doesn't listen." So Thalia swept the rest of his hair out of his face, just to piss off the grumpy receptionist that had refused to let her see him three times this morning. She revealed sunken, grey eyes, hollow cheeks, and dry, crusty lips.

Alec, or what was left on him, went stiff; and through a haze of murderous thoughts, dark furious eyes glared out at her.

And then they softened into horror.

And then shock.



"You're alive!"

"No shit, Sherlock." But it was a feeble attempt of humour, and neither laughed. Thalia moved closer again, resting her hands on his chest, running the tips of her finger around an old blue and purple bruise. Alec just stared at her.

"I thought I killed you!"

"Didn't do it that well then, did you?"

He just stared. She could almost see the cogs in his brains spinning around, painfully slow, in need of oil.

And then, to her surprise, he smiled.

It was an Alec smile.

A smile that Thalia knew all too well, a smile that was not as crazy.

She smiled back, and her eyes fell upon the rest of his bruises and wounds. She breathed in sharply.

"Are you okay?"

"Stupid question." He snapped, but his head leant back, and suddenly exhausted, he gazed at her like he didn't quite believe she was there. And then it softened. "Thalia," And he grinned. "You're real! You're alive!"

For a split second, everything was right again. He was smiling, and so was she, and she slipped her hands into his, ignoring the metal cuff that made his arm stick stiffly to the bed.
Everything was getting better again.

And then the intercom buzzed again.

"Please do not touch the patient. Dangerous boy; doesn't listen."

And at the sound of robotic voice above them, Alec's grip hardened until it was bone crushing, and Thalia cried out, and drew back sharply. He let her go; but his face was going red, and his body was starting to spasm.

His head moved up; Thalia saw his veins popping out of the pale skin, and he screamed. A blood chilling scream that rattled through her body, and made every nerve in her body set alight with fear.

His ankle scraped at the bed, and the muscles in his bare chest and arms wriggled around as he tried to fight against the restrictions. His body arched upwards; his neck was turning blue, he was panting, still screaming, and his head shot to look at her. 

He looked like he was in pain.

"Thalia!" He tried to lung at her, but it dislocated his right shoulder, and he collapse back in a shock of agony.

The door behind her flew open, and the security guard came in, and escorted Thalia out before she could do anything else.

And as the door swung shut behind them, Alec was knocked unconscious within a matter of seconds.




Thalia had revisited the hospital the day after that.

But they didn't let her in, claiming Alec had to sleep.

She tried every day up until the two week mark rolled round, and when she asked again, she was told he had been driven to the police station.

He was going to be freed.

So she had raced to the Police Station, a mess of emotions, and as soon as her gaze locked on Alec, she noticed something strange about him.

He was different.


He stood too tall; had his head too high, and he was glaring at the man in front of him, not looking any saner than she'd last seen him.

He had been given clean, new clothes, a plain white top, and tracksuit trousers that looked too big, even for him. He was still wearing his beaten down trainers however; and his long hair had been tucked behind his ear, revealing evil eyes, and a horrid snarl on his lips.

Thalia took a step forwards, and then hesitated.

The man he was glaring at had a woman with him, his wife, and they were clutching each other's hands desperately.

Flou was behind them, cowering, and it was her who was the first to notice the new visitor in the Police Station, and she gasped, and took off at a run to her only friend, if her brother wasn't included.


At the sound of her name, Alec's head spun, and his gaze locked on the girl. His face was worse that Thalia remembered; and he had bruises and scratches all on his face. And his eyes ... the shock and surprised expression of seeing her ...

And then she remembered that whatever the Doctors had given him, it reset his memory to help him cope.

He didn't remember her coming to see him.

He didn't remember that she was still alive ...

Flou wrapped her arms around the older woman, and she squeezed so hard, Thalia gasped at the pain in her back. The younger girl's gripped loosened slightly, but didn't pull back. She held on as tight as ever, and Thalia hugged just as hard back.

"Flou!" She whispered. "What's going to happen?"

She made sure her lips was pressed against the younger girl's ear, so nobody else could hear, however, Flou pulled back. Thalia noticed with a start that she also had changed. She looked cleansmarterolder than usual. She was out of Alec's old clothes, and dressed in a pretty polka dot dress, with pristine, clean, white socks, and sparkly black shoes. Her hair had been cut to shoulder length, and she had a clip in her hair, pinning back some of it so she could see clearer. She looked stunning.

Thalia stole a second to compose herself at the sight of the younger girl, and then she blinked, taken aback.

"Wow - ur, you look ... amazing!"

"I'm being adopted!"

And Thalia had to compose herself once more, however this took more than a second.

And then her eyes fell onto the man and woman that was staring at her. The woman was moving quickly towards them, but the husband stuck out his hand, halted her.

"Flou?" The older woman gave Thalia a funny look. "Ur - come here, please ..."

"It's okay, Ms Green. This is Thalia. She's my friend."

"Oh." But Ms Green squirmed out of her husband's grip, and came to a pause beside the two girls. And then she took Flou, and pulled her protectively to her side.

Thalia blinked, and then it turned into a pleasant smile.

"Hello, Miss. I'm Thalia." She stuck her hand out, and the older woman's eyebrows shot up. Then she blushed hard, and shook it clumsily.

"Hello," She grumbled. From over her shoulder, Thalia saw the man, Mr Green, follow his wife, and he stopped beside Flou, leaving Alec to stand there, watching the four of them

He was no longer staring.

It was a full on murderous glower.
And in his hands ...

Thalia stared at her small, little stress-ball. It looked so empty and abandoned in his grip. She swallowed hard, and redirected her gaze to the adults.

"I take it you are Thalia, hm? Flou hasn't stopped talking about you!" And Mr Green stuck out his hand. Thalia took it, politely, and dropped it after a second.

"Hasn't she?" And Flou struggled out of Ms Green's embrace, and wrapped her arms around Thalia again. The older girl knelt, and pulled her into her chest.

But it wasn't just a hug.

Flou's lips fell to her ear.

"They're going to take care of me." She whispered. "Paul's gone to prison. The Police came the day after Alec was taken to the asylum." Thalia, guiltily, pulled back, and inspected Flou's face for any sign of regret. There was none.

"I'm sorry I didn't come and see you ... the Police wouldn't let me in on your new address. I could've been a threat ..." And Flou laughed.

"I saw, it's okay." And she pecked Thalia's cheek, and it moved back to her ear. "Alec's not well."
"I know."
"He's going to try and get me back. Stop him."
"How?" But Ms Green took Flou's arm, and ushered her back to her side, protectively.

Thalia dropped her gaze to the floor, and stood slowly.

"My, my, look at the time! We have been here for too long! Don't want to upset you now, do we, eh? ... We'll come back soon and say hello again, but for now, we need to go home." And there was a big scene of saying goodbye, with Ms Green faffing around, and refusing to release Flou from her grip, even to hug her brother goodbye, and the older couple moved swiftly out of the room with Flou, leaving just Alec and Thalia just standing there.

The Police guard in the corner of the room, looked at Thalia for a long moment, and then at Alec.

"Do you know this girl?" He asked. Alec nodded once, solemnly, and Thalia felt her heart breaking. The Police Officer dipped his head down in acknowledgement.

"I'll give you two some privacy then ... Alec? Be nice.. And miss? Don't hesitate to call for help. A bit of a handful this one." And he left quickly, leaving Alec to stare fiercely at Thalia, and Thalia to look everywhere but at him.

And then Alec's jaw set in place, and her stress-ball got gripped so hard, it almost disappeared in his bear hands.

"You are dead." He spat. Thalia grimaced.

"No, I'm not."

"I killed you!" But he didn't step closer to make sure he was right; he stayed put, almost cowering from her. So Thalia took the first step forwards, and her gaze rested on the older boy.

"You don't remember me coming to see you, do you?" After a slightly pause, he shook his head. "Oh. So we haven't already had this conversation?" Another shake of his head, and Thalia cracked her neck. "Got it ..."

And then Alec took a step forwards.

And then jumped back like he didn't trust her, or even worse, himself.

"She's gone, isn't she?" His voice was bitter, and hurt, and fearful all at the same time. Thalia nodded slowly, and moved closer. "I tried and tried and tried, and they still took her ..."
"Mr and Ms Green seem like a really nice couple. I'm sure she's going to be fine with them -"

"And if she's not?"

"She'll come and stay with you."
"And if she doesn't want to?" Thalia shrugged.

"She can come and stay with me. And you can see her as many times as you like, with her permission of course."

Alec didn't smile. His gaze was still firm, hard, and her stress-ball, on closer inspection, had nail marks, and chunks missing out of it.

Thalia looked for a long moment at it, and then back to his face. It was cold, but his eyes seemed lighter than what she lasted remembered.

She took another step closer.

They were only two metres apart, and yet it still felt like miles.

Thalia didn't make any more advances, unsure of what to do, and so she dropped her gaze to the floor.

And swallowed hard.

"The man that wanted to kill me drugged you, didn't he?" Alec nodded. "Have they found him?"

Thalia held her breath.


And then Alec shook his head.


"Don't you see, Thalia? He was never going to kill you, Thalia. I was. He got me to do his dirty work ... and I would've done it as well if Sheila hadn't hit me."

"You would've never had hurt me on purpose."
"But I did, didn't I?"

"Not in your right mind, though -"

"Thalia, I think you need to go. I still have two days before I'm fully in control of myself. Don't try and get yourself killed by being with me ... Please. I can't go through the pain of knowing I hurt you again ..."

And with a little hesitation, Thalia danced a few steps forwards, and kissed his cheek. And then she turned and ran out of the Police Station, leaving Alec staring after her.

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